Occupy Cafe is launching a systematic inquiry into the evolution of the #Occupy movement.  

NOTE: This discussion was part of "Round 1" of our inquiry and is now closed.  Our conversation continues with our "Round 2" thread here.  And help us harvest more from this round here.

The questions below were taken up during a Cafe Call on 11/15.  Participants in that call, as well as subsequent readers of this thread, posted their reflections here and then continued the conversation.

We are now pausing for a "harvesting phase," where we "listen together" and reflect on what has been said.  There is a discussion thread in our "Harvesting" group here, where we can share what we have gleaned.  Please join us in this collective meaning-making process.

Below is the post that initiated this conversation:

I first heard the term "Occupy 2.0" from Walt Roberts a couple of days ago, as he anticipated the dismantling of Occupy Portland where he has been active.  Occupy Cafe is launching an inquiry starting today into the question of what this might look like.  We plan to collectively craft a vision, or set of visions for the future of this movement as an offering of support to all those who have fought so hard thus far.  

To all those brave souls in the encampments: you have already succeeding in radically changing the dialogue in this country and around the world and our thanks and gratitude and admiration go out to you.  What might be possible now?

We begin with this inquiry:

  • What are the most positive things you have experienced emerging from Occupy 1.0?
  • What are the dilemmas/opportunities in the current situation of the Occupy Movement?
  • What question, if answered, might make the greatest difference in the development of an effective response to the clearing of so many #Occupy sites?  


Ben Roberts,

Occupy Cafe Steward

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Where will you insert your voice and inspire others to find theirs?

Until the occupiers experience a paradigm shift in their collective worldview, the movement is doomed to failure.  Why?

Because human beings are not what we  have been indoctrinated to believe that we are.  The information coming out of the field of quantum physics with its related inquiry into the unified field of consciousness paints a very different view of what a human being is and the power that we have individually as well as collectively.

In order to embrace the new, science-based worldview, one must let go of the need for hierarchies that leave us vulnerable to the whims of the few.  There is an already established worldview that does this - but it is almost unknown - having been defamed by those who call it "New Age", even though it is a science-based worldview.

The current conventional wisdom (worldview) supports our socio/political/economic structures - and these have been codified to serve the few at the expense of the many.  Power rests at the top and is reduced from there.  The new paradigm places power within the individual, so that there is no "top".  There are only those who serve - without power over any.

Concerns about crime and violence, war and depravity are all addressed in the new worldview, whereas they are actually created by the old worldview.  There is already abundant accepted and verified scientific evidence that begins to demonstrate this.  For as long as we fear the science, we will fail because this new worldview will not begin to fit within the constraints of the one that is now crumbling.  The irrational and unverified assumptions built into the old system have created fatal flaws.

We need a cohesive and constructive vision that will include the most people.  right now, I feel like everyone is working very hard to keep the structures in place that are the cause of all of the symptoms that they are fighting against.  It's an irrational response to a rational potential solution.

I would like to participate in a discussion with others who like to think and problem solve.  I believe that I have a potential solution that will not only sustain us when we get to the other side of the great divide, but will show us how to make the transition as smoothly as possible.

"I feel like everyone is working very hard to keep the structures in place that are the cause of all of the symptoms that they are fighting against."

I'm glad you called it a feeling.  If you look around more, you'll see that everyone isn't everyone.  This is not say there is no confusion!  There is a lot of it.

Will you post the potential solution prior to the call?



could you elaborate on your observation "everyone isn't everyone"..think you are pointing to something important there..

Maybe I was, but Gail's follow-up shows that she got my primary meaning, which is that many "are working hard in search of the cure."

Permit me to correct my own post.  I should have said "most", rather than everyone.  I do apologize to the many who are working hard in search of the cure.  I'll work on finding a way to post the cure in as few words as is possible.

But aren't all capable of being part of that?

Isn't that part of the challenge of Occupy 2?  To somehow go out into our communities, into all of our engagements "wearing the mind of the 99% "( thinking and living from that ourselves) so that more and more come to also "wear themind of the 99%"?

Don't we want to be careful  to not create another version of the 1% V 99% by delegating leardship to a few..by creating a revolutinary elte.?

Yes, of course, Lindsay.  I simply snagged on Gail's use of everyone in a particular sentence.

Yes, got that David..thanks.

I was just giving voice to  the notion that an occupy 2 that brings more people into "putting on the mind of the 99%. might be the central task.

Occupy went from something as high as 76% public approval and support near the beginning to something as low as 27% in a recent poll ( not sure of the exact numbers..but my recollection is it was lower than for the tea party)

To me that says whatever initial connection an overwhelming majority felt with "we are the 99%" got reattached perhaps to the "tax breaks for millionaires" debate in the context of 2012 election wind up rhetoric?

Isn't that really  the stone occupy 2 has to somehow has  push up the hill..reconnecting people with the "we are the 99%" that envisions and seeks something more than a few changes in tax code..

I agree with Gail, as you do, that the changes we need are more about re constructing than about tinkering to fix this and that in a system that still serves and furthers income inequality.


i like, gail, that you are bringing attention to worldview...this is fundamental...to clarify what worldview we are operating from!

CURRENT WORLDVIEW: Individuals are powerless, therefore vulnerable.

FAKE EVIDENCE: Look around at all of the crime and violence – from street violence to war – that makes so many victims.  Look at all the poverty.  Look at the cost of education & the cost of health care.  Surely the individual MUST be powerless for all of this to be.

Then look at the evidence that shows that ALL of our social ills are tied to the economy, and that fake evidence becomes nothing more than a belief.  It is not reality.

NEW WORLDVIEW: No one is a victim, except by choice.  Human beings are powerful creatures who have not been consciously using our power to our best advantage.

REAL EVIDENCE: If as few as ONE PERCENT of a region’s population gathers to meditate twice a day, that group can reduce crime and violence, emergency room visits, psychiatric admissions, house fires, traffic accidents, war spending, war-related injuries and damage, and other social ills by 16%.  At the same time, that group will have created economic prosperity (as measured by new business fillings and stock market improvement), increased creativity that will allow us to begin solving our problems (as measured by new patent filings and new gallery openings and other artistic ventures), increased social interactions (as measured by street fairs and public gatherings), and other social benefits.

There is a science-based worldview that says that we are not simple autonomous bodies.  In fact, the electromagnetic energy of our thoughts extends beyond our skulls and reaches into the world beyond – interacting with the energies of others.  It also says that we are more likely to live in a multiverse than a universe. 

Why is the question of multiverse v. universe important to the Occupy movement?  Simple!  In a multiverse, the individual is the center of power – and that individual is the god of his/her own dimension – called a reality. In a Euclidean universe, the individual is powerless and social hierarchies and a war machine makes sense.

There are many of us, who, having learned about the power of the mind back in the 60s and 70s, have been using that power to create our own realities.  What I mean by this is that by using a few simple rules, we literally manifest things that we want.

What would happen to the Occupy movement if occupiers began gather in parks for two two-hour segments (say 11-1 and 5-7) to meditate for 20 mins – with people coming and going as schedules allow?  What if, to the side of those gatherings, there were conscious creators (one who consciously manifests things) teaching interested people how to make themselves safe and how to live in a world of abundance rather than scarcity?

I’m not speaking of gathering to pray – because prayer is antithetical to meditation.  One is a humbling action that reinforces the false belief that we are powerless and need someone to take care of us.  The other is a creative action that relies on the power of the individual to put the giant war machine out of business using nothing more than consciously controlled thought.

The truth of the matter (as evidenced by research) is that if we go around the war machine (that operates on a false value system) and use group meditation to end crime, violence, illness, lack of educational opportunities, as well as other social ills, we will bring down the economy.  Why?  Because we live in a war-based economy.  Our government depends on war to grow the economy.  Why?  Because our economic model is a Ponzi scheme that can only be sustained if we keep the economy growing.  It is guaranteed to fail if the population stops growing or if we stop buying new things. (Note the illegal immigration issue and built in obsolescence of things that we buy).  Our government depends on its ability to keep people so uninformed that they will volunteer to kill others and to die for the sake of holding up the economy.  (Perhaps that's why the Dept. of Education is a subsidy for corporations rather than a leader in education & why we  have been taught so many provable lies about American history and why we are not being taught the science that could change our world.)  The old worldview is a very sick one.

If we bring down the economy while at the same time begin learning about how powerful we are as humans, we can begin to establish a new economic model that honors individuals.  As one declines, the other takes its place.  It takes away the “something-for-nothing” mentality because each person is responsible for his or her own reality.  It brings us together rather than divides us.  It takes the intentioanlly generated fear out of the worldview and opens possibilities that those who are not conscious creators and cocreators can't even envision at present.  We can then help one another establish new small businesses that make the multinational war-machine impossibility. 

Wellness is free.  Illness is profitable.  Peace is free.  War is profitable.  Education is free.  Educational institutions are profitable.  Thoughts are free.  Mind control is profitable.

We are like the people in George Orwell’s “1984” who chanted every day:  “War is peace.  Ignorance is strength.  Slavery is freedom.”  Our social, economic, and religious institutions are clear proof of this.

This information can bridge the gap that those who are working on alternative economic models worry about and have no answer for.

Reminds me  of Lynne McTaggart (  Living in the Field..  Intention Experiment)  Fascinating stuff.

I also know that our intentions can affect others, can affect and change outcomes..that the focused intentions of a large group have  enormous power.  And yes, those of us with a practice  that includes that  can and should focus our intentions, call into being what it is hat would right the ship.

I would be very glad to join a call for intentions..do you have  a plan?

But I also believe very strongly that the one by one awakening to "what is", where the break in the water main is, is important and that we should all be about that work too..calling that into being not only through our intentions but through our example..our voice and our actions in whatever communities we are in..   Everyone should be fully empowered with the facts of their circumstances and the possibilities available to them to change that.

To me "stewardship" is a core value in what we are all pointing to here and that is the work of everyone, the value of stewardship has to be held by eberyone, the work of stewardship has to be taken up by everyone. 

Enjoying the new dimensions your particpation here is bringing. 


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