Our Occupy Cafe discussions are overflowing with viewpoints on the economy.  

This week's Vital Conversation continues our exploration into the phenomenon of debt.  Although we may take for granted that there is accepted wisdom and a set of shared assumptions on this subject, the map of our perspectives is perhaps more divergent than we might imagine at first glance.  

Moving forward requires an examination of these views.  Many would also suggest that it requires some as some alignment on basic principles that may or may not be present at this time.

Join in the call as we build our dialogue on the following considerations:

  1. What is the degree to which we see debt as a problem?
  2. What are the underlying dynamics of the situation in which we find ourselves?
  3. Where do we go from here?

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I missed the conference call on debt. Here are some thoughts I hope might find soft ground to germinate.

Debt is part of the problem, the real issue is money it self. Money used to be asset backed, it is no longer. It was backed my gold/silver but whoever controlled that controlled the money supply. Breton Woods merely served to codified the elimination of gold/silver from the system creating fiat paper. No it didnt happen until 1971 when Nixon closed that window, but it was the intent from the beginning if one looks back and sees choices made and the only choices available considering Vietnam was designed to force the guns vs butter debate and ultimately force the second bankruptcy of the 20th Century.

I am not going to touch on most of what was on the tablecloth I read as those are all farther out from the roots of this issue. The FRACTIONAL RESERVE CENTRAL BANKING SYSTEM is the core problem GIVEN WE CHOOSE TO USE MONEY. In my heart I know a world that exists free of money entirely where people simply follow their hearts doing as they wish and following their passions. The “jobs” people do are really the same as here only the motivation is very different so the world built is very different than this one, namely there is rarely if ever, War. I digress and want to stay practical for this time period.

Debt became currency in USA in 1933 when FDR in concert with the FED stole people gold from them in exchange for debt notes against a private, but sanctioned (MOB), banking entity called the FEDERAL RESERVE. From that point forward you had no LAWFUL means to PAY debts off. You can only DISCHARGE debts. Pay and discharge carry separate meanings the former being totally wiping it out, the latter means you exchange the charge against ones self to the note holder which is the FED. The currency it self, requiring bonds to be sold, is a ponzi scheme…ask your self where does the money to pay the interest come from? More bonds…where do we get money to pay for the interest on those bonds? More bonds…this is our money folks…it’s a total backwards invention articulated in two of the most classic films, one being the Wizard(s) of Oz and Alice in Wonderland. Read the scripts for easier comprehension of this idea.

Anyone who believes they can exist without debt in this world and use FRN's at the same time is missing a link in understanding. Debt IS money folks...you discharge debts getting your coffee each morning. If the national debt were to be paid off, in theory, no money would exist. Noodle on that for a few moments before proceeding...all debts paid off, no currency, no money would exist. Still waiting on that Jubilee? I am making my own...join me.

Alright, so that’s the big picture in merely a few words, what about the little picture. The little picture is when you need MONEY you are forced to ask for DEBT/CREDIT MONEY. One mans debt is another mans credit, but the entire thing is a debt! Talk about an enigma wrapped inside a riddle eh? So then how is money created through fractional reserve central banking? Your signature creates money, but you have to go to a special place to get serviced. That special place is a bank and they don’t like talking about this bait and switch, though actually the way I see it now, it’s a game of ignorance on our parts. Not only do you let you and/or advertise it as a loan of THEIR reserves (which are actually their customers reserves), it’s actually your own credit money created with your signature termed a PROMISSARY NOTE. See they ACCEPT the promissory note for value, and they decide the value! They then either give you the cash or the cash is used for its purpose, say buying a car.

The home is the where the heart is huh? OK…you sign three “sets” of document for a home which is why its such an arduous moment. The first set is the promissory note which literally creates credit money on the spot (the check is ready to go against the account, nothing is in it so no worries yet). Your signature creates $250K. This is the interesting part…if they are competent you are probably signing a mortgage NOTE next to BOND/BIND you to the promissory note. Now why would you need TWO NOTES to buy this home? One creates money, the other binds for 30 years plus interest. The final document is the DEED which is more like your rental papers (try not to pay taxes on it and see who owns it). The bank never lent you any of their money, they merely deemed you a good person to attach a signature and probably pay this scam back plus the VIG or interest as they prefer to label it.

Credit cards are the easiest to terminate based in this fraud. It requires a few specific letters which generate a few specific responses by them. There is only so much they can do as the letters are dynamite and are aged in their use. They do work. The latter part is cleaning up your credit once you terminate their claims as they seek final revenge by notifying their brothers at arms of your actions. There’s a letter to the credit bureaus that normally clears that up as they don’t want to get into a libel/slander issue over your little account once they see your letters (contracts) that the bank dishonored; they want no part of fraud.

I’m 2/3 of the way through working with one CC in particular and more importantly I have edited some letters that I have sent to my student loan company which is actually local in my city. It takes them normally 7-10 normal days to respond to my letters. The first few were poking at a bear. This last one I do believe might be an elephant gun as they have a week left to answer me and they are so far silent. I am curious what they will say. I’m sure they will threaten me…for their sake I hope not as that tends to waken the sleeping giant that is laser focus on terminating them. As of this writing, I am in forbearance so the collections department isn’t involved, I am dealing strictly with customer service and/or legal (not yet anyway).

They will try and get you on the phone to discuss it. They want you to reenter into a new contract to invalidate your claims. Kindly ask them to reply to the letters as requested and if they want to talk, you agree to talk to them on the phone only once they have sent a response in writing specifically addressing the concerns raised in the letters. Don’t go farther than that, it yields nothing of value. I wont know how well this works for student loans until they come asking for those funds in July after I do not pay. Thankfully I only owe a little over $22K, so I didn’t borrow as much as my brothers and sisters have but all the same I received not a penny raise for my job after I got the piece of paper. I moved companies for a new opportunity, same exact money, and still I have not “gotten ahead” with all this education.

I was trained in classic Keynesian economics and modern portfolio management theory (high/low finance) and I blew that apart in the university (they weren't happy with me). Post degree I almost went to law school but instead taught myself what I wanted to know about the Law! Recently I have put to the test quite a few theories of the modern debt based economy and I am so far rather pleased with the results.(I've told the bankers to pound sand and I'm winning and FULLY prepared to enter a court room to get EVERYTHING I have discovered onto the record for all to see if need be).

If we want to build something else, we can’t keep chipping away at things. First we must let the over sized tree fall to the ground yelling timbre for our families to warn them. Then when this fraudulent system collapses from the weight of its own rotting foundations can we clean it up and start fresh with all the information and knowledge gained in the last few centuries. Ultimately I want you to understand something no matter what. WE are the money. No assets…where do the assets get their value? From people buying/selling them. Without EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US, money is unnecessary and the BILLIONS (TRILLIONS REALLY) that some of us have been accumulating will be worthless! We give the money value, without US, it does not exist. Competition from scarcity underlies the belief for this money, this is why it is called the root of evil. It separates each of us from other, forces us to go against each other trying to get more of and ultimately creates unhuman decision making in the name of profit. I came to this planet to help heal this wound. Will you join me?

One Love Adonai,


PS…Sorry for any misspellings or errors, I just don’t have time to proof read this (do any of us hardly anymore!?).


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