I previously posted a personal blog "Deep Thinking about What's Next" sharing some ideas regarding "solutions" to our current state of dysfunctional government.

Coming out of last night's Cafe Call, my husband and I have been having our own little GAs.  Some of our thoughts this morning blend the events of Occupy evictions, with a growing belief, in the need for the Occupy Movement to become more dispersed and distributed everywhere.  The more that we can do this, the less the status quo can try to stop it. We must be very fluid & flexible throughout the winter; and build a broader, larger base of support. We are far from having any kind of majority regarding the 99% actually "getting it".  We need to educate and talk about the issues everywhere we can !!

I have been linking to the Occupy Cafe this morning through posts on Facebook - at Occupy St Louis' page there and with another Occupy friend in Canada (Nicole Smith - a member here at the Cafe)  who has been on the ground with Occupy Hamilton.  In reply to the thoughts above on her page, one commenter replied "Hi Deborah, I am one of the 99% who does not get it but I am trying... With much encouragement from Nicole Smith ( an old friend at the Occupy Hamilton site)."

There you have it - affirmation that what we need to do next, is really spread the word about what the Occupy Movement is concerned about, raise awareness.  It is a lack of awareness, regarding the sources of our current state of governmental affairs, and for some a disbelief that things are really "bad" out there (just in my own county in the state of Missouri this fall, I've seen quiet indications of a serious decline - empty shelves in a formerly bustling highway quick shop and a community event at Halloween where the business or organization participation had fallen off markedly and the children's costumes were more shabby).  I believe because this Depression has been a long, slow decline - that many have simply adjusted their expectations downward and do not think they have any ability to change the reality they are struggling to eek out survival within. 

I have also encountered alot of "fear out there" about where the Occupy Movement is taking us all - a kind of "the Devil you know, is less threatening than the one you have not met yet".  There is rampant nervousness about what is happening in the economy and a fear of the world slipping into anarchy and chaos.  That is why NONVIOLENCE is so important to this movement because the media will latch onto "if it bleeds, it leads" every kind of "negative" image it can attach to the Occupy Movement.

It is very hard to find that one's trust in the goodness of government has been betrayed - not so much as a calculated kind of thing - though it may eventually come out and that would be heart breaking for me. I think it is the playing field at fault (the system as it is). No politician wants to lead a parade of one.

What we need is something like a "The People Vote" kind of virtual "polling", that won't be skewed by special interests. Some kinds of online "voting or polling" use computer codes to disallow voting more than once.  If that could get to be a big enough presence, those with legislative authority who actually are still morally just (there has to be some one, or more, like that) would feel the confidence of knowing, they had the people's support to do the right thing, instead of feeling that the monied interests coming after them, will end their ability to make a difference; by skewing public perception, with advertising dollars.

Maybe we are already developing a kind of "The People Vote" in a loose, virtual online discussion, kind of way; but what we need is some kind of consolidation of the various movements globally, that we can "trust". FB may not be perfect but they are allowing Occupy pages; and these are allowing instantaneous communication within "local" on-the-ground movements.  The Occupy Cafe is allowing us to have a global conversation about the direction of the Movement.  In my call last night, I met new people from Bangor Maine, San Francisco and Portland Oregon.  This space, I believe, is the leading edge of what's next.

I believe a global "The People Vote", even if there is no official government authority or direct power, could become an intermediate step, to the kinds of ideas expressed in the blog (that I posted a link to above).  How do we get from here to there ?  Politicians do pay attention to polls; and incorporate the trends revealed, in their sound bites (even if their actual actions do not back up their words).

We need to get as many people, from all walks of Life involved, in the movement; and we must be careful not to "scare them away", with the media's negative images, which we should try to avoid generating at all costs possible.  The media has been enforcing the status quo's preferences.  Thank all that is good, that we have virtual alternatives these days, from which to get our own "news". 

The raid on Occupy St Louis on Fri, Nov 11th was a model example.  BTW, they also lost their case in Federal Court in St Louis yesterday.  I link a good 10 min video that shows a nonviolent response to an eviction.


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Thanks for the mention Deb! You make excellent points as always.

Best wishes,




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