Occupy Heart 9/13: Our Awakening Global Brain (Body & Heart)

We continue Monday's exploration of awakening the Global Brain by deepening our growing awareness of planetary inter-connectivity with all life.

3-5p PDT | 6-7p EDT | 10-12a GMT
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See Peter Russels's Global Brain video here.

Stunned silence" was the phrase used multiple times this past Monday morning to describe the profound sense of connectivity beyond words.  It seemed that just by invoking the presence of a global brain, an interconnected neural network comprising humans—and all life, is further activated.

Perhaps we can gain some further insight by how we might stimulate a child's self-awareness and capacity for expansive, creative learning and apply those principles to ourselves. 

How might the meta collective that is "we", as a global body, which includes brain and heart, be mirroring a life stage growth spurt? How might this maturation process affect our capacities and abilities for effective actions that lead to the just and sustainable outcomes we strive for?

How might we increase our awareness and alignment with this growth spurt as well as employing our new capacities and resultant skills in nurturing and healing our planet?

Join this Occupy Heart call to explore deepening and strengthening our presence and impact individually and collectively.

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I am avoiding the notion that any brain floats in a void, Sea. I deliberately edited the image of the brain on white space to reflect that it, in fact, serves a body—our planet. And to leave heart out of any human equation leaves us in territory we're desperately vying to extract ourselves from—warring over ideology—warring over IDEAS about the way things ought to be so one, or a few, can feel safe and secure, though often at the expense of others.

The moniker emblazoned on this call is Occupy Heart. My direct experience over many decades has shown heart to be the mediator of compassion and understanding within and between minds. Without heart, we are separate and lost in mental vacuums, literally out of touch with others. Our language becomes euphemistic , depersonalized and over-generalized characterizations laden with assumptions which then fill the void between our disembodied ideations with virtual impressions. This, in fact, is a core defining quality of the patriarchal dominated paradigm. A core essence of the feminine has to do with contact—matter to matter; body to body; emotional capacity to bridge disparity and connect in commonality with warmth and understanding (fierceness not withstanding).

Your cries for more effective conversation or topical exploration that might lead to real change echo through your posts, Sea, and I hear you. I feel your frustration in feeling that we are missing the mark by not addressing women's studies and other realms that speak to you most relevantly.

What I find most curious is your rather constant characterization of Ben and myself as patriarchal (with a dose of narcissism), as well as your protestations as to the effectiveness of Occupy Heart—a call you've never attended and, therefore, are void of experience with, other than what you imagine it to be in your mind. You advocate for the feminine while simultaneously objecting to our mission and actions (hosting interactive calls) that very successfully build relationships between those that do participate.

If I may speak plainly, I notice that you seem to be caught between worlds. On one hand advocating awareness of the feminine and getting into action, yet protesting actions we take to nurture relationship, the necessary foundation from which sustainable and effective activity arises. We choose to host Occupy Heart because the dimension of inner awareness and internal relationship to self tends to be underplayed in and about the buzz of activism. Illuminating the inner in an embodied way is how we support and nurture the feminine, without which, gender centric respect and honoring struggles to find balance.

I know you have had issues with accessibility to the calls. You can register for any call, make a note of the PIN # which is unique to you for each type of call Vital Conversations, Occupy Heart, etc), and then use 916-469-4750 as your call-in number. This number is local for you and should not impact your calling plan.

Mostly, Sea, I appreciate your concern and desire to make a difference. One of our greatest challenges, as we engage our collective transformation, is to allow and appreciate the unbridled diversity of our wholeness. The intention of our global brain discussion is to open generative conversation about how we might already be linked, already be engaging activity, already "mindful" of a larger mission, beyond what any one, or a few peoples' perspectives can imagine. This isn't a new concept. It may be older than religion as we know it. But the awareness and collective consideration of a global being is here now at an unprecedented scale, and in this way, it is brand new, with a brand new impulse to imagine possibilities that have yet to breach the surface of our conscious awareness.

The invitation here is to explore ancient wisdom with beginners mind and an open heart connected in our bodies to the extent we can manage it.

Peace, freedom and justice ~

Thank you Jitendra for your reply to Sea.  I aspire to such gentleness you show dispensing your wise experience.  I'll have to admit I may be your biggest benefactor.  The term 'unbridled diversity of our wholeness' is so appealing... something like being in the midst of a hurricane or thunderstorm.  I realize I may sometimes run & hide from them.  But, for me this is my cradle of nature, (the supreme intelligence)... never mind it presents dangers and discomfort.  I gladly surrender to its wisdom and am in awe and comfort (& in being nature myself).

Perhaps we're each others thunderstorms or hurricanes... replenishing water tables, cleaning the air, washing clean, and whatever million other intelligent balances it brings. 

And I'm thankful for you, Sea bringing your vital journey to our shared table as I bring mine and other bring theirs.  I just returned from a men's retreat.  The capacity for the masculine and feminine feelings and behaviors was 'in view'.  The fact that we have varying amounts of masculine and feminine within is not often dealt with directly it seems.  The 'image' of what a man is, or should be, appears over and over as I explore this in myself and with other men.  Personally, I have desperately needed more qualities of the feminine for most of my life... kindness, gentleness, open affection, etc..  Thankfully my wife (& spiritual master tho she doesn't know it) has helped me a lot, but so have other women.  In fact, it wasn't till I was well past 50 that I realized that most or all of my biggest life-changing lessons in my earlier years came from women, and it's still happening.  And I have a great story for each one.  I'm quite certain I'm 'making a difference' to the world in some small way from my own growing, rubbing-off on others, and thru telling my stories.

Dyck, Jitendra, Sea and Others, I thank all of you for the conversations we have live on the phone and in the blogs... thank you Dyck for noticing, then expressing your appreciation for the gentle nature of Jitendra's guiding hand, and Sea, your inquisitive need for more has far-reaching effects as well.

I met Andrew Harvey last year, an Oxford scholar, poet, author, a mystic and a Rumi scholar. If he is the only example of Love I ever see or hear in my lifetime, he did it justice.   He spoke passionately about Divine Love, a Divine Mother's Love, and Love in general ~ with more passion and understanding than I've ever heard or believed possible ... he shifted the "planet" that weekend and I was a part of it.

I'm writing this now because it has everything to do with our conversation about the divine energies of masculine and feminine.  Andrew Harvey posted a note that his friend, Philip Shepherd spent ten years if not decades observing nature until he finally finished his book, with forward written by Andrew... NEW SELF NEW WORLD, Recovering Our Senses in the Twenty-first Century.

Being loyal to such wisdom and passionate LOVE, I bought the book, then I diligently read and struggled to comprehend the depth of wisdom being imparted.  Feminine Wisdom is so needed and wanted and this book delivers in profoundly wise and deeply thoughtful - thought provoking ways.  He describes how we deny our nature, and how to recover our senses.   It's a very, very smart perspective on us humans.  

I would LOVE to have calls and discussions with this book as our shared foundation ~ where we could evolve together to a higher understanding of our cultural dilemma, confront and challenge our own personal balance of energies, and thereby help others with this most challenging dimension of our selves.  

NEW SELF NEW WORLD, Recovering Our Senses in the Twenty-first Century by Philip Shepherd with Foreword by Andrew Harvey

Thank you for your time and attention,


“The human being has not yet found universal
unity. Because we are mostly dedicated to
our mental existence, our egoic identity, but
there can never be a common ground in the
mind. People have tried, they say ‘I am going
to make a perfect world’, but for some people
your heaven would be hell. So the meeting
point isn’t the conceptual realm. The mind
has to be directed back to its origin, and I
believe that’s the challenge of the human
expression of consciousness." ~ Mooji

Is Mooji correct?


New Self New World does present the dilemma as Mooji said, the brain created it and can not be see the solution.  The solution is to be found in our gut-intuition-feeling state. Phillip writes about the two skulls, the cranial skull for the brain and the pelvic skull of our hip area that supports and protects our guts.  The soul-tion is to be found in the feminine energies as we have learned to recognize them - but they are fully-holy whole in all human people. 

The book would provide a huge platform to contain ourselves through such complex and tender transitions... I beg a conversation here.  Thank you. 

Hmmm... Thank you for posing this question, Christopher.  I have one in return: does "common ground" require "complete conceptual agreement?"  Perhaps what Mooji is describing is something that provides a deep sense of trust and alignment, which implies moving beyond our "egoic identity."  It is about connecting our hearts.  Could we get to this point through sharing a New Story or guiding Myth?  Is this alignment perhaps the essence of the Awakening Global Brain, i.e. a consciousness of the larger integrated "self" of humanity and all life?  

The intellectual pursuits are always tempting... as they seem to keep me & my image safe from public disclosure and scrutiny and judgement.  Yet, anything meaningful coming from it is illusory, as it is almost all (if not all) based in the past... in memory... which is dead.  Granted the talking or writing about something is itself an experiential act.  But, what we're talking or writing about is not experiential... and so is dry and brittle, theoretical and shallow... and other adjectives.

How do I relate to the world... for all I learn is in the formation of these relationships, no?  In bringing together the world of the 'I' with the 'not I' is the juice of life... endlessly rich and full of surprise. 

For most of my life I had thought the worst experience that ever happened to me occurred in the 10th grade.  I was embarrassed by my history teacher because I didn't have an answer.  My face turned very red and it seemed to last forever... in front of all those girls ... girls who I wanted to think I was so cool.  This literally changed my life from that moment on, as I silently vowed never again to be embarrassed or to show emotion.  50 years later this fear has gone.  Emotion is gradually coming back.  Now I'm delighted to be embarrassed (or at least surprised) as it tells me I'm innocent, unprotected... a good place to learn from.

Aw, Dyck!  If writing (and reading) about intellectual ideas is "dry and brittle," sharing stories like this one of your letting go of that 10th grade experience is surely something else--something truly ALIVE.  I am touched by your vulnerabilty.  Thank you!

Ben, I appreciate your kind gesture of affirmation of the ALIVE-ness of my story.  But, to understand and accept your response fully I have to ask what you mean by vulnerability.  I understand it to be a state where one can be hurt or eaten (therefore one must be brave to put oneself there).  I must admit, in my story there is no danger for me... nothing to hurt or eat that I know of.  (To me, it is a totally false idea that I am always in danger and must fear you and so must be careful.)

My response to Sea and Valerie, Jitendra and Christopher, was meant to convey that there is great life for me in topic of gender... but only on the basis it contains the life of this moment too, which is NOT impersonal at all.  Discussion might refer to books, research & what 'others' say but we are NOT them, nor is that data necessarily 'ours' (embodied within our living construct of the topic).  So it seems to me we must represent only ourselves, our own synthesis. 

I have a personal intention, perhaps goal to be without any mask (ex. my wanting to look cool to the girls & then suppressing my emotions, in my story) so you might better see me (& how I relate to topics experiencially).  I want a clean lens to view the world.  Perhaps other will pick up on it too.  I ask, what's to loose?  Is there any real danger to not maintaining an image of self?


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