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2012 “Ethical Reconciliation of American Truth and Realities!”

Recent events in this election cycle is an interesting reflection to observe, here's Mushin's:

  • Mitt"s Mountain of Bullshit wants to hide his taxes in the Cayman Islands Tax Shelters and give tax cuts to to his constituents the top 1% income earners (King George's Tax Cut Notion), invest $2 Trillion in the American Security Military Complex, and literally cut the safety net of 47% of Americans in a dismissive philosophical ignorance calling them victims, lazy, irresponsible citizens, and basically write offs in his private corporate turnaround strategy in the Global Reagan Consensus Group. Thank you "Mother Jones."  WE really do need to see those tax returns NOW?  Because Mitt's private fundraising campaign has articulated the essential breakdown of trust in his own utterances, character, identity, sincerity and competency to lead America out of this "GREAT RECESSION" inspired by King George's fanatical ideology that ran us into into a "global financial militaristic ditch" based in blind trust of American Exceptional Leadership using fear, terror and deceptive coercive ignorance in the White House.
  • Denial Defines the Republican Party that is now in a state of predatory chaos nationwide beginning to eat each other as their fanatical "House of Constitutional Card Carrying Tea Party Fail." The ideological founding elite ownership members have invented a "Financial Cliff Hanger" in this election cycle based on obstruction and blaming President Obama for the all the breakdowns in the world, and failing any integrity of their own accountability for current situational condition. The worldwide "Pain Point" based in this political Ayan Ryan bullshit of regressive fundamentalism and social financial neo liberalism engineering is playing American's 47% in predatory chaos based on pure political  power. (I pray Wisconsin voters wake up in mass and fire Paul Ryan.) Here is no Thomas Aquinas robed in Ayan Ryan's Christian deceptive nonsense based in selfishness of economic power.
  • American's wants "SOLUTIONS" not backbiting negative bitching sessions about problems where Goldman Sachs gets away with highjacking the US Treasury, politicians are mouth pieces for the highest bidder in lying to Americans, and 500 mass media channels of consultants and pundits who prey on populist moralistic ungrounded scientific arithmetic assumptions on the meaning of "Rape".   It appears 47% of the American population can now be legitimately raped in the 2012 political discourse based on our blind trust of indoctrinated patriotic religious beliefs systems; the immune system for never ending political bullshit.  As one of the 100% Permanent Service Connected Disabled American Veteran's, dead beat 47% ers, I am indignant at the "Rape of American Family Insurance Company" and want the sons-of-bitches run out of business.  I am sick and tired of the double standard and emotional contradictions as a Veteran, where the socialized Veteran Administration Health Care delivery system is OK for vets and the elite politicians claim the insurance industry profit making enterprise serves the needs of we the people.  The least these legal bastards could do is wait in line like we do?  Oh! I forgot "They built the country."  (On the blood and guts of poor 47% ers who live in shame and humiliation of PTSD!) 
  • American's are indignant, mad as hell, sick and tired of being compromised by politicians, and had enough bullshit to last for all eternity. The Republicans yesterday blocked the "Veterans Employment Bill" where current Vet's are experiencing +10% unemployment versus 8% nationally, and 20% of all American suicides are veterans today.  This is a National Disgrace and this Republican obscuration based in a house of mirrors is broken, shattered, and offering the same old "tyrannical cordial hypocrisy" as militants with a "bible in one hand and gun in the other" who wage war and refuse to deal with the real social cost and consequences in human conflicts in Veteran Families, PTSD in social generations, and refusal of elite to pay the bill.  Mitt's lack of understanding the "US Veteran Experience" in the last 10 years operating the Republican Party denial and responsibility for creating this tinder box of anti Moslem sentiments in the middle east wars by King George must stop now in my honest assessment. The neo liberal financial imperialistic cabal addiction to control wealth through oil is driving ignorant unsustainable denial of climate change operating in growth without restraint is over and DOA in the 21st century.  This neo liberal cabal is based in the Discovery Doctrine of Ownership that created global poverty worldwide.  The leadership crisis is a breath taking selfish ignorance in my honest assessment. For any serious student of economics watch the "End of Poverty" or "American Economist Henry George" and reflect on the importance of 1492 in designing this current globalization process of ownership that is happening in OUR world today?   
  • Occupy Earth Moment is happening awakening enactive participatory generative leading~ship engagement in solidarity committing to bring forth communitarianism as an empowered ethical global citizen... Voting once every four years as American's is no longer acceptable in this mountain of bullshit!  Our political discourse has been turned into a circus of "Toothless Super PACS" in corporate manufactured mass media called enlightened entertainment of psychotic schizophrenics unleashing dangerous emotional reactive fearfulness and lacking any reality in fundmental optimism of who we are as Americans?  We must own what owns us in this swept along historic drift both the light of generative entrepreneurial creativity and the shadows of racist enslaving elite ownership powers in American historic public discourses. We have them in a Crossfire let's send in the Court Jester to finish them off.  Corporate plutocracies are funding think tanks, political and educational consultants (deceptive used car salesmen based in reductive rhetoric justifying a shallow mechanization of our humanness like robotic rats in dead financial transactional configurations), and well paid corporate mass media advertising pundits parading like ignorant naked immature arrested boys club of self deceptive important bullshitter's who take polls and then lecture as experts in the lesser of two evils. We are being driven into a suicidal ever narrowing inferno based in ungrounded swept along historic assumptions.  While being a citizenry that has the graceful capacity to create a communitarian movement that secures the privacy of autonomous dignity of personhood and simultaneously institute an integrated pluralistic learning network of creative knowledge workers designing a future world together that cares for the earth and all its people. 
  • Oppose Keystone Pipe Line, Mitt wants to "Drill Baby Drill" in this growth without restraint human plague ignoring "Climate Change Terrorizing New Math"  (2 degrees celsius, 565 Gigatons of Carbon, 2,795 gigatons of carbon...).  The Wall Street Global Casino based on oil and ROI capital is unsustainable if we want to survive to 22nd century. American's and global citizens have experienced a 40% reduction in capital assets while the elite ownership has made billions in the "Great Recession."  The high risk growth engine based in algorithms operating in millisecon... is in serious trouble, and unsustainable even in the short term.  We the people must demand in this election cycle participation in free transparent economic choices not imperial governors polling opinions.  Justice is the vigilant duty of every citizen being a soldier for the common creative good.  Our equality as Homo sapiens amans is a biological fact of life.  The end of poverty happens when we commit to full employment of our citizenry to expand our creative generative intelligence as designers in an interactive social entrepreneurial endeavor committing to envision a wise world in the 22nd century.  I oppose the "Keystone Pipe Line" and stand with this great great Lakota grandmother in opposition.   
  • 2016: Obama's America is another black firing mass media event that is hitting the nail on the head of this perverse elite racist notions of American Exceptionalism. Maybe Governor Romney is the ideal American success story and after 8 years of King George idiotic notions of leadership.  Mitt must prove his trusted worthiness and currently he appears like a dead fish flip flopping on the deck of the Titanic Effect in American Society.  Since 150 million 47% er's are borderline poverty the Reagan trickle down globalization of this Neo Liberal elite shadow of American Economic Hit Men (debt, privatization, stealing communal assets and intellectual property we created as taxpayers) is now in the last moments facing a transforming American society including Moslem immigrants connecting with American values.  As right wringing puppets of negativity for financiers take to airwaves barking like dogs, let's keep a sense of humor and compassion for insanity, and for sure grab a hold of your pocket book as a "Pro Consumer in the Power Shift" creating a new sustainable beginning in a clearing for learning.

Invitation to Forbes 400 Please Join us 47% er's  in the Occupy Cafe:

The Occupy Cafe is a gathering of human trust in live speech acts and part of the breakthrough of possible possibilities for the 400 elite economic driver's to enter an appreciative inquiry and dialog with ordinary common dead beat 47% ers in a manner of dignity for the equality in our humanness.  We don't care what your party is, gender distinctions, religious affiliations or titles, roles and publicized wealth.  My favorite among you is the Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffet who has demonstrated a down to earth arithmetic as an American investor in our entrepreneurial genius.  Although the sexy couple in love speaks volumes in the 13 billionaires worth over $160 billion.  Our best days our not behind us, rather before us in facing off with the history that owns us in this moment.  The solution to poverty, injustice and inequality in representative governance is our permanent common human and business concerns.  This creative collapsing opportunity in the current global predatory chaos is a blessing to our family.  Your wealth today is really useless rhetoric, if in fact, we destroy our home the earth in the blind consumptive greed of growth without restraint.  We are destined to share a future based in 100% of our humanity. What needs to be restrained, stopped, regulated and agreed upon is the appreciative questioning in the Occupy Cafe at a grass root level inviting everyone to participate?  Even those savage indians living as plain old Indians.  Business leaders today are intersecting a new territory, a new discourse, and landscapes disclosing new worlds in the future of our humanity and the deep profound presence of your real humanness is invited in inventing a new beginning!

Latter Mushin


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