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Occupy Heart bridges inner transformation with outer systemic changes.

A core, fundamental principle of economy is commonly overlooked and often undervalued, yet, vital for the change we ultimately seek—the realization of dignity and worth at an unassailable level.

From a broader perspective, the Occupy movement expresses a deep shift in human awareness, a shift toward reclaiming human occupy, to own, our very existence at an unprecedented scale in human history.  The word "own" meaning to assume responsibility for.  When people know their true worth, in their bones, they are no longer available to be sold, bought; held down or held out. 

People who know their true worth are naturally sustainable.  There is no inner void to attempt to fill.  Most importantly, value for life is cherished above all "things".


  • How do you experience the way you exchange your time/skill/talent for money (Does it feel:  Easy or is it a struggle?; Fair—do you feel undervalued or overvalued?; In integrity with who you are?;  Purposeful?;  Fulfilling?)
  • How does your experience of financial flow influence how you feel about yourself?
  • What is your highest vision of how we might exchange value; i.e. - time, goods, services, commodities, land, housing, food?  
  • What might a new economy look like?

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  • What is your highest vision of how we might exchange value; i.e. - time, goods, services, commodities, land, housing, food?  
  • What might a new economy look like?
Small is beautiful: slow money, slow democracy
village-based economy vs. global economy
get me out of here-get me to the monestary
In my fantasy economy—every person on the planet would have basic sufficiency so that everyeveryone on the planet could realize their highest/fullest potential—we'd all be artists

We'd all start with a base of sufficiency; we as people have lacked a base of sufficiency from where we created money; make sure everyone has adequate food and housing no matter what-if you're alive, you have that

Our fundamental human value system declares that we provide shelter, food, education for all—baseline.
If every human being grokked their worth and value to the core of their marrow and soul, could we exist simply in a free flow of exchange without accounting

What does a new economy look like? (parting share)

  • More connection on a local level
  • One where we're not spending 75% of global economy on war, spending the majority on local efforets
  • We have our best thinking connected to new economy, trust individually, leaders thinking
  • Love is work made visible
  • operating prinnacle create beauty, happiness, and lightness of being
  • less competitive everyone starting with basics, rather than fighting to survive, contribute from happiness, 
  • value coming from one's own deepened sense of worth and value and a culture that holds human value in the highest
  • Everyone born inherits the right to sufficiency w/regard to basic needs; all remaining exchange occurs by way of free flow without need for accounting (can you imagine that?)

Lest newcomers believe this was an unprecedented consideration...

this site's Alternative Economy group

this site's New Economy Working group

this site's Occupy Your Neighborhood group

this site's Positive Alternatives group

We're all over the place!  Convergence is tough on social networking sites.

I appreciate your enthusiasm to direct and focus new economy conversations, David.  You needed to be on the call to understand that the nuance of "new economy" we explored is at home in this least to start.  

Lest old-timers assume they know what the discussion entailed via the title without being present for the call, the content and context has not been covered in the way we unfolded the conversation last Friday.

I agree that ultimately we'd like to have convergence, but sometimes particular strands of thought need to be developed in their own right before merging into similar-though-not-alike streams of communication.

What you are pointing to does, however, illuminate our need for a better indexing system for aggregating "new economy" discussions as well as other topics.  Please remember, also, that each cafe call will initiate its conversation in its respective discussion thread before it moves out to the wider forum.

Thanks for sharing.  It is valuable for folks to explore like-topics.  ALSO, the better posts and threads are tagged, the easier it will be to search and aggregate them.


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