I would like to get your feedback on the relevance of this upcoming movie called 'THRIVE' to the Occupy movement. Both are related to money and the economy. 


A new movie called "Thrive" carries a message that is both scary and profound – A WAKE UP CALL into hidden dark truths, and a chance to create real thriving change. Please watch it with me and millions of others who will be viewing it on the day of its release on 11:11:11.

Access the movie here: http://ThriveMovement.com

Vic Desotelle

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Vic, I watched the film "Thrive" after seeing it mentioned here. I won't say anything brilliant now; I thought it was an excellent production and deserves more visibility-

I'd love it to be included in this national OWS film-based teach-in:


Hi Raffi,

Yes, Thrive does need more attention, and knowledge like it. ... That said, you may also like my comment to Jitendra below about the video series called "The Money Masters".


Just saw it and purchased a DVD to hold screenings for groups.  I thought it brilliant.  I've known most of what was shared for many years, but the way it was assembled and presented as a clear, concise (even at 2 hours), coherent whole was very impressive. 

This film should be requisite viewing for anyone remotely moved by the occupy movement.  The most daunting task before us is understanding where to apply pressure via specific actions and initiatives to facilitate the change we want to see.  It REALLY helps to understand the mechanics of the economic/financial system you're intending to influence.

The website itself is an elegantly executed resource center. 

Yes, I too have studies these subjects and continue to do so. For I believe these are the subjects of our immediate future that must be embraced if we are to truly see real change. And if you're into the money thing, you'll also appreciate this series called "The Money Masters". I have been trying to get others to watch it, as it holds essential ingredients of understanding that, without broad awareness, will engulf our future into the beating drum of history. Take a look at it for me and, if it feels right to you, help me tell other OC members to watch it.

Rob Hopkins' view of the movie is in view here.  Rob is the author of the principal books about Transition and a Post Carbon Institute fellow.

I found the post to more of an oppositional rant, basically behaving in a manner consistent with what he was accusing Foster.  Of course, I support and encourage people to see the movie.  I own a copy and have attended 5 community screenings, the last being this Saturday as I describe in my separate comment.

Here is my reply on the thread to which you link:

When someone initiates a review by telling people to avoid something, I am already suspicious. I see that this post is dated today, January 9; 9 days hence from The President of the United States signing and thereby enacting the NDAA with the express provision that war is now officially being waged on American soil by overriding the 1878 Act of Posse Comitatus, which prohibits the use of military to “execute the laws”.

The newly signed NDAA now gives the President the right to order your military to seize any American citizen suspected of terrorism (occupiers were recently designated the official label of “low level terrorist”; read: anyone loudly dissenting with the status quo) and have them renditioned (seized) without cause, charge or trial, and to further, be held indefinitely in a military prison, tried by a military tribunal. The constitutional right to due process has just been set aside.

These are unarguable legal facts. The only thing that can be argued is if, when or who will apply this new law and to whom.

We humans have an unerring habit of waiting until we not only hit bottom, but have bounced a few times, before we wake up.

Write and believe what you will about the film, but at least make space, and perhaps even encourage, people to see it and think for themselves, lest you reveal yourself to be part of the problem.

We are where we are because people have abdicated their critical thinking. It’s far easier to ridicule a “conspiracy theory” than to research and realize that clever people have employed a complex yet reasonably simple and intact strategy for herding financial flow for centuries, AND that I was fooled.

This can be a wonderfully circular conversation which interests me little. Search anything I’ve mentioned above and read for yourself.

Peace and the best to all.

You posted that there?  It's not showing, yet... or anymore.

Noticed the post above is being bypassed for publication on the site you link. Just left a second post musing if it's because I'm not on the staus quo wagon.

I know for a fact there is a concerted campaign to discredit the film.  Not a large leap required or any surprise there.

I just looked a little further into his site and notice he [Rob] is a Transition Town founder.  Is that right?!

If so, I am further mystified my his hostility toward Foster's effort.  For being such a forward thinker, his periphery seems to be compromised, as well as his heart.

I posted a follow up and then after getting who Rob is, I went back for one more communication.  The 2 follow here:

10 Jan 12:49am

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Wondering if my post at 11:52am is going to pass muster here since it’s not towing the party line here. In my conversations with Foster I’ve been impressed by his insistence for sourcing everything he claims. He said it’s one of the reasons the film took eight years and a sizable chunk of his personal fortune to make. Go to the website and sift through the bibliography. I don’t see footnotes for anyone’s refutations above, just a piling on of ridicule.

Let me know when your book is out. The one substantiating all of your fascinating claims as to what is spurious and ludicrous about the disappearance of your democracy.

Oh, right. It just kind of happened because of a glitch in the system.

10 Jan 1:27am

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

I didn’t realize you’re a Transition founder, Rob. I am all the more mystified by your overt hostility toward Foster and his effort.

I have great respect for the Transition movement and have begun to engage in our local Transition Mill Valley. I am noticing how slowly its been taking root and I’ve been thinking about ways to energize the relationships between members so that we can have more efficient collaborations.

The core of any collaboration is respect. We can’t always see eye to eye, and in fact, I think it’s kind of miraculous when we do.

What’s particularly difficult is know how Foster would most likely love to promote your efforts. It’s who he is.

Did it ever occur to you to engage him in a meaningful conversation before you published a colorful review ripping his life’s project that he believes is a service? Is this the spirit of Transition? My impression is that Transition REQUIRES respect, recognition, collaboration and perhaps then synergy to bond communities.

If you stand for what you promote, may I suggest temporarily recanting your article and talking to the man you vilify. You may say you’re only critiquing the movie, but it comes off offensive toward the man.

I have my own body of work and strangely it has to do with fostering collaboration. Transition initiatives are foremost in my mind as principal potentials for strong hubs in community.

I’d love to experience evidence that this is true at the root of its culture. That rests with you.

I experience Thrive as brilliant.  Much of it information I've gleaned from separate sources over many years, collated and seamlessly merged into a single narrative. I get that some simply don't believe it.  I have been to multiple local community screenings, many of which have featured appearances by people involved in the film.  This past Saturday was the most productive so far as Foster Gamble and Daniel Sheehan were both present with about 90 folks from the SF Bay area.

About 50 of us, with Foster and Danny, met for about 12 hours, primarily around NDAA.  I was in a small group with them initially discussing NDAA and the range of possible remedies.  Danny Sheehan is the attorney that prosecuted Oliver North in the Iran/Contra scandal.  Listening to him unfold and compare the inner details of the time then, and now, is chilling.  Not only around Iran/Contra, but he seems to have a photographic memory for every piece of legislation, dates and players surrounding this whole tangle going back to the turn of the 1900's.  The consistency and persistence of the same family and cadre of players enacting their game plan is astonishing. 

[Side note: A fact that came out, I was not aware of, is that the Federal Reserve Act expires in August of 2013.  I'm sure there was no pun intended when the word Act was added.  Therefore, the Fed owners (Morgan's, Rockefeller's, Rothchild's, etc.) have a swiftly narrowing window to complete their financial coup.  Who can say what that actually means, except to guess that most Americans may be unwilling to back a renewal of that Act and they know it.  Act I was enough.  Would anyone sit through a minute of ACT II?  As an increasing number of people are saying, there is a desperation for the Fed et al to wrap things up quickly.  It's undoubtedly too quick and too many people are informed to have this slip quietly under the radar.]

Anyway, in the wake of NDAA and the way it was near-unanimously approved, I think more people are taking pause with regard to Thrive.  (The blog post that David E. linked to above is really interesting.  It's on an alleged Transition founder's blog which baffles me.  It bothered me enough to reply in a few stages, especially after I found out who he was and allegedly stands for.)

The movie stretches your critical mind, and for some, too far.  Better too far than too little I would say.  It's what we don't know we don't know that imprisons us in our bubbles of bliss.

Here's the flip side after all of that information about "Them" and everything going on "out there".  Along with working on initiatives and policies, community initiatives and self sufficient practices, I need to engage my inner process.  I need to digest my anger and redirect all that energy into something innovative and creative.  They are me.


' In reality, it would lead to a world in which the wealthy would thrive, but the rest of us would lose healthcare, social welfare, libraries, public transport, pension entitlement, social housing etc etc'

I have read Rob's article, quoted above, and feel it has some genuine criticisms of the film, which need to be taken seriously.  Whether free energy or conspiracy theory are realities or not, what is being promoted is not helpful in empowering people to take charge of their lives.

As Charles Eisenstein says in his crit '“To put primary blame on the global elite says that the primary problem is not the system; it is the masters of the system. If only they were not such awful, greedy — in a word, evil — people, they would relent and create a new system. Certainly that’s what you and I would do if we were in a position of power — right? Because we, unlike they, are decent people. In other words, the culprit for the planet’s woes is evil, which implies that the solution is to somehow defeat or eliminate evil.”

When I saw the film I did not appreciate all these implications, and I find it helpful to have criticisms from clear thinking people to help me be more discerning about the film. Free energy is not a panacea, in fact as Rob points out, it could make matters worse. Personally I go along with some of the conspiracy theory stuff, and I was pleased to see it spoken about so openly. There is room for many different opinions without needing to get personal.

I don't understand where the derivation of a world deprived of social care for other than the wealthy.  Are you speaking of the current condition illuminate by Thrive, or the world that you see emerging as encouraged by the movie?  I understand the fear of pointing to people as "cause".  If one were to become fixed on those assessments, victimhood would be the only choice left.  Ultimately, each individual is left to recognize their own complicity in every sphere and acknowledge the full range of choices made and not made.

However, there is wisdom to Sun Tzu's Art of War:

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.  If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.

This is not unspiritual.  It is the maturation of a soul that recognizes the ebb and flow of the forces of nature.  It would be naive to blithely trounce out an announcement regarding your new highly energy efficient device and then act thunderstruck when you and your devise are suddenly missing from the light of day.  Know who's playing the game, know the rules and with that knowledge, redesign the game.

Foster is quite dedicated to solutions.  He describes the movie as a trailer to the website which is surpassed by only Wikipedia in # of pages.  It is designed to be a resource center and connection hub for solutions in every sector.  Unfortunately, this is not communicated very well. 

Go to the website and start check the resources.  II find it very hard to say it's not geared to positive outcomes.


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