A Proposed Outcome of the Occupy Movement: Creating & Installing A New Money System Without A Focus on the Existing One


... It would be to define it's purpose around a quantum change in the model(s) for money and its role in world economies. With this objective positioned clearly and correctly, we could begin to create alternative money system(s) and have the force of the Occupy people behind it to support it's emergence within varied global economies. Even if the old system is still in play.

Rather than force the one's in power to change their hand, we instead build another system IN PARALLEL with the existing. It is possible to have adjacent money systems and correlating economies actively running at the same time. In fact, this approach of building anew, rather than tearing down the old, is really the only way to allow transformation to happen without overwhelming levels of bloodshed. We need an 'evolution', not another 'revolution'. Let's not try to stop the existing one. Let's spend our energy building a new one.

That said, realize that there are already thousands of alternative currencies trying to make headway around this objective within many communities around the world. They are an outcome of so many of us no longer being able to access the existing money systems. However, what these community currencies do not have is an aligned effort, such as what the Occupy Movement can provide.

To the above end, I want to share a powerful series on youtube called "The Money Masters" which very effectively unveils the story of how money works and the men that manipulate it. If we are to implement new economic systems, as well as new symbols (money) to reflect them, we must first thoroughly understand the existing system in order to create a new one that isn't the same thing with a different cover. Please watch this series and give me your feedback on what you learn. "THE MONEY MASTERS"  http://ning.it/vnQq2N


Also I would very much appreciate your feedback on how we could begin an internal movement inside the Occupy movement that 'moves' toward my proposal above.


Who is interested in what I am proposing here?

What are your comments?

Vic Desotelle


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You are very well versed and studied. I can learn much from you, I'm sure.

It will be understood that there is both unity and individuality in the new way of being. Not one or the other. They co-exist.



Enjoying all your posts here at the cafe.

The local vs. global  unity v individual is the same thing and beautifully expressed in the term "infinite interpenetration" ( from the flower garden school of buddhism..a school which in contrast to other schools emphasised service for the common good).  At the level of individual, it means that each of us is unique and critically needed in our uniqueness but that we are constantly , infitinitely peneterating all others and being penetrated by all others, for better or worse.  so we thrive as individuals when our unique gifts find their place in service to the whole of humanity ( as I posted the other day "the world needs what awakens you" ( or something like that)

The same model works for  local vs global economies.  Each community  has a natural economy emanating from its natural resources, its culture, its history, its place on the globe.  Those economies thrive through their connection to the global economy...through their work  products being desired and valued by other communities throughout the world  I recently posred about  a local dealer who has by passed the big city brokers and has a huge contrcat to sell our lobsters directly to China.  That contract and others that connect the traditional products of our fishing village to the world will enhace comfort and security for every island family while preserving the culture and traditions of the island..

so maybe we could say instead of

co- exist



220 federally-recognized tribes operate 400 casino gambling establishments in the US.

A wise Native elder once said, in response to people listening to channeled spirits "Dead don't mean smart." In the same light, Native energy doesn't necessarily mean earth-friendly.

Thanks to Kimberley for providing this youtube video on solar energy myths and realities. It is one of the clearest descriptions I've seen regarding solar as a primary energy system that, not could, but "IS" replacing the old oil paradigm with a new one. It reminds me trying to stop an old system has NEVER been the way new ones replace it. Rather the implementation of new concepts over time merely replace it over time.

This is why I would like to see the Occupy movement minimize it's demands to change the old system and spend it's energy on building a new ones .. specifically a new economy; realizing that the primary way an economy thrives is through what the world uses as it's energy sources.

I'd have rather read something dense than to give an hour to that little movie, which I sense was made primarily to attract investment in the near term because a race is on.

We're left with a serious question:  Will enough photovoltaic equipment be produced and installed before the foundation for those activities cracks and crumbles?  Will enough engines be replaced by motors?  By enough I mean way beyond for-the-few.  It looks like only time will tell.

Regardless, people can now and might forever benefit from solar energy by going outside, interacting more and more with living systems, and building passive solar structures.

I might have more remarks, but this feels like a whole piece.



Do you know about Energy for One World?

The premise is that it will take about 30 years for a naturally ocurring and publicly supported transition to renewable energy to ocurr.  Energy For One Wolrd is focsued on a global effort to create more equitable and affordable access to available fossil fuels as this transition ocurrs..essentially to encourage tapeworm comsumers of oil like the US and China to have a public policy of reducing demand for oil within their own countries...a vigorous public policy of accelerated shift to renewable energy .

It is gaining visibility and support world wide and is a natural place for all renewable energy supporters to focus united action and support. 

( I find this site very difficult to work with because its imposisble to add information to a post (or correct typos) and don't have the link her but you can find it via google   by its name .. 

Thanks.  I'll take a look.  I will bring my questions concerning "the foundation for those activities."

I wonder why you do not have such questions, until I recall that you don't echo Chris Martenson (The Crash Course, short form) like I do.




Haven't had time to take a look at the Crash Course yet but look forward to it.

Our exchanges here have been vey fruitful for me..really helped me "to put on the mind of the 99%"

I find this site takes more time and energy than TED because if its format so harder to keep up with the rich libray of posts commenters are saring with us.

Best Regards



Hi Kimberly,

Nice to see you again.  You'll be happy to know, it is not just tribal communities commiting as community to renewable energy Here in Maine the entire island of Vinal Haven.( just across the bay from my island) committed to and insvested in a windpower syetem for the whwole island.  It has been up and running for about a year and has alreda relized a huge reuction of energy costs for each and every resident.  Here on our island communities the distribution costs ( on top of useage) are a killer..I follow all practices of energy conservation I know of and my actual useage is minimal but my bill is $150+ a month.. ( next house will be 100% off the grid)

There is also an amazing and very encouraging tidal power project going on further downeast..I believe it only provides all power for a specific plant at the moment but there are systems like that in place all over the world that  is also a very affordable low impact ( we look across the bay now at these shapes on the horizon) in which communities can co-invest with  ahope of ebentually going comletely off the grid.  These tide power/wave power stations also can at the same time desalinate sea water to provude gresh water for the entire community.    The one down east works from a barge..via cable I think connected to a shore plant..  Lots of possibiities for shore front communities in tide and wave power.

I admire your commitent to these life serving earth serving  possibilities.

Look forward to watching the video on solar power..thnaks for posting it.


Would be so great to see other whole towns and villages doing this..

There are benefits to local alternative currencies, but the larger the circle of economic interaction, the more impersonal they become and the more likelihood of abuse. And all currencies quantify and debase what we are really seeking: human relationship, connection and recognition.

Ultimately, we need to localize as much of our economy as possible and return it as much as possible to the gift economy by which all indigenous cultures operated.

Perhaps the best explanation of our monetary economy and proposal for re-inventing it is Charles Eisenstein's book Sacred Economics, which he is offering as a gift by serializing it (up to chapter 16 so far) at http://www.realitysandwich.com/homepage_sacred_economics.

I would suggest starting at chapter 16: Transition to a Gift Economy for an overview of where we need to go and why.http://www.realitysandwich.com/sacred_economics_ch_16_transition_gi...

“I consider Charles Eisenstein one of the up-and-coming great minds of our time. Rarely have I met a person who combines such philosophical and spiritual depth with such practical insights into the cultural and institutional origins of the potential terminal dysfunctions of modern society, and the potential solutions.”

- David Korten, Author of The Great Turning

“This brilliant and beautifully written book is an indispensable must-read for all those who believe our economic system is terminally sick and in need of radical, sacred rehaul. Charles Eisenstein has the great gift of making complex ideas not only available, but thrilling and inspiring. I hope this book begins a worldwide serious conversation on how we can reinvent our attitude to money.”

- Andrew Harvey, author of The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism


Sounds great .. I'll go take a look at Charles' writings and your other links .

Also, one of the advantages of building a global network of local currencies is that the localization of money is self-securing. Meaning that those who abuse it are unable to hide within an over-sized system as they can now. Instead, they stand out like soar thumbs and are banned from using it.

There will always be problems in any system we create. But, to be sure that you and others understand where I'm coming from:  I am not proposing that a new currency be singular, like the systems we have now. Yes, there 'may' be a macro-currency system that allows for exchanges across micro-currencies between each other, but that is very different than the elitist-controlled national set of currencies that exist today. 

Vic D.


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