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For the past 20 months I have participated in a Linked IN Systems Thinking World (STW) group conversation being lead by Helene Finidori regarding UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon declaration for revolutionary action.  Our group in a manner of dignified appreciative inquiry and dialog has nearly 7,000 posts.  To capture the essence read "Systems Thinking and Commons Sense for a Sustainable World."  

Personally entering the Occupy Cafe Vital Conversation and Live Speech Acts is refreshing and simultaneously releasing a volcanic voice of indignation verbally to current unsustainable cultural patterns facing creative collapsing breakdowns and opportunities in current predatory economic chaos on Bullshit Mountain (Wall Street and Washington Group Consensus in DC IMF and WB).  The 2012 American Election Cycle is business~as~usual and I expect President Obama to win easily after the 47% truthfulness in advertisement came out to the American people.  The leadership crisis in my assessment is calling forth a 3rd party notion that transcends voting every four years and adopting the stance of Occupy Cafe Elder Ambassador "Garry Davis" notion of Sovereignty based in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Natural law is based in our presence as a biological reality of existence and being on earth.  Our solidarity arises out of this biological fact of life and our histories converge in an indigenous ancestry arising from one tree of life not two. That's good news and offers us a manner of human dignity in our humanity to confront the "Chaos on Bullshit Mountain" in solidarity as world citizens sharing the same life, tree, and hoop in creation.  

I invite anyone in the Occupy Movements interested in working together in appreciative manner of dignity committed to solutions to join me next Tuesday Morning at 9:00AM MST with a new platform called "Y Net." I only have so much attention and will power in the midst of creative collapsing opportunities, and am interested in conserving my own biological existence in a meaningful manner with others. Simultaneously I am the founder of The Order of Earth, 10 years old, and fully committed to Wolakota: living in a manner of dignity/treaty P2P in peace and friendship without greed.  I am placing my full attention of re launching V3W (Velocity in the Third Wave) LLC (1997 to 2001 Proof of Concept in Dot Com Era).  I invite you to join this transparent clearing for learning in a new collaborative network development in Beta Testing a new possible possibility.  

Today I responded to my dear friends in UN Appreciative Conversation and the emotional intensity is in a large part the value received by Ben Roberts and Jitendra who have become brothers in my world.  I love the Occupy Cafe Vital Conversation weekly and intend to keep attending indefinitely because "Live Speech Acts" in my assessment is the only way to bust through the denial operating in the mechanized cultural matrix.  So here is my "shout out" in NVC for a generative leading renaissance happening in our "Occupy Cafe"  Thank you I learn something new every time I attend and look forward to it every week.  

To Linked IN STW UN Conversation today:

Put Yourself in God's Position

Trine be careful supporting my voice, it’s ruthlessly indignant, I renounce the entire old scientific, religious, political, economic game going on in STW.  I asses it's a wrongheaded collective psychosis based on a very old "observer error" in the historic patriarchy's cultural power to exclude and appropriate as a way of seeing and being~in~the~world.  Divide and conquer in and through intellectual ontological arguments as the cultural pattern in globalizing the units of our humanity.  Current STW just does it faster, better, cheaper as "global business' in technological designs of "Get Money or Eat Dirt." (((CSC Listening Randall Whitaker)))  

Yet, the shadow effect "black hole of humanness hunger in spiral dynamics" experience is in the heart of our humanity grasping, pulling, pushing to fill an endless survival desire in attachments to "errors, things, objects, conditions, ideologies" that are unsustainable even in the near future.  We want the old certainty based on an erroneous manner of human behaviors to survive; "an observer error operating historic past assumptions that are no longer relevant in experience of the emergent conditional situation surrounding us on planet earth."

I agree that uncertainty in chaos "not knowing" is where we are heading (maybe wonderful surprises await us in embracing chaos?) and patriarchal chaos on Bullshit Mountain is ending in the current global leadership crisis with their heads up their $%&#!.  For anyone to still be blind, deaf and dumb to the exponential hard problem in environmental sciences and economic global growth without restraint crisis today is "a dead fish floating on the water living in self important ignorance," and any person attempting to heal, awaken, thrive is "pumping it's fins like a crazy attempting to become a butterfly in the imaginal seeds of wonderment (inside) crafting and sculpting future possible possibilities ignored in STW."  I am one of the latter and it's really about addressing the hard problem in the STW, not the easy route of how to profit on the buying and selling of one another as the only commodity game in town. Values are never appreciated in that game only ROI capital in casino mentality of glittering superficial power based in titles, positions, publications.

Anthropocene Philosophy 

Philosophy drives all human activity either into chaos or order.  Philosophy also has the potentiality of embracing chaos (implicit quantum universe surrounding us) and generating solidarity in a frequency of order (explicit wholeness out of chaotic conditioning).  What is the philosophical basis of designing a future together that we can all agree upon as "Philosopher Kings and Queens"?  I offer that the questioning doesn't need answered as much as a place and space to begin learning to care feed and nurture questions as a praxis in a clearing for learning?  The splace to grow in designing a new future together P2P in a factual grounded understanding of the Biology of Knowing Love that constitutes, sustains and maintains the living universe surrounding us in a web of life.  All the knowing in theoretical propositions and assumptions in general scientific systems theory come crashing down to a new beginning in the presence of personhood, not the projected authoritarian horseshit happening in the chaos on bullshit mountain.

Let me be specific about my understanding of "bull shit."  I am committed to the UN Indigenous People's demand in 2012 to have the Vatican Bulls rescind the Discovery Doctrine (1400's) that created this globalizing patriarchy where today the IMF, WB and Washington Consensus Group run the planetary crisis like a monopoly game creating poverty.  Politics has turned into collective psychosis global experience where Spain's unemployed (50%) now live out of trash bins and told publicly it’s going to go on forever.  The IMF needs a new economic interactive design plan that values humanness first and restrains financial growth in capitalism ruthless predatory chaos of power in milliseconds. The solidarity of our world citizenry has had enough bullshit to last for all eternity.  The next step is for us to bring forth a new order in our own humanness.  People are indignant everywhere and its time to occupy earth in an interdependent manner of human dignity based in P2P.  People are not listened to, instead they are being reduced to robotic rates in a global economic politic of transactional configurations where this STW based in the power of money operating on the principle of greed, high risk and ownership encourages idiotic behaviors.  What a shame!

"Clearing for Learning"

Autopoiese is not a theoretical claim rather a cosmology of life and knowing explaining hard biological cognitive science in a living universe; an experiential reflection of personhood's knowing revealing what constitutes human awareness as 'a' "observer" in consciousness. The reason it is difficult to comprehend is the circularity of experience operating the autopoietic nature in the biology within the auto gnosis (self knowledge) surrounding the experience.  The direct experience with the erroneous cultural matrix opens tremendous powerful emotional contradictions and double binds in experience that causes confusion, breakdowns, sorting through bullshit, and new definitions in distinctions. The "autopoietic observer" is taking first person responsibility for its assessments and assertions uttered in conversations, its own mouth, and no longer using any transcendental authority for what is said.  Languaging shifts from explaining "truth or reality" to "co creating consciously in every utterance new dimensions of reality in momentariness with others, or natural law arises in biological experiences based in a manner of dignified social interaction in the realization of living with others as fun, loving, and enjoyable, not a burden."

This new "observer of the observer" is no longer harnessed or imprisoned in the historic observer error, codes and patterns of behavior in the party game of denial, nuclear family, holy books, nation patriotism, or regressive fundamentalism in any domain of science in human conversations. Rather, transcendental authoritarian ontologies is replaced with self responsibility, integrity and accountability in natural law as the regulator. An intimate deepening presence in momentariness to the reality of our shared autopoietic humanness arises and its creative ethical enactive embodied approach is an openness to the experience of "other persons" without qualification as a legitimate other in its own coexistence within a living universe, not a dead one in material scientific worldviews.  The problem that arises is the "observer" begins to experience the cultural denied pain point and human suffering as part of there own personal existence, blaming and shaming game ends in the rhetorical horseshit on bullshit mountain, and one begins to live forth in compassion for the least among us, not the glittering self importance in current star powers. Compassion is currently the greatest offense in this psychotic gaming going on.

The notion of star political leadership is crushed like a pancake and servant leading~ship arises from the unknown simple people like Gandhi who says, "Renounce the Bullshit and Enjoy Life, and Stop the Violence."  "Observer's" choose freely and independently to self regulated NVC as an agreed upon standard of behavior of knowing love in a praxis of caring for each other, and begin to "see" bounty inside the illusion of scarcity, poverty, powerlessness that was based in the give~a~way of their own power to exclude and appropriate within cultural matrix of the "observer error."  The circularity in the hypnotic mesmerized trance in shadow is broken and one realizes it only operates because it is the taken for granted method in the systems thinker's worldhood. 

The Self~Poetizing Earth 

T.A. I submit this philosophical discourse begins to answer the questioning you point to.  It would be a wonderful development in our STW to address the denial operating in the current institutional configurations hell bent on suicide for the planet and all peoples and diverse living systems.  OE Wilson “Encyclopedia of life” 

Anyone who is willing to ignore the "Planetary Emergence of the Arctic Cap" and the dissolving of "Coral Reefs in Our Oceans" is a psychotic Hitlerian nut case in my assessment and running the horseshit on bullshit mountain based in a failed mental global power structure that is no longer relevant to our human conditional situation based in a factual SAUNA!  This takes human ignorance to a whole new level of dragon grandiosity in archetypal reflections.

The emotional contradictions and double binds in the cultural global economic matrix is at a point of bifurcated transition where we may possibly experience collective psychosis in units of humanity that make previous wars look like a picnic, as the robotic rats eat each other over survival of power.  Suicide will become the preferred method of survival because the goodness and love in our autopoietic nature that constitutes our humanness isn't designed to live in chaos on Bullshit Mountain.  As your peasant farmers in India have demonstrated where over 250,000 have drank Monsanto's pesticide to escape the economic engine.

Emergent Noosphere

Capital Institute Economics, Finance, Governance and Ethics for Ant... 

I invite us to consider that this Capital Institute doc is another philosophical exploration for leveraging the creative collapsing opportunity in the global predatory chaos by taking seriously the notion of being "World Citizens Living in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights."  As a self organizing collective governing body beyond the politics of distractions happening in the UN Council we can decide to appreciate the "Earth Charter and Indigenous Peoples Charter" as new collaborative clearing for learning taking effective actions in commitments.

One thing is for certain that the exponential growth without restraint is over: DOA in the 21st century.  It's killing us!  That's a fact of life!  We can either accept the immediate consequences of unrestrained taken for granted power systems who's future epitaph is "They Ate Their Own" OR exercise our autopoietic sovereignty as world citizens committed to an agrarian lawfulness based in individual realization in living as ethical citizenry to Occupy Earth in solidarity.  This notion fully employs every human being in the localized breakdowns committing to breakthrough any obstructions in the Titanic Effect of Capital self destructive behaviors committed to suicidal power. Such as; Nuclear proliferation by any state on the planet is off limits and ends now. No one owns the earth and to be a stakeholder in any performance engine. Leading servants offer stakeholders in a value chain solutions addressing permanent human concerns in business, not pirating profit in a global casino based ROI capital.  The oceans become a new barometer for the water of life in our womb and trees become our sisters in a living census in Disneyland.  Injustice and intolerance anywhere becomes a threat to justice and human dignity everywhere in solidarity of our earth voicing an occupy movement in solidarity based in our humanness in presence.

Solution to the Hard Problem 

"Unless we accept that at this point in intellectual and scientific history that some radical re-learning is necessary, we cannot hope to move forward in the compulsive history of the ambivalent rejection fascination with consciousness in philosophy of mind and cognitive science.  My proposal implies that every good student of cognitive science, who is also interested in issues at the level of mental experience, must inescapably attain a level of mastery in phenomenological examination in order to work seriously with first-person accounts.  But this can only happen when the entire community adjusts itself to the corresponding acceptance of arguments, refereeing standards and editorial policies in major scientific journals, that can make this added competence an important dimension of a young researcher.  To the long-standing tradition of objectivist science this sounds like anathema, and it is.  But this is not a betrayal of science.  It is a NECESSARY EXTENSION and COMPLEMENT.  Science and experience constrain and modify each other as in a dance.  This is where the potential for transformation lies.  It is also the key for difficulties this position has found within the scientific community.  It requires us to leave behind a certain image of how science is done, and to question the style of training in science which is part of the very fabric of our cultural identity." 

Francisco Verela, Neurophenomenology: A Methodological Remedy for the Hard Problem, Journal of Consciousness Studies, "Special Issues on the Hard Problem" J. Shear (Ed), June 1996.

I am moving on as the founder of The Order of Earth and intend to launch V3W LLC and invite anyone in this UN thread to join me in a committed partnership on Tuesday October 9th at 9:00 AM MST for a two-hour conference: 

Pattern Dynamics  PD Matrix Chart  Nets Y 

I admit I am crazy, indignant and also realizing that I was never born to cry endlessly everyday in this psychosis operating in the collective "observer error."  I renounce it, want nothing to do with it, I hate it, and intend to enjoy my future life in a manner of Wolakota ~ a treaty P2P in peace and friendship without greed. I walk alone and belong to nobody, refuse to be somebody, or limited by any group think happening, yet I do love the interaction of human dignity in P2P with a hell of lot of people with no teeth smiling ear to ear.  They know who they are, and are rich beyond measure in my assessment.  That's the family on man I belong too!

You do whatever you want and the crazy ones are invited into joining a camp up North in designing a future world together based in responsible autopoietic sovereignty with no more excuses justifying human suffering in our humanity.  We face a 300 foot tidal wave of arrogant aggressive ignorance in this robotic rat race to the bottom of a concrete mechanization jungle, and our humanness lives in a mood called "joyful concern" for personhoods as the P2P Foundational understanding of creating a generative commons based in our own human intelligence as the contra variant to all this STW horseshit on bullshit mountain.

Human beings breathe and are the only answer to reinventing our world and when this UN understands that listening to diplomats lying is no longer acceptable, and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the foundational declaration of "Live Speech Acts" as the next evolutionary jump in our humanity!  Every mass manufactured media channel will celebrate all the wounded hero's on all the battlefields in human history and live orally in a manner of human dignity heart to heart in what I call Wolakota! The book burning will illuminate the universe in celebratory songs   that live forever.

See U on the other side of this emergent nightmare where silence, solitude and stillness reigns in the victory of seeing the glorious presence in others in eternity, not one’s self!  Amen 



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