Please use this thread to post on anything that struck you about the conversations you had in small groups during a Cafe Call that were focused on a particular question.  

This "harvest" allows us to collectively make meaning of our conversations and to bring the insights, patterns and deeper questions that emerge into our next round of dialogue.

Everyone's voice matters--please share yours!

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OK, so I made a thread that connects with the idea that my group had today about using games to support the movement.

Games that teach collaboration, environment issues, economics, etc.

In the Second Period breakout session the subject was Organizing.  Initial it was Chris Zumbrunn and myself.  Later Diane joined from Harrisonburg, VA.

We discussed the differences in movements based on the types and style of governments.  The Swiss government is highly centralized.  Two primary parties on the right and left seem similar to Republicans and Democrats in the US.  The right party raises loads of money and the left party doesn't, yet the money doesn't translate into votes nearly and tightly as in the US.

Chris was curious as to how I felt about the concept of a local currency.  We discussed the pluses and minuses and the challenges with interface in adjacent communities.  It would definitely have a positive effect on the local economies.  In OccupyReno, we tend to campaign for "buy local, bank local."  The US would probably only follow a trend into local currencies if it was first proven in Europe because our economies are too interconnected.

Diane seemed skeptical about the direction of the Occupy Movement, but needed to leave before we got into it much.

Small group 11/22/11 occupy 2.0 - Role of encampments.

Encampments should continue since they are a needed venue for long and continued face to face conversations.

Another said that he was not impressed by his local encampment or campers. He wants local outreach and plugging into existing social and economic justice workgroups.

It was mentioned a couple of times that encampments use most of their energy just maintaining the camps.

One participant said the movement resembles rainbow gatherings, peace walks, and campus sit-ins; all temporary political honeymoons.

Three participants said that eviction encampments were gaining traction in their areas.


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