Here is some good news we received from Rebecca Campbell, a Community Weaver in Seattle. This information offers hope to many who have worked so hard to rid our country of corruption.  The links to websites references below have more indepth information about each of these topics.  Please share your thoughts and any other factual information with links you can find.

Good News and Updates received on 6/3/12:  

     o   Mass arrests of members of the international bank-based corporate crime cartel/satanic cult otherwise known as the 1%, the Illuminati or the New World Order (NWO) cabal in America are about to occur. 

o   This will include arrests of most members of the corrupt US Congress and US Supreme Court, many in the federal judiciary, and many officials of the executive branch of the US federal government, as well as a number of states' governors, many banking and profit/nonprofit corporations' officers and some religious officials.  There may also be mass arrests of other officials at the state and local levels; this will leave a leadership vacuum that many of us will need to step forward and help to fill on a temporary basis.   

o   By way of evidence, a record of over 20,000 public/corporate officials have resigned internationally since September 2011.  Several key US 1%/Illuminati/NWO cabal figures have already been arrested and interrogated, then released into the custody of federal marshals:   

o    US Treasury Secretary/Former President of the New York  Federal Reserve Bank Timothy Geithner was arrested and interrogated by New York City police on February 29, 2012, followed by 24-hour arrests and interrogations by other local police of George Bush Sr. and Bill Gates Jr. on or around March 8, 2012, apparently based on what Geithner told the NYPD.  Eminently mainstream Fox News covered Geithner's arrest, and, significantly, Microsoft Corporation, when asked for comment, would not deny Bill Gates, Jr.'s arrest in early March. And the government of Iceland has recently arrested scores of bankers in its ongoing investigation of that nation's Illuminati-orchestrated financial collapse in 2008.  

o   The exact date of these mass arrests is being determined by ongoing secret negotiations of the 1%/Illuminati/NWO cabal with members of the positive US military/federal officials, and earth-based covert resistance forces supported by space-based positive extraterrestrial/intraterrestrial forces  The refusal of the 1%/Illuminati/NOW cabal to surrender peacefully and to cease and desist from holding the people of this planet hostage as human shields and in danger of the cabal's ongoing geobiocide* against them may alter the projected dates of these operations, which will occur in any case, by the end of the year 2012.  

o   These mass arrests of the 1%/Illuminati/NWO cabal will be under constitutional/common law, will be ordered by officials/officers loyal to the US Constition and Bill of Rights within the US government/military, and will be carried out by local law enforcement backed up by positive military and state national guard, as well as local deputized militias and positive extraterrestrial/intraterrestrial forces.  They will not involve any declaration of martial law whatsoever.   

o   The purpose of these mass arrests will be to restore the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, which actually have been inoperative since Southern legislators vacated their seats in Congress just before the American Civil War, followed by President Abraham Lincoln's subsequent declaration of martial law at the beginning of that war in 1861.   

o   This breaking of the US constitutional contract between the states and this subsequent declaration of martial law has never been remedied, and has since been reinforced at the federal level by a massive body of unconstitutional executive orders and statutory law that has gradually enslaved the American people since the Civil War/Reconstruction eras.  

o   This has been accomplished by the insidiously incremental institution over the past 150 years of a private federal government corporation with satellite private state and municipal corporations completely controlled by alien entities through the global financial system, with the majority of the American people unaware of this reality.  

o   After the completion of these mass arrests of members of the 1%/Illuminati/NWO cabal in America, the same will follow in other cabal-controlled countries, particularly those in the British Commonwealth and the European Union, truly freeing the people of this planet from planned totalitarian cabal-controlled one-world government.  

o   These mass arrests of the 1%/Illuminati/NOW cabal in all nations will be followed by international truth and reconciliation tribunals, where the people of the world can learn of, gain redress for, and acknowledge their complicity in, the continuing crimes against humanity and nature that have been committed by members of this satanic cabal against them and all life on earth, as well as members of this cabal being held accountable for these crimes, with the possibility of their long-term rehabilitation with sincere repentence.  

o   These mass arrests of the cabal will allow the collapse of the 1%/Illuminati/NWO-manipulated global financial system, with the immediate instatement of honest decentralized transitional financial and governmental systems that will work in the interests of the people, rather than for the special interests of globalist controllers.  Such honest transitional financial and governmental systems are now operating -- presently with minimal cabal-controlled mainstream media coverage -- in the island nation of Iceland, which is soon going to be the model for other nations throughout the world.     

o   These mass arrests will also allow the disclosure of many eminently viable alternative energy technologies long suppressed by this satanic cabal and its puppet governments, such as free zero-point energy, various advanced hydroenergy technologies and cold nuclear fusion that will guarantee the peoples of the world true independence and prosperity free of corporate control.  

o   This monumental constitutional enforcement action will also allow the disclosure of ongoing extraterrestrial/intraterrestrial presence on earth, which will reveal to us, the human race on this planet, our true origins, history, future and, most importantly, our true identity as beings made in the likeness -- and lovingness -- of a Universal Creator.  

o   During this time, it best for us to keep as calm as possible, use our discernment concerning incoming information about all of the above, have a supply of cash, petroleum, food and water for 3-21 days, and share with others our information and resources; this will greatly further the positive planetary transformation that is about to happen.  

o   The following weblinks will allow further investigation of the above assertions:  

Constantly Updated International List-Mass Resignations of Public/Corporate Officials Since September 2011 (Over 20,000 So Far) ________________________________________

Alternative News Reports on Iceland as a Model for the World ________________________________________

Alternative/Mainstream News Accounts of Geithner's/Gates Jr.'s /Bush Sr.'s Arrests by Local Police (Including Fox News' Nationally Televised Report) ________________________________________

Websites Dealing with Free Zero-Point Energy, Other Suppressed Revolutionary Alternative Energy Technologies and Disclosure of ET/IT Presence on Earth,


Websites Covering Legal Actions/Upcoming Mass Arrests and Covert Operations Against the NWO Cabal  ________________________________________

Accounts of Civil War Era Constitutional Subversion Sins of the State-Legal Memorandum by Richard Voudreau    Change Is on the Horizon-Part II-Film by James Rink  ________________________________________

Most Comprehensive Film Concerning This Period of Planetary Transformation Thrive-Hosted and Produced by Foster Gamble, Featuring a Number of Leading Thinkers


* Geobiocide-The destruction of a planet and all life upon it  


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