The Occupy Wall Street erupted in September 2011 in New York and spread like wild fire around the world.  Let's celebrate its one year anniversary with a single candle and new scientific global agreed upon distinction in the lexicon of every language for the political economic governance discourse of absolute and total "Bullshit" happening! The Occupy Movement is a clarion call for our humanness to engage in direct participative Democracy worldwide and mainly springing forth from the NINJA Generation (No Income, No Job or Assets) yet by an large these rebellious youth are tech~savy social networkers, left of center unemployed colledge graduates, and young people disenchanted with bullshit encouraging wide spread questioning of taken for granted bullshit in education, politics, religion and commerical western horseshit business~as~usual. 

Let's declare War and Peace on this universal bullshit as an "Earth Voice" and in mutual liberation of our humanness celebrate the Occupy Movement advancement in the "Occupy Cafe's Appreciative Critique, Inquiry and Dialog of the Global Patriarchal Plutocracy."  Under OUR free energized influence we are confronting the factual grounded evidence of Wall Street's Wealthy Global Flow of 1%ers demanding accountability, and new standards of integrity in a distorted Democratic politics based in high risk affecting our lives , an ownership elite coercive deceptive arrogance and aggression on notions of justice and equality, and challenging like real American Jeffersonian Patriots the prevailing political banking discourse that assumes the right for generations to come to continue this enslaving bullshit of unjust inequality based in the power of OUR PURSE! 

If there is every was a moment in OUR HISTORY for unified solidarity as global citizens, not just bible thumping Christians packing guns, it's right now!  This 2012 Election is a "Balls to the Wall" affair in determining if the world will even be a Democracy in 2013, much less what may happen to credit ratings, social nets and potential anarchy of Ayn Rand's notion of American Exceptionalism where individualism and subjective relativist selfishness is the new order.  Never mind the years of women fighting for the vote, blacks being freed as slaves, unions protecting the workplace, we are returning to the Founding Father's Deity notions and there is no such thing as science or climate change, just "Drill Baby Drill."

What American's are about to encounter 24/7 for next 70 days is absolute total bullshit by a bunch of chicken shit American politicians who's only agreed upon self interest is to maintain the power of divisionary discourse, confusion based in millisecond complexities of dirivatives credit default swaps and sercuratation of global financiers in a neoliberalism now called Republicans who can buy the White House.  The incompetence of corporate manufactured media pundits is breathtaking as the political savages and power mongers of lawyers and loggyists disruptive any semblance of civil discourse for the American people.  Bullshit is the logical rational distinction for such western horse shit.

I say "Bullshit" to this entire public conversation, its all bullshit being spoon fed by corporate media plutocracy bullshit ownership and financed by Wall Street's Arrogant Ass Hole Quants Bullshit.  If you are offended by "Bullshit" please pack your bags and leave America because we have literally become a Nation of Bullshitter's.  To be an American today you must eat, drink, wear, relate, communicate, slave and sleep in bullshit.  Bullshit is literally defining the American Dream of Exceptionalism in OUR WORLD.  People form around the world feel it, smell it, hear it when we open our deceptive coercive mouths, die from it, laugh at it as a joke turning into morphed George Carlin's laughter in every language, and now are fed up with American ignorant collective arrogant aggressive bullshit.

I admit recently I broke down, ended my peaceful fast, I  watched TV by sampling a few speakers of this western cowboy horseshit of the Republican Party.  Low and behold the mystery surprise secret guest, Clint Eastwood, took the cake at the party!  This one man certainly summed up the Republican ignorant horse shit last night declaring the truth finally "We Own America."  Having grown up with this Hollywood Icon Dirty Harry "Make My Day" bullshit (I think I learned to talk like this from his movies) and having wasted a fortune in the theater buying pop corn supporting this arrogant aggressive bullshit, I think I was transformed miraculously into Dirty Harry last night!  Clint's horse shit made me outraged at this man's audacity to claim ownership of all the bullshit and not be responsible, accountable or have a thread of integrity as a human being for the real time pure play suffering happening in his surrounding universe.

A closing note to this iconic idiot who I once considered a caring person until last night.   Clint in a few days your gonna die and end up in that Hollywood casket you made money on when I bought a ticket to support your artisitc endeavors in what I understood as your last movie.  The real BIG SURPRISE is you are going to discover that you don't own shit, never have, never will and all the shit that passed through that ignorant head of yours and greedy hands, did just that, pass right through it and ownership is a myth.  There was no ownership on your part.  You screwed the graceful giver last night in public by not being humble for all the wonderful grace you were given by others not you.  And you are going to come face to face with this arrogant aggressive horse shit as a rough tough cowboy.  I promise that the casket you created in the "Grand Torino" was the end of your career.  You should of shut up and entering politics was the worst mistake you ever made in your life and probably the best honest Oscar performance every recieved from Disneyland by the American public.  What is really sad is the Grand Torino movie depicts the PTSD chaos in the soulful presence of a Viet Nam Veteran protecting immigrants from terrorizing gangland criminals.

Look who you defended and promoted last night.  The Wall Street bubble bust in 2008 was more than a quadrillion dollars.  The financial market accounted for over 40% of US corporate profits. The "Too Big Too Fail" consolidated power placing us under a greater risk today than ever before.  The top 1%ers made out like bandits and the 1% within the 1%ers did disproportionately well crafting and sculpting the schemes in the playbook throughout the world.  Unlike the Great Depression this crisis was entirely the product of the financial free market system with losses of $4 trillion equating to 10% of the worlds annual income.  Losses of input to goverance systems of the people have amounted to trillions of dollars in a recovery that has barely started to recover.  ALL the checks and balances failed in a comprehensive fashion due to King George's notions of tax cuts and fighting two wars on credit, while handing over the US Treasury to Goldman Sachs as a going away party.   The bailouts reinforced the already bad incentives of privatization in the financial system and the behavior of the financial market sector has not changed at all as a result of the crisis. They are actually preparing an encore presentation as we speak.  Those are facts not assumptive notions of Micky Mouse living in Disneyland. 

In the end of your life I see a man that never encountered a real battlefield or took a heroic risk other than living in Disneyland.  The people who REALLY OWN America are in graves of veterans who sacrificed their lives to give you the right to lie and be cute, and a cynical old man.  Men and women are dying on battlefields today dreaming about a new world order of beauty, freedom, independence, friendship and self regulating dignity as a manner of living for future generations.  Whatever honor, grace or valor you represented in the stupidities of my own mind was burned up instantly last night when your arrogant aggressive humorous cynical deceptive bullshit defended the crimminality of Wall Street Executives who should be thrown into jail immediately.  I know cowboys and your no cowboy in my book.  Yea, a liar and in the last moments of your living lie you actually shared the real cowboy and believe me its the epitaph that your going to die with because we have it on film.  Your just another rich Hollywood bastard in my book and you don't really care about anything other than your own horse shit. 

My father who is 90 years old, a WWII Vet and a 100% permanent service connected disabled veteran today fought in Operation Torch, lost a brother in WWII, and as a babyboomer he taught me to stand up in the midst of bullshit and say stop it.  Your an old depressed mean bully on the adolescent playground, shame on you for ridiculing our President and adding fuel to our enemies.  He also taught me to have dignity for the Office regardless of the man.  Obama has had nothing but indignity from the day he started and obstruction frpm Republicans continually.  It's remarkable we still have a credit rating at all. My grandfather knew Vaughn Monroe in Gennette Pennslyvania. My brothers in arms from the Viet Nam Era are heading for the camp up North where we will meet and celebrate once again what was given freely to others in blood by a tyrant named Richard Nixon and a leadership crisis that has morphed into total absolute bullshit in the Republican Party.  This militarism based in greed is over and dead on arrival in the 21st century.  And here is a song I sing "Ghost Riders in the Sky" coming to your inner theater to wake you up here or there. 

See in the real camp where this horse shit is all over.

Latter Mushin

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