We continue the commitment theme, which triggered a variety of reactions on this past Monday's Vital Conversation call.  Monday's inquiry focused on promises, the one's you're willing to make and the one's you're postponing. 

Here on Occupy Heart, we're going to shift the focus slightly from naming commitments and promises, to tracking their deeper source—what inspired you choose them.

3pm PT | 6pm ET | 10pm GMT

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Organizations and movements rise and fall on their collective commitment and ability to leverage promises into actions and impact.  We've all witnessed those who are exalted for their unwavering commitment and follow-through, and those who, one way or another, are blamed and shamed for their inability—or sometimes, unwillingness—to commit or follow through.

What led you to commit in the first place?  Were you inspired by some deep sense of "what could be more meaningful and compelling?  Was it a sense of duty or responsibility that you should be doing it?  Is it abject guilt?  Are you perhaps living someone else's compelling vision or mission, having mistaken it for your own?  Are you simply unsure?

Backing up in the commitment process to examine the foundation upon which authentic commitments are made, can relieve tremendous stress for individuals and organizations, both.  This examination invites clarity in the following areas:

  1. What is your life purpose?
  2. What are your core values?
  3. What do you love?

The more thoroughly you know yourself in an authentic way, the more likely your commitments and the promises that follow, will be a joy to follow through on.  This is not to say your task will always be fun or free of challenges, but like a tree with deep, healthy roots, you'll be more likely to weather storms with a smile, and be less likely to resort to resentment or power struggles because you're engaged for reasons that are independent of how anyone else shows up — or if they show up at all. 

Feel into a what you would describe as a current priority commitment.  What drives you to maintain your current priority commitments and/or question them?

What do you notice you might shift within, that might make your current commitments and promises more powerful and stress-free?

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In respect to spiritual practice it seems to me that one of the most crucial, underlying aspects, entails 'connection' or 'interconnection' between ourselves and the surrounding world.  Consequently, and as my appreciation for these dimensions deepen with time, increasingly so has it for the integral model's usefulness in navigating interpersonal communication and relations.

It's along these same lines then, that I'd become interested and initially involved in Monday's discussion, "Commitment: Our 10/1 Vital Conversation".  In addressing the first of that call's two questions, "What promises are you willing to make?" I wrote:

"In keeping with Peter Block's understanding of 'Commitment' I'd like to respond to the initial question of, "What promises are you willing to make?" with a reference to an article I'd posted to my 'City of Peace' blog in January of 2010." (complete comment here)

As a participant in conversation (recorded audio here) with others discussing the second question, "What is the promise you are postponing?" I'd like to respond with some additional content.  As I'd mentioned on the call, and in particular to Val, earlier that morning I'd received an email from Martin Ucik, author of Integral Relationships: A Manual for Men passing along the most recent installment of his newsletter.  From an integral perspective however, I'm finding Martin's contribution(s) invaluable and wanted to share some of his insight in hopes of fostering healthier relationships and better understanding among us.

I am sensing either contemplation or confusion going on around this topic broadly.  So, there seems to be fewer words.  Where to have this written dialogue is a question to me.  So, I copy my post from Vital Conversations 10/1 thread.

My experience with this topic is that we've found a few well-established fast food restaurants along our path and we're busy getting all we can at the drive-thru window.  Perhaps, sensing an 'ending' is a practical matter of not having the necessary time... or perhaps there is no group affinity to find more or better nutrition or diversity... My years say, "enougfor now Dyck, you will never be complete until you know what is real and what is not."

I'm rather comfortable hang gliding in a sky called commitment and being a wave in a sea called promise... having only a slight expectation of there really being dry land on which to set foot...  All so connected to my search for reality, the whole reality, nothing but reality... I swear!  So sensing we're coming to a close on our topic, here is what I take away.  This formed up in me after our Occupy Heart call yesterday.  A surprise to myself.

As with love, I am a servant of promise... not a master.

This was a good call. Thank you.


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