As the Connect 2012 Initiative progresses, we plan to convene dialogue around specific ideas or themes for action.  We are laying the groundwork for these conversations NOW in several ways:  

We invite you to suggest ideas or themes for such design conversations here on this discussion thread.  As these are compiled and refined, we will use them as the starting point for targeted inquiries via Cafe Calls, additional forum discussions and online groups, allowing people to cluster around areas of particular interest to them to develop specific ideas and plans.  Your suggestions on this discussion thread might take any of the following forms:

  • A "declaration of possibility" for something we might achieve together that has the power to inspire you and others.
  • A specific project or set of projects that you wish to convene people to explore collaboratively
  • An action-oriented theme that can be used to convene diverse individuals and groups for a collaborative dialogue. 

Also note that, in the appreciative interview ("Discovery") process, we are inviting people to share information about projects they are involved with developing, any needs they have associated with that work and any skills or resources they have to offer to others.  You can review the information provided to date here.  And if you wish to post information about your own project, register here and complete the "pre-interview questionaire."

Additionally, we are now hosting "Dream" conversations via our Tuesday Connect 2012 Cafe Calls and on the forum here.  These are illuminating the "positive core" out of which the articulation of shared visions and "declarations of possibility" can emerge.  You might want to take a look at the positive core thread as well as the appreciative interview content on which it is based in order to help craft design conversation suggestions that align with what we already know to be powerfully in motion, both withing our network and in the wider world.

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On the 3/27 Connect 2012 Cafe Call, we explored the "action-oriented theme" of "New Economies." This is territory we have visited in other contexts previously, via the forum and a number of groups as well as our Vital Conversation Cafe Call with Charles Eisenstein.  A "declaration of possibility" around a new economy was drafted last December by a team of participants, and can be found anchoring this discussion thread.

We used the "Edistorm" tool to scribe our conversation today, and the result can be viewed here.  A report will be attached shortly as well.  

What are some specific design conversations that might emerge from the work to date?  One starting point might be this question: what structures can we create together now to support a large number of people making part or all of their living doing work to bring about systemic change?  

The assumption is that there are many more people with great ideas, talent and ambition for doing work as "change agents" than there are paying jobs in the Old Economy to do this work, and that the need for this work is also vast at this time. 

Suggested Topic:

The Redress of Grievances: The End Justifies the Means.

There are now competing visions for events in Philadelphia over the 4th of July. OWS GAs vs the 99% Declaration. One says they are direct democracy the other representative. Both appear to be primarily movements for neo-liberals, liberals, and left leaning independents. The true 99% is about equally 1/3rd conservative, independent, and liberal. Following the work of Jim Rough and Wise Democracy, I propose we see if there is a group of 18 persons on or near OC that would be a reflection of the country's demographics to write a Redress of Grievances as allowed in the First Amendment. An easy way to represent the country would be by gender (2: M/F), Age (3: Teens/20s, 30/40s, 50+), and political persuasion (3: Conservative, Liberal, Independent). I'm interested as a M,50+, Independent. Are you? Say, weekly Cafe Calls through the 4th of July to complete the document.

My suggestion: "Identifying things we can do without much effort"

We often focus on huge projects that take-on government and the powers that be.. But what can we do that doesn't require much work, where we don't need anyone's vote or permission, and we don't face much resistance.

For example, I think we should be supporting "Shop Local" campaigns, for econoimic reasons as well as environmental.  It doesn't require much effort, and nobody is going to oppose us on that.  We don't need to re-invent the wheel, we can hook up with local campaigns that already exist, and basically lend support, even if its just a link to their web page.


I see this is an old thread but if I read it right it might be time to revisit it. It is becoming widely apparent that protesting with so many different agendas is not working. They are all great but they are too individualized to be of any useful purpose anymore. Therefore, I propose we find a single action that everyone can agree upon. There are two schools of thought here, there are some who think that bringing back our amendments should be our focus or CU (Citizens United) should be it. We need to pick one and then run with it as one loud voice. I see In Gainsville, FL they are putting CU on the ballot , they are joining the bandwagon against CU. As of May 21 2012, 22 states have joined the fight against CU. It's time for the rest of us to do the same.The loss of our amendment rights and getting them back is also a great place to start. This is a dream and design forum thread, well there is my dream...unity. United we stand, divided we fall, which is our choice to be? If this conversation continues the conversation will grow as an action. 


Weekly Cafe Calls

Regular Calls are no longer being held.  Below is the schedule that was maintained from the Fall of 2011 through Jan 10, 2013.

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