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We are in the midst of a political nightmare and I am committed to being an articulate voice of indignation in the next 58 days.  As a veteran I never raised my oath to protect and defend bullshit or horse shit.  I refuse to stop using those utterances of profanity because speaking nice, calmly and rationally to this insane economic political American conversation is waste of the human breath.  Indignation is not anger nor rage, its a stance as a human being that says "No I refuse to participate any longer in a corrupted, unjust, raging raping and abuse in a community standrad practice.  Saying "no" means "no" and there is no compromising.  I may end up isolated, alone and homeless, its better than eating another crumb of bullshit (Vatican Papal Bulls Creations 1492) or ignoring another moment full accountable for King George's horse shit as an American idiot who says "God was talking to him." King George is in need of emergence medical technicians he's psychotic! 

This post today is a response to a petition regarding God in America.  WOW! Talk about an oxymoronic notion in a cultural matrix of ignorance.  I am supporting President Obama re-election and the last time I actively supported a campaign was "Barry Commoner 3rd Middle Rail Citizen Party" in 1980 with a platform for a new renewable energy grid, full employment and biological earth science platform to design new cultural innovations in political system through education.  The day of the election Barry's New York City radio ad said "Bullshit there is another choice Barry Commoner."  Barry got 1% of the National vote and I still think it was the best platform I ever observed in American politics. Imagine if we had adopted the notion in 1980 where would be today? 

My intention in this post to fire a public RPG at the Vatican's irresponsibility for poverty in the world and bring attention to the Discovery Doctrine operating this Romney Cabal of Capitalistic Insanity in the history of western civilization.  The four points included in the post will be my mantra between now and the 2012 November election.  I submit the "Occupy Movement" needs a face lift and an identity make over.  As a leaderless body, diverse voices and nobody's in the movement I intend to raise living hell in 2012.  This is it regarding my political elective engagement in American politics and this is a crucial election for everyone in the world. I intend to return to my private hut in 2013 and forget ever being an accidental activist in American bullshit by a bunch of cowboy horse shit. 


PETITION: put prayers back in our schools

I disagree with this petition for the following reasons: 

1st, Christian fundamentalists have become a total living abortion to having any sense of Christian reality or truth to real prayer in silence, solitude, sacredness, secretly in the heart of man.  Christian Fundamentalists today are politically based fundamentally on America's founding fathers notion of "deism" or Roman Catholic Discovery Doctrine of Papal Bulls who created poverty in globalization and this current economic nightmare.  Fundamentalist's Christians have turned the Republican Party's new improved mixture of politics and religion into a GOP apocalyptic sect of crazy people hell-bent on destroying the earth and it's people based on their own delusions of what is evil in my honest assessment. 

The GOP is a very dangerous out of control political movement with unlimited financial resources that can literally destroy our civil society based in inclusion, justice and equality, under the guise of unrestrained liberty of individuals including now corporations that live forever.  Until money gets out politics the rich can use fanatics and patriotism and religious passions on ignorant citizens in coercive deceptive political imperial arrogant aggressive actions.  King George proved it in his reign of terror 2000 to 2008 by taking a $5 trillion surplus and balance budget, and giving it to his constituency as a tax cut, starting two major conflicts on credit creating $5 trillion in national debt, and throwing a going away party by giving the US Treasury to Goldman Sachs (Banks TBTF).  While setting up a "Niger called Obama" to be the fall guy within a racist American society suffering from selective amnesia in politics and American history.  King George claimed to be talking to God and praying daily.  If that is prayer and what this petition is about?  Let King George come here and promote it and defend the notion.  I honesty assess him as the triadic epitome of a "Naked Emperor, Village Idiot and Humpty Dumpty" and NOTICE how he was nowhere to be seen at the GOP convention?  Demanding prayers or God in this American Constitutional dysfunctional frame of referencing is coercive deceptive manipulative political behavior "Stop IT." 

2nd, my natural ethical reasoning of Deism in American Founder's is they were totally ungrounded assumptions that today is viewing the world in a clockwork fashion of Newtonian physics and economic theory of greed; that is now called God.  This notion has created a mess globally largely because of a Discovery Doctrine (1492) and the Christian fundamentalist's ungrounded views of a creator.  The Reagan Trickle Down theory that distributive money to the wealthy trickle downs to others is truly voodoo economics.  The facts are in watch “The End of Poverty” and the wealthy just become more arrogant and aggressive in their "NEO~LIBERALISM ECONOMIC INSANITY of FREE MARKET CAPITALISM” based in high risk financing wanting more power, greed and governmental deregulations and privatization of our community assets we own as a people.  It's time to stop it and "Occupy Earth" in solidarity as humanity.  

Never mind our children experience slavery in this robotic notion of an Economic Father God for all eternity.  This indoctrinated belief system claims "Governance is the Problem.  Yes, the GOP is right, and the progressive party defending civil justice, environment and equality has lost its balls and voice as a party by buying into money in civil politics in elections.  The Democrats bought into the Neo Liberal Economic notions when Bill Clinton balanced the budget and unleashed deregulation of Wall Street by repealing Glass-Steagall, and ending any government regulation on derivatives thereby creating the debacle of credit default swaps as a free market capitalistic solution. The action has aggravated the financial condition and given more power to financiers to control political elections and legislative policies.   The political action is a viral immoral greed operating algorithms in milliseconds that has no ethical responsibility to persons, companies or nations.  It's literally killing us. The American Financial Industry (40% of GNP) has infected the disease of greed within the entire global financial structure in the world creating untold human suffering in masses of peoples worldwide.   Never mind poor people who exist in marginalized unseen worlds with no representation or concern and addressed with Christian charity that me sick to my stomach in the cordial hypocrisy in social relations.   

Injecting religion into this current American debate in 2012 is like throwing jet fuel on a blazing fire out of control already, and claiming your putting it out when it fact you want to destroy the entire theater.  Politicians and manufactured media pundits doing this make the recent Colorado Mass Murderer look a saint because their paid to produce this deceptive coercive rhetoric is causing the ultimate disaster worldwide; a suicidal ignorant determinant ending life on the planet in the name of God. 

3rd, until the crazy maniacal lunatics in the GOP recognize either some factual understanding of basic arithmetic, or basic science courses in history, biology, chemistry and life sciences, and a alien water boarding experience in ethical constructive appreciative inquiry and dialog.  There is no way in hell to have a conversation committed to ‘a’ rational manner of civil debate?  We the people in America and around the world are stuck in divisive suffering in a polarized fragmented dysfunctional adolescent immature behavior of bullshit politicians as a nation and a threat to global citizenry worldwide. We are the enemy!

For any rational logical ethical human being to not be aware today of earth sciences exponential factual evidence of predatory chaos in economics, disintegration of biosphere daily in climate change, degradation of living systems sustainability in the next 20 years, and the creative collapsing disasters happening in the global political leadership crisis operating in denial, lying and criminal behaviors, are dead fish floating on a toxic superfund dump and should be ignored regardless of their projected faith or passions of patriotism. 

We have a serious human ecological problem happening in communication. Like in Cool Hand Luke "What we have here is a communication problem."  Shoot me I refuse to shut up!   No one listens to one another and everyone is arming themselves with guns (especially the Christian fanatics wearing holster's to church in self important ignorant arrogance as so called disciples of Christ, imagine that!), pray with one hand and shoots everybody around you in arrogant racist aggression! This dialog in American politics makes Gettysburg look like picnic.  I guess the winner is the one with the most bullets.  What about people like myself, an American veteran, that abhors guns and killing?  Who in this society is protecting me in this insanity?  Praying is cheap, shedding real blood isn't fun and games, and I am indignant with right ring high financiers claiming to be patriots.  Good follow the pattern in WWII and let's tax you 90% to pay for King George's two wars.  The rich made a lot of money out of those $5 trillion expenditures.  Pay up or shut up is my demand as an ethical American veteran. 

While we at it let’s deal with Obamacare and the Insurance Industry.  If injured veterans defending this “Neo Liberal Capitalistic Free Market” can shed their blood and the injured are treated in the socialized Veteran Administration Healthcare System; why isn’t this “single payer system of blood on the battlefield” good enough for the rest of the patriotic citizenry claiming appreciation and gratitude for the military?  Veterans are guinea pigs for universities, best practices and pharma industry; why not experiment on the politicians and financiers families and children who create wars?  I am for a single payer system held in mutual trust by the citizenry and reducing healthcare long term cost by at 10% of the current GNP while caring for every American citizen like no government in the worlds history has ever done.  Health and well being is about caring not money, and deep inside this tragedy of commons is the heart of the American citizenry and we do care for one another and are sick, ill, disgusted and barfing our brains at political bullshit and horseshit.  Stop It before we loose our temper!     

4th, I know ancient indigenous people who are also Christians, and they are confused with Christianity’s view of human dignity, its an emotional contradiction, they experience genocide as a people and of the earth; land, air, streams, insects, fishes, animals and birds in the biosphere face ignorant extinction in the almighty name of your God's modern progress going faster, better, and cheaper going nowhere really.  My friends pray sincerely all the time without any priest craft, actually revere knowing love in natural law in oral utterances, caring concern, and know better than to ever use anyone's faith or belief in their social wisdom continuum as a demand for obedience and negating of another in coexistence. They are humble aliens to your petition .  Do birds pray when signing at the break of dawn?  Are whales operating in faith and do they have a right to call the oceans home?  Does Monsanto now run nature and justify genetic manipulations on Christian notions of charity?  Of course they own the grasses, crops and cattle throughout the world? 

We live in mega autopoietic complex diversity and human beings are not the only creatures that need respected and dignity in the web of life?  If anything human beings are parading around in costumes claiming to speak for God, using him as a transcendental power demanding obedience, and they need to shut up and learn humility.  I am advocating a bill of rights for all living systems to have dignity in the web of life. I live within a living pulsating generative biosphere, and pray for solidarity in a Homosphere that adopting the Earth Charter as a primary declaration of a new creative commons as global ethical citizenry committing to scientific appreciative inquiry and dialog and designing heaven on earth, not fundamentalist notions of worlds to come in ungrounded fantasy notions of God in any belief system and all faiths.  “Stop It.”

Good invitation, wrong venue and I am deeply committed to prayer that I have just accomplished out loud in the four distinctions offered by declining participation in this petition.  Please feel free to broadcast in the Twittering Universe and I welcome ontological appreciative conversations in this regard.


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