Harvesting from our Conversations


Harvesting from our Conversations

A group for those who wish to work collaboratively to make meaning from the multiple conversation threads that are emerging in Occupy Cafe.

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How will this work?

Good question!  I'm not exactly sure yet, and ultimately this will be a co-creation.  That said, my first thoughts are as follows:

  • Teams for each conversation being harvested form organically out of the pool of participants who are most engaged in them.
    • Perhaps there is a "meta-harvest" team as well that picks up juicy bits from all over both this site and the Cafe Calls.
  • Each team uses a combination of a forum thread within this group and perhaps a conference call or three to develop a consensus on the basic elements of the harvest and the best way to represent them
  • The harvests themselves are crafted using the "Pages" feature within this group (see the header on the right).  
    • Other tools might also be employed, such as: 

Here are some thoughts on Harvesting from the Art of Hosting website.  And here is a link to the Art of Harvesting group at the World Cafe Online Community, where we might find some collaborators in thinking through our processes.


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Harvesting from the "#Occupy 2.0" Discussion

Started by Ben Roberts. Last reply by Ellen C. Friedman Nov 23, 2011. 15 Replies

OK, all you Harvesters!  There's work to be done!  Lovely, luscious crops out in the field that will rot and go stale…Continue

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Comment by Lindsay Newland Bowker on December 18, 2011 at 12:53pm

Hello fellow harvesters from a frosty pre Christmas Sunday morning on my island in Maine. Greetings and blessings

I am wondering if this thread is the appropriate place to start a conversation that is a collective harvest across all of our conversations here at Occupy Cafe from the beginning.not in the outline/notes & quotes form but in the sense of what members feel it is all pointing to as cause and solution.

Jitendras emphasis on dignity throughout his comments and his use of the word "innerstructure" ( which I have exported and is already on its way to common usage....I'll speak to that more in a blog), Aerin's very early "hablamos de la communalidad " blog, David Eggleton's permaculture and pointing to Covey's work, working through with Mark Smith to heart of his argument on voting boycotts which is about complete brokenness, Gary's very early thread on the "heart of a Sustainable Economy, Jitendras question on the catalysts for the kind of culture wide transformation we yearn for and need are the things that have taken root deeply in the ground my being from my journey here at Occupy Cafe.

I have also cross pollinated from the TED community in particular bringing here thoughts from or inspired by my very wise friend Mexican scholar Jaime Lubin from my conversation there on putting on the mind of the 99% and from that emanating a new "language of the 99%. Taking Erin's Hablamos de la Communalidad as the seed for my word "conviviocracy"

What sparked my initiation of the TED Conversation was a sort of early harvest across many thoughts and ideas and exchanges at early occupy cafe. As soon as "put on the mind of the 99% I realized how incomplete and inadequate our U.S. democracy has been from its inception, that it lacked "innerstructure" from the outset.intentionally as the model for that was there in the Iroquois Confederacy. I realized we had from the beginning, intentionally a "corporatocracy"  that degenerated into a "kleptocracy" via deregulation and the emergence of the Fed as a black hole of democracy. I realized that GDP was a morally wrong and economically unsustainable measure of economic health and required the production of goods that are "obnoxico", not serving life, not good stewardship for present earth or future earth and (Thank you David Eggleton) what we sought was a sustainable balanced economy..That only there could we have an economy in which all can thrive in dignity and security and peace, freedom from fear. The measure of a healthy economy in that vision is not GDP steady state in perfect balance that allows us to be in harmony with one another as neighbors and as global citizens through wise protection and use of the earth’s natural resources, and a production and distribution system that is "wholistica" (coined by David Eggleton) where all goods serve the whole, contribute to the well being of the whole are essential to life and help maintain that thriveable balance.

I started this process of Occupy Cafe and the broader work of "putting on the mind of the 99%" thinking about and lobbying for course corrections we might realistically bring forth out of the awakening to which Occupy has contributed out of the broad use of the "99%" or the 1%"(, a colloquial and accessible version of "plutonomy" or "plutocracy") and the many other parts of society pointing to this and making the connection between the frustrating and demeaning circumstances of the majority of people and the control and benefit that derives through us and from us to a controlling elite.

We are indeed at a unique moment in history..we are there globally..many nations around the earth from the heart of their culture, their traditions, their shared values to a craft and co-emanate a new society that more fully safeguards and expresses that humanity, that upholds dignity, that makes innerstructure the guiding principle of all nations.

I have come to believe that it is at this fundamental level of culture wide change, nation by nation that all of these things can come into being and literally create a global transformation. In time. That we need to keep our finger in the many holes in dyke to hold calamity off a while longer while we do this fundamental rebuilding. We need  to be worried about Dodd-Frank, reigning in the Fed, corporate personhood, and the many day by day crises we point to and try to stop or secure but what we seek and need to safe guard us against  inevitable calamity is radical fundamental change that brings about "coviviocracy" to replace "corporatocracy";balance instead of endless growth, inclusion in dignity instead of extreme income inequality;, stewardship for one another and earth and future generations instead of competition, control and domination.

And strangely, sparked by David Eggletons reference to the Constitution of the Iroquois Confederacy ( supposedly a reference for the founding fathers in drafting the U.S. Constitution) and Mark Smiths reference to the equally beautiful brand new modern Constitution of Ecuador I now see the creation of an entirely new modern constitution and entirely new court system as the answer. Both of these constitutions, contain all that we have spoken of and point to here at Occupy Cafe and in the awakening as we all put on the mind of the 99%, as in putting on the mind of Christ's, or as we have said here at Occupy Cafe, switching our thinking and awareness "me to we".

As you may know in response to their financial collapse Iceland "crowd sourced" an entirely new constitution ( can't comment on contents yet) that is ready for a vote already..in only three years. It was drafted by 25 ordinary citizens in complete transparency on line with the whole nation contributing, commenting, editing. A process which has brought about a collectively expressed "innerstructure" to which all Icelandic people in their great diversity now with one voice commit. Not to a separate outside the existing structure approach to change that has been widely advicated here at Occupy Cafe but a complete enduring national commitment to a new vision, informed by the realities of modern life and an experience of calamity.. Another modern constitution that of Belgium actually includes as a major part the upholding of human dignity as a national purpose with an enumeration of essential elements of dignity, it includes the right to a healthy environment as a human right, a collective commitment. many of these modern constitutions also include wise and innovative mechanisms for accountability to the values and rights expressed in these already enlightened constitutions. Belgium has a conditional Court that separates out the guardianship of the constitution from high court judiciary functions to which all people have access. Through various features people have a way to put the brakes on what they see as going wrong including overturning laws or even removing elected officials from office and constitutions have a way of growing in response to new and emerging technologies and social and moral issues arising from change..

I have just started a conversation at TED to search out and compare these modern constitutions around the world and the process by which they came about. I invite all of you to join me there and help lay out what some of the possibilities are what language and wisdom has been used in these modern ( and if we find them also ancient) and what procedures they used to bring these new visions about in new constitutions.


And with your permission and if there is interest . I would like to start a thread within this conversation for the cross fertilization of ideas and information from there to here on the subject of constitutional and judicial reconstruction, the conversation here focused on what we do best here which is consider issues like transformation, catalysts for change, humanity, dignity, sustainability, thriveability.

Out of that harvest and cross fertilization my vision is that it is not that much work , given all the wonderful models that are popping up all so close to what we have been expressing here we can somehow become a catalyst to bring about this "committee of 25" crowd sourced approach to radical reform that Iceland has successfully undertaken in only 3 years.

I am suggesting this is the goal for Occupy 3. 0 The work of Occupy 3.0

A radiance of Blessings and many thanks to each and all for the deepening of thought and understanding our process here cultivates


Comment by poforpeace on December 1, 2011 at 11:36am

P.S.  you will note the negativity in the WIKI article - they have attempted to neuter the Standards by virtue of their own process.  They themselves do not use the ISO 26000 Standards.   This is where we bring value to it as the Occupy movement - it is about the "intention" to do good.   Well beyond the notion of Googles - "do no harm"  - but the notion to do good.   Their weakness is our strength.

Comment by poforpeace on December 1, 2011 at 11:33am

Hi Stephen:

visit the www.homeplanet.org/wpp website - there is a draft copy of the ISO 26000 there that I make available for people.  if you prefer to be aware of its other aspects let me know.  - such as its history, purpose originally, where it is now, and what is happening with it internationally.  
or better yet - if you are interested = let me know as I will be having a conversation today at three with Rob Wheeler giving him my full perspective on it.
either way do some quick reading and I can get you up to a scratch pretty quickly.
here is how a sustainability org in Canada is using it!

- and I can e-mail a power point presentation of another ally introducing it to the market.

I am working on other ways - that will be more effective IMHO

Comment by Stephen Buckley on November 30, 2011 at 11:40pm

Dear Poforpeace,

Do you have a link for ISO 26000?  I tried to download it from ISO.org, but it wants me to pay for it.

In the meantime, for others, here is the Wikipedia description of ISO 26000:



Comment by poforpeace on November 30, 2011 at 9:09pm

I am harvesting the networks that are moving to be involved with the ISO 26000 Standards - and while the standards themself are a work in progress - those in the Occupy Movement that see the connection between a functional umbrella, the co- creation wheel  and the homeplanet virtual university - to teach and train in relevance of the Standards - through Ten basic questions - or Transposers if you will.  

 creacreation wheel of the Shift movement, and 

Comment by Sobey W on November 22, 2011 at 9:42pm

@ Bruce and all. Check out this new site I came across, a non-partisan feed of the global occupy movement with no editing:


Comment by Jitendra Darling on November 14, 2011 at 8:53pm

Thanks Bruce.  Great to have your input!  From Harvesting to Baking the Bread!  We could run away with food preparation lexicon.   We're definitely on the same page.  Let's see what organizational brilliance unfolds here...

Comment by bruceterrell33 on November 14, 2011 at 8:45pm

Hi there!  This, for me, is a very important topic. I like the idea of us coming up with ways of organizing information and conversation flow that local occupy sites can use as well.  With Occupy Petaluma we have a very active google group, Facebook Group and Facebook Page and a ongoing flood of good input and discussion in each one.

Great material gets lost several pages down quite quickly. If I want to again reference some post in early October, it takes a long time to get to it.  I am excited for us to create systems here where people can get to what they need really quickly.

Perhaps we could come up with some sort of search function, and an outline structure with the most broad topics and then sub topics and sub topics underneath that. I think mind mapping is a great idea or perhaps we could rename it "heart-mapping".   Ahh, becoming masterful at Occupying Organization!

I also envision another step after "harvesting" There is "baking the bread", or "implementing the ideas" or whatever we might want to call it. This is groups gathering together and taking direct actions from what we have harvested. 

Here is another idea for pro-active follow up.  Those on the call, who are open to this, could list their emails somewhere and then we could follow up with individuals as we are drawn.  Several people said things on the call today, where I would have enjoyed sending them a YES over email, or some follow up thoughts.

Also, if others wanted to be in contact with me regarding what I shared, I would enjoy that as well.  All kinds of follow up conversations could happen over email after a call and even working teams could be developed.

Here is another idea. When an idea is shared on the call that we strongly resonate with we could press a key pad for "waving fingers in the air" and the moderator could report on that now and then.

Lastly, does anyone know of very elegant information flow organizational systems that are already out there that we could glean ideas from?

This was fun for me to write.  For those of you who read this, thanks!

Comment by Jitendra Darling on November 10, 2011 at 2:59am

I've been thinking about harvesting/organizing quite a bit the past few days.

I'm a spacial person, so I like categories, to the extent they can be useful to quickly locate fields or streams of topical thought.  I can see fairly broad topics, cross-referenced with tags. [Per our conversation, Ben, tags are applied only on the initial discussion post, not comments] Then scoop up content on new economy, alternative energy, social justice, etc. and distribute them respectively. 

My ideal would be to collate and focus topics over time.  I envision people, over time, becoming more and more interested in contributing to collaborations at large for emerging national and global initiatives. 

Conversation => Community => Collaboration => Initiatives => Results

If only it were as neat and tidy as that.


Comment by Ben Roberts on November 9, 2011 at 6:05pm

You're welcome, Deborah!  I'm sure you will.


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