For years now, I've been part of something in Santa Barbara called "The Conscious Evolution Community", that emerged in the late 1990s around the personality and message of futurist and visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard.  We built a network for them that we call the "CEN" (Conscious Evolution Network). 

One current spin-off from Conscious Evolution is the "Love Grid" group, that meets every first Monday down at the Ayni Gallery at 216 State just past the freeway underpass.  Ayni (a Peruvian term which means mutuality: "today for you, tomorrow for me, always for we") is owned by entrepreneur businessman Al Ballabio, and he brings in cultural events and leading-edge spirit-led things with shamanistic or collectivist overtones.  It's a beautiful space and a good place to convene a high-level pow-wow.  Last night, Al and I briefly considered a pow-wow between the 99% and the 1%    :):):)

This morning, I sent a message to the CEN, that expresses some of the momentum of the Occupy movement as I understand it, in terms intended for this particular demographic/cultural group -- these "conscious evolutionary" people.  I do think that the Occupy energy is a kind of powerful evolutionary imperative -- it's something that is just "happening" -- and driven by very primal and universal forces.

Here's my statement to that group from this morning...


The Evolutionary Voice

Our intention is to transcend superficial differences that divide us -- race, religion, politics, beliefs,
culture -- to acknowledge, experience and honor the essential bond that unites us all as one
interdependent organism. We also intend to evolve in both consciousness and action so that each of us
learns to perceive the whole, relate to others in wholeness, widen our definition of 'we' to be all
inclusive and become evolutionary leaders for a peaceful, holistic, sustainable world.

 I made it down to the beautiful Love Grid last night.  In the context of much other
good stuff (excellent food, poems, arts, books, songs, fire-wood), and the vibration of circle, the
subject of Occupy did come up.  It's clear that the broad perception of this movement is still coming
into focus, but I did speak briefly about it -- and thanks people, for that opportunity...

For me -- the deal is: we -- the collective we -- the conscious evolutionary we -- has been developing
a "sophisticated" -- read "holistic, integral, universally spiritual" -- approach to community.  This emerging
vision -- is descending from the clouds, from the deep mystic power of community and mutuality -- and
is beginning to reach the street level in an activist form.

What did Sudama say last night?  Misquoting, but something like "We sit around the circle and suppose,
the truth is at the center, and just knows..."

I'd say that IS the guiding power -- that is convening and leading this movement.  The power is coming
from everywhere, and comes to focus at the center.  It's humble, inclusive, sensitive, embracing -- and
powerful.  It's the coalescence of universal lightning from millions of caring chakras....

When I mentioned that I do watch a lot of cable news, some of the people down there kinda shook
their heads -- "no dude, not me, how can you stand it?"

But for me -- community is a big concept.  I care about what is going on.  We gotta do this.  We gotta
build the bridge, not just stand back, stay hands off, and wait for somebody else to do it.  I want
to "stand with the people" -- and that's all the people.  I'm big on this too-often-cited phrase "We the

But the image and feeling that I think we here in this Conscious Evolution movement need to clarify
and begin to understand -- was expressed very well by our good friend now in Ojai, Julie Heyman, who
sent me the quote shown above and below in green -- on "The Evolutionary Voice".  This is the
emerging power, guys -- and it's hitting the streets.  This is a powerful new form of social activism --
and, putting this gently and modestly -- You Too are invited -- and needed....

We the People -- empowered by the mystical co-creative conscious evolutionary collectivist love-grid,
the We Are One across all rainbows -- and we are gonna make this work...

Like we chanted on Saturday up and down State Street:

"Next month, next year, we -- will -- still be here!"  I believe that.  This is a movement with genuine
staying power -- because it IS being driven from the grassroots as an evolutionary imperative.

Below is the front page of my little "Occupy Express" web system on

We got about 50 Santa Barbara people in this framework now.

Check out Julie's quote.

And PS, yes -- some of us ARE pushing to say "We are the 100%" -- maybe we can get there, and
that would be amazing -- but right now, we gotta fix some stuff that's broken....

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