This should be a national alert to all occupy groups!!

Check out H.R. 347

This bill makes it a felony to hold demonstrations or "occupy" efforts.

Read the bill and make sure that all occupiers understand the ramifications of

what this bill does regarding First Amendment right to peaceful demonstrations.

I cannot stress enough of a WARNING about this bill.



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The vote count wasn't fudged, Jitendra. The votes simply weren't counted because the Supreme Court said that there was no Constitutional necessity to count the votes. It wouldn't have mattered if there had been 100% turnout and 100% of voters had voted for Gore. Since the Supreme Court decided that it didn't have to count the votes and had the right to select the President themselves, they didn't "fudge" the vote, they simply ordered that the votes not be counted.

Your heart may tell you that votes are counted, but the Supreme Court finding that the popular vote does not have to be counted is on paper and is the highest law of the land.

Fudged is tongue-in-cheek.  I know the story.  I suggest that a significantly stronger voter turnout nationwide, would make outcome manipulation much more difficult to pull off.

Jitendra, a stronger voter turnout can only change the outcome if the votes are counted. Since the votes do not have to be counted, it is the Supreme Court that has the final say, not the voters.

Looks like the movement is taking note and a call for action is emerging, courtesy of our friends at InterOccupy.  Here's the registration link:

I would add the thought that such stupidity on the part of the two party duopoly might well backfire, just as the publicity about the pepper spraying of those women, followed by the mass arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge, launched Occupy nationwide.  Such laws, especially if they are enforced en masse, will continue the process of revealing the police state to the general public.  I doubt there will be a "media blackout" (not really what I think happened with the passage of this bill, btw) of the arrests of large numbers of protesters at the Democratic and Republican national conventions, if that is indeed what takes place.

Ben, even if every single protester at the Democratic and Republican conventions is arrested, and each one is subjected to unwarranted police brutality and false arrest, and each individual arrest is filmed and shown on prime time TV and featured in the mainstream media, and every citizen in the country becomes outraged, the people arrested will still have to be bailed out, they will still have to appear in court, and if the charges against them are dropped, they will still have to file claims and sue to try to recover their bond money and compensation, a process that can take years.

If all the outraged citizens then go into the streets and nonviolently protest, local law enforcement using the riot gear and equipment given to them by Homeland Security and the US military, will arrest them also. Our system is fully equipped to arrest millions of people. We already have the biggest prison system in the world with a larger percentage of our population incarcerated than any other country. The prison-industrial complex will benefit greatly from increased protests, and legislators will allocate billions, if not trillions more for Homeland Security. Our legislators, of both parties, are the ones who voted almost unanimously for H.R. 347, remember? Their reaction to protests is increased suppression of civil dissent.

Unless we the people stop voting to delegate to government the power to make decisions which are not in our interests, they will continue to make decisions which are not in our interests. If the general population proportions hold for Occupiers, which in my experience they do, half of the people protesting the Democrats and Republicans voted in elections where they knew that only a Democrat or a Republican could win. They may think that they're protesting the system, but what they're actually protesting is their own vote.

To keep delegating power to a system that was Constitutionally designed to ensure rule by the 1%, is not a way to protest the system.

A vote is the personal, individual, and voluntary consent of a member of the governed electorate, to be governed by the system holding the election. It authorizes that system and grants it the sole legitimate use of force to suppress civil dissent. Anyone who doesn't understand that when they vote, they are authorizing the government holding the election, the right to bash their head in for protesting, probably deserves to have their head bashed in.

I am opposed to organized crime. Therefore I will not join the Mafia or vote in their elections (if they have any). I am opposed to racism. Therefore I will not join the Ku Klux Klan or the Aryan Warriors and vote in their elections (if they have any). I will not participate in any way in systems I oppose. I am opposed to the system of plutocracy established by our Constitution. Therefore I will not run for office or vote in its elections. Those who work within the system and participate in the system, are not opposing the system, no matter how badly the police beat them or how many times they are arrested for protesting. Should they be killed during a protest, as happened at Kent State, they will be killed by the system they voted for.

I would prefer a different system, a system of government called direct democracy, i.e., a government of, by, and for the people. That's why I will not vote within the current system or do anything else I can avoid doing that would legitimize or perpetuate the current system.

I am a radical, Ben. I'm not a reformer. I don't believe that our system is broken and needs reforms, I know, from studying the Constitution, that our system is working exactly the way it was designed to work, to ensure that those who own the country, the 1%, will always run the country. That's why I oppose it.


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