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Agriculture must change as oil declines, it would be self-sustaining, seed saving /swapping, food forests etc, utilising not just horizontal but vertical space for production and animal fodder. In cities roofs, walls, and concreted areas and vertical greenhouses would be used. heat from composting would fuel greenhouses. I manage my own garden with no imported fertiliser or composts or pesticides and I'm building fertility year by year. Investment would be used to assist local business agriculture and industry not creamed off to global conglomerates, once a community is flourishing any surplus could fund development in needy areas eg greening desert assisting towards independence.

what would they look like? and by on a shoe string to you mean so we don;t get trapped again into making up for stalled income growth through acummulation of debt?  is part of "sustainable" a wilingness to radically change our habits of consumption, our insistence that to have a piece of the pie means we have the right to soend our share of the pie however we want ?

There is injustice now and depletion of this and that to continue and to come.  Let's align today's cries for relief and rearrangement with strategies for crafting the resilient and durable communities in which all can thrive.

A nod to Bob Slaughter, who feels like kin.


I'd like OC to host a series of conversations concerning The Crash Course by Chris Martenson, which looks at economy, energy and environment.

Without something so comprehensive, and in-common, to which we can refer, we're like a meeting in which the loud and the quick set the agenda and the pace without consciousness of what they're doing.

As we are a global conversation about , or arising from, the disenfranchisement of the 99% by the 1%, and again, consistent with Michelle's focus on asking the right questions rather than making demands,  I think another important  global question is "what are the limits of sovereignty"

Assertion of the right of sovereignty have been a major barrier to multi lateral, global initiatives to build consensus and coalitions on sustainable policies world wide.   

Does a country have a right to allow/facilitate degradation of the world's atmosphere?

Does a country have a right to alow/facilitate  degradation of the world's oceans?

Does a country have a right  to allow/ facilitate inhumane wages and working conditions?

Don't we need a global level playing field on certain sustainable  global values in order for each nation to develop its full sustaianable  economic potential, for a nations wealth  to serve not just the 1% but also the 99%.?  

There is a merging of modern science and indigenous wisdom in this time. The 3 interrelated or interdependent aspects of this shift we are experiencing are environmental sustainability, social justice and spiritual fulfillment.

I believe any conversation that addresses any or all of these aspects is appropriate.

As is Occupy America, Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream is a beautiful expression of this challenge.

It evolved out of The Pachamama Alliance

Which was a product of the work of some who are involved with Bioneers


Here in the U.S., I'm thinking we need to choose something we can attain, something we can all agree upon (mostly) & something fairly simple with a large impact, lest we get 'lost' in the complexity & volume of all that needs to be repaired.   That something, i'm beginning to believe, is a movement to take money out of the Election Process.  If we truly had a Congress that was elected by us and not put in place by the Corporate powers, we could fix the rest through true debate and consequent action.  If successful, this change could lay the groundwork for all other change that is necessary & good, like an earnest move towards sustainable energy & properly funding education (consistently), etc, etc  

...there are 2 (that i have looked into) organizations working towards this already and i am still unsure which is the best route or if a collaboration between them should be reached or ??? ...they are and


I would like to see questions that have the potential of bridging the gap between the right and left. Staying focused on a questions around removing corporate power from the government has the potential of engaging everyone creating a level playing field to deal with the rest.

I love the idea of moving the conversation into our neighborhoods. World Cafe style neighborhood conversations, organized and linked to the city wide / nation wide efforts could tap into everyone's voice. I would love to talk about how that could happen.

Ron: I love your vision of neighborhood conversations and could see using Occupy Cafe as a means to launch them and the collectively harvest what emerges. A mass decentralized (and perhaps even asynchronous) world cafe. Michelle Holliday had a post here and on her blog--can't figure out how to do a hyperlink from this iPad-- about occupying your kitchen table that resonates with this too.

See my comment from Monday on my blog post from last week on this topic:

Ashley, yeah, I'm sure that occupying indoor space has crossed the minds of many--and I understand in NY that indoor space has been rented. .......What if many small, dispersed, neighborhood unoccupied spaces became "Occupation Universities," incubators where training could occur on a wide range of topics, organizing being only one?

Taking it to the neighborhoods can have many functions and effects. It might be a conceived as a terminus of exchange that doesn't involve money at all.

Let's figure out how to launch that Ben. I work with Sociocracy which provides a great model for linking circles, facilitating decisions, and cultivating shared leadership. It could be a great model, along with World Cafe, for organizing neighborhoods that were linked together locally, regionally, and nationally.

Maybe we could set up a training program for facilitating. I am in several conversations with others about this and think this could be a great step forward.

Clearly the idea of a new economy has resonated here with a rich discussion that has occurred so far.

Your wishes have been granted. There is now a new thread intended to host all this back and forth called A New Economy-- Exploring the Heart of Sustainability.

This thread may now open to entertain the entire field of other possible core conversations that we may host. Let's see what arises. Maybe new conversations will grow up to be their own threads just like this one.

Join me in the new venue, please.

Thanks, all



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