We are delighted to offer a personal story of possibility and struggle from Cafe regular and Occupy San Francisco activist Phil Mastrocola

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Perhaps our greatest challenge, Phil suggests, is to shift people away from a worldview that champions freedom but delivers only the misery of individualism and competition. A new way of thinking values equality first, and emphasizes community and sharing. 

  • How does it feel to you to imagine such a Shift?
  • Is there work you are engaged in or inspired by that might help to bring this Shift about?
  • If our success was completely guaranteed, what bold steps might we take?

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Here is a GroupWorks card, drawn just now at random, to inspire our conversation together today:

Here's the link we were discussing in our small group: www.globalcommunityafrica.com

Conversation Harvest: (

• If we believe in something, we don't need to have conniption fits about it

• What leads to cultural change; what is cultural matrix of  discourses, institutions of civilization that is over; embrace indigenous people worldwide to be a clearing for learning; to learn values from those people who are most generous; astounded by power of appreciative conversation; like to get to know Wendell; like what he's saying re: occupy the earth; simple act that we need to agree upon is that every single person on earth is a proprietor; sound clarion call for all human beings to have dignity in designing this future world—trust one another, harness commitment to face concerns

• 38 years knowing for a fact that when we want this world to work, we can do it; monopoly of the earth makes poverty; need to take back earth as commons; corporations should pay communities for the use of commons/resources;  that we don't know what to do is untrue—we DO know what to do; because there are so many solutions Occupy hasn't really coalesced around something; if we put our mind to solutions, the opposition will get swept away; powers that be love the narrative that "we" don't know what to do;

• Francis Moore Lappe; there is more than enough brilliance

• when we engage with the greater we; look to see how I can fit my view of the world into that model; how can I bring my solution into the greater we?; I don't have any answers personally; willing to work with others to find the process that can find the collective process—the collective we; sit down together and model a process; Occupy did scare the crap out of the powers that be; showed that we could respond to social issues and problems without money—that was most scary; we all have to do what we can—that's all that matters

Notes from Mushin for Call!

Imagine such~ness in our humanness that in the shift happening? What is happening is reflected in the story of Occupy SF experience of self organized tent villages where the standard "Do whatever you can and that is enough to create unity even without money."

What has most inspired me in Occupy Cafe?

Mushin Appreciative Inquiry and Dialog as a weekly standard practice in human communications with diverse expertise and experiences joining the Café conversations.

What has most distracted you in Occupy Café conversations.

Mushin lack of consensual agreed upon foundational visions that bring forth effective actions in solidarity to expressed human concerns. 

1st round met w Yvonne and Steve in circle!

Yvonne exit awakening appreciative conversations and desiring strategy form the global business breakdowns.

Steve Occupy SF committed and develop a new culture and a new way. So many places people are doing amazing work and sharing there lives.  

Mushin the Question that comes up for me is What is "IT" that is missing to breakthrough talk to enactive embodied activity in diverse domains of human concerns? 

Phil Master Kola Occupy SF Presentation! Notes:

Committee of Principles set purpose "Democracy Movement in USA"  Occupy is a possibility to speak and hear one another in strengthening Democracy.  Wall Street triggered the movement to address economic injustice.  Steve Leech on the call and six to eight working groups,  since October been working on outreach education and value deeply the envisioning group and setting a mission statement.  Breakdown "CLEAR THE OCCUPY MOVEMENT" and the real power in the movement in the younger generation.  Interfaith elders spoke about past movements could inspire the next movement.  Spontaneous self organized "Tent Village" organizing domains of human concerns in joyful concern.

The challenge is how to exercise the democratic values in a vibrant small groups as a contra variant to mass minded media, discourses, institutions and practices.  The notion of an agreed upon Vision emerging through a survey that unties human appreciative conversations and harnessing trust in an enactive embodied approach of transforming breakdowns to breakthrough history making events (effective actions) and ending human suffering..

NIJA Generation: Young people throughout the world NO: INCOME, JOBS, ASSETS.  I offer that this generation is the inspired catalyst embodying the pain point and observer error operating western discourses, institutions and practices in civilizations.

60's Movement & Yesterday's 40th anniversary of "Watergate" check out "SOURCE" by Joe Jaworski who's father Leon was the lead prosecutor for watergate.  Interesting observations in the leadership crisis and leading edge intelligence in science converging with Indigenous wisdom continuum. 

((("Sacred Circling of Our Humanity" is a deepening authentic hearing that can only happen in my assessment in face~to~face circles where we feed one another sharing a meal, elder’s bless the notion and work, and harvesting gather’s trust and harnesses commitment to the immediacy of the situation locally.  Therein everyone is a creative intelligent generative solution and the problems in the mass minded consciousness disappear and are powerless.)))


I am very interested in Master Kola’s notion of SURVEY QUESTIONS as an initial step and offer to assist in crafting questions if invited.  I submit questions need care, fed and nurtured not answered.  We our opening authentic questions in our humanity and a SUANA Situational Understanding Awareness Needs Assessments is the beginning interview process in creating a clearing for learning.  (Example Tenderloin Today drugs, jobs, two people working project.)

Kolas’s Personal hope is to find a way to connect small groups in a "PROCESS" so we can work together in a community wide effort.  The real design is to involve people who have never been involved previously in discovering an activist role in the Occupy Movement that brings life to the freedom of democracy movement in our world.

2nd round ~ Shift to new way of thinking values community and sharing

Answer two questions

If our success was completely guaranteed what steps could we take.

Mushin a P2P Interactive Communication and Management Network based in privacy, new learning transforming identities and collaborative human commitment in designing a future world together.  We own the earth by the human commitments we embody actively in agreements with one another.

GlobalAfrica.com Yvonne

Bundling NGO's deliberate intentional strategic visions is what is missing in my assessment in the business design Internet platform in Occupy Cafe movement.  The opportunity in the Cafe I see is opening an Internet design appreciative conversation to create the bold step that challenges Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook corporates mentality with a robust rigorous invention.

Cultural Change find ourselves in conversations and be real with one another.  Being in world communities where there is access and we dare to be real with one another.  Transformational impoverishment of men in sacred circles and realization of being billionaires in a wisdom continuum 7,000 years old.  In regards to western civilization's emotional impoverishment in the mental structural discourses and institutions, business as normal has ended in my assessment. Disrupter’s with intentional viable solutions have the opportunity to capitalization beyond our current imaginations.  Our SUANA is a creative collapsing opportunity to develop a "CLEARING FOR LEARNING AND INNOVATION" that bridges indigenous people's tribal social skillfulness in familial relations to kinship’s ordering of commitments in solidarity as a people in natural law.  The opportunity I see is to innovative collaboration in general systems based in materialism and "BIG BANG" destructive worldview to a interactive communicative management system based in our shared humanness in collaborative coordinated common’s occupying earth as humanity.

Wendell ~ Ownership of the Earth and monopoly of the Earth via a humanitarian commons where we boldly claim common ownership in strategic enactive embodied effective actions of all peoples.  Paying for the right to act, serve and innovative the commons in humanity.

Mushin recommendation (((Simplification of appreciative inquiry and dialog that reframes and reconfigures current hysteria in the predatory chaos in the leadership crisis of growth without restraint is possible now.  Each person is a social node of intelligent creative possibilities as a "knowledge worker" in a clearing for learning as a whole humanity (Noosphere).   If I agree that all that I am is an "observer" offering a report in our situated~ness and human conditional situation and each of U agree to the same covenant as "observer's offering a report not necessarily truth or reality" an amazing new conversation arises that is a "3rd party conversation" incorporating "1st Person Dignity, Integrity and Responsibility" for whatever we say!   Real depth communication happens in hearing speaker's speak and sharing authentic honest assessments in mirroring the beauty, intelligence and wonder spoken. I propose there is a way through the creative collapsing opportunities by anchoring human trust in person~to~person authenticity in our natural deep heart felt emotional selves in feel not western intellectual theoretical BS currently controlling global discourses, institutions and cultural standard practices.  It's simple in that each of us prefer "Friendship" a social domain of relationship where there is no demand for obedience and negation of another, and we are healed, feel whole and adorned with our friends.  Each human "autopoietic node" is a locus of transformative intelligence in a vast connected network of relationships today.  I agree to continue to bring forth a manner of dignity in human utterances and thereby liberate transformation in the global cultural matrix that is now powerless to authentic living speech acts as the new agreed upon standard practice that this Occupy Cafe is committed to."  

Good job Ben and appreciated everyone on the call!  

Latter Mushin  

Mushin: thank you for these detailed reflections.  I love your question "what is 'IT' that is missing to breakthrough talk to enactive embodied activity in diverse domains of human concerns?" 

Could it be that what is missing is an appreciation 1) of the possibility of such a breakthrough and 2) of the degree to which it is already happening all around us?  We feel stuck, or overwhelmed, or that we are not enough.  What if that is simply myopia?  How would we behave differently if we trusted that pursuing our passions and giving our gifts was actually making the difference?

Good morning Ben,

A deeper denied breakdown in the historic swept along historic cultural "Stuckness" is we believe that we can emerge into a new consciousness in our humanity without dealing with the "observer error" in our personhood's.  We believe we can just rearticulate, reconstruct, reframe and reconfigure the dead end mental structuring of western civilization's materialistic worldview.  I assess that is not only impossible. it's an act of insanity in the current exponential global collapsing predatory chaos.  What I surmise is the beginning of a new clearing for learning is dignity, integrity and responsibility as "1st Person Autopoietic Dynamic Temporal Co~Architects" in designing a new future world together.  What I see as a possible possibility is for you and I (us) and (we) to form and constitute a new agreed upon foundational covenant as Homo sapiens amans to love and eliminate fear in the human conditional situation.  To gather our trust in the genetic natural law operating the human heart felt passionate desire to be closer together as friends.  Wolakota means treaty through peace and friendship.  I submit that one word speaks volumes in all the intellectual bullshit happening in talking ourselves to death.  The notion opens a new landscape and horizon and as you ("i") (we) (us) walk together in a treaty of peace the path will enfold us like caterpillars stuffed to death in consumption becoming butterflies in freedom, independence and self regulated ethical behaviors liberating the Brotherhood of Man once and for all!

My prayer today for you and all your dedicated commitment to bringing forth a new world in the "Occupy Earth" movement envisioned yesterday.  



Amen, brother.  I would add that I'm not so sure it's about eliminating fear as much as evolving to a point where our fears can be acknowledged and accepted, thereby losing their power to control how we act in the world.

I'm also sticking to my guns around the possibility that this Shift is well under way!

Amen brother!

This is the Google Doc I created yesterday as one declaration of possibility.  I agree that we need to be discussing this in "one place." I propose this thread, already under way, in the Alternative Economy group: http://www.occupycafe.org/group/alternative-economy/forum/topics/oc...


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