As the Denver Post reported the Ultimate Moment in the 2012 Denver 1st Debate was "The Bull versus The Matador."  I emotionally support President Obama's predicament as a distant observer and wonder where is the matador in this emergent storyline?  News pundit's exploded from all sides in political outraged rhetoric for his populist self assured sleeping in the "Chaos on Bullshit Mountain."  I felt like I was "Back in the Future" (2007) when Senator Obama voted against Senator Clinton regarding FISA violations of the Bush Administration (PTS~Citizen Growth Event of Corrupted Nixon Leadership in Watergate; Outcome was FISA, King George, NSA, AT&T violated FISA never held accountable & Granted Immunity).  Under the "Patriot Act" the Bush Administration instructed NSA to spy on American citizenry with the complicity of the AT&T corporate plutocracy.  Talk about a "breach of contract" in the moral hazard issue of Citizenry Civil Rights, Constitutional Authority and Private Enterprises responsibility to customers?  The American citizens in this King George's Terroristic Cabal have been reduced to stupid robotic rats being stripped searched at airports to travel, massive big brother data mining, and peeing in cups to get minimum wage jobs on in the name of National Security. There is something happening here!  The debate this evening caused another PTS~Growth reflection by remembering the U.S. 9th Circuit hearing when NSA's Judges declared: 'I feel like I'm in Alice in Wonderland.' 

Big Bird isn't even safe in America's neoliberal conservative secret cabal of greed with Trillions of Dollars in OFF SHORE BLIND TRUSTS.  Let's forget our party affiliated political polarized ideological differences; issues of high risk ownership starving to death as the privilege elite who have confiscated 90% of the income since 2008; or the unrestrained greed for power of private ownership of our communitarian property; and all the racist mass media manufactured commentary of white people on FOX NEWS Reagan Neoliberalism posing as servants to our creative common American Goodness.  FOX is currently launching a projected axis of evil where the worst evil in the world is a Moslem they call the Obama Administration.  It's a racist lie to the original notion of the Invisible Hand in Democratic Free Markets.  The devastating proclamation to "KILL BIG BIRD" is a declaration of World War III on our children.  The Romney utterance sent "shock and awe" trending  17,000 twittering messages per minute globallyreverberating outraged indignation.  Intolerance is the problem with these idiots.  This is the most arrogant aggressive declaration of "KILLING by the NEOLIBERAL CABAL'S COERCIVE DECEPTIVE EMPIRE in the WORLD'S HISTORY." This is endangers every child under the age of 42 years old.  The Muppet's are in deathly fear, crying their eyes out, praying for Merlin in Disneyland.

Mr President "Wake the Fo*oK UP!"  This Mormon Mitt Romney is a deluded BIG Neoliberal investing business MAN that cannot be dignified with any sense of appreciative Harvard professorial pragmatic rational reductive logic based in arithmetic.  Over the years I have always been hospitable to strangers who knock on my door.  There are two recurrent fundamental groups that have plagued every neighborhood I have ever lived in.  The Jehovah Witnesses and the Mormon Boys walking around on two year missions proselytizing a new age faith based in Mr. Smith's revelations.  Once you let them into your living room? It's impossible to graciously get them out in a peaceful manner.  After your performance Mr. President in this first debate, I am backing the Jehovah Witness notion of governance and the King of Pop notion suggestion with the "Man in the Mirror" as a world citizen standing up for justice, equality and equanimity.  

Governor Romney's is a FOX in the American Hen House and it appears ready to eat the eggs starting with Big Bird as the Rooster of PBS.  Elite racism is playing as a tyrant injuring our "Corporate Hit Men" on the battlefield and it's time to "End Poverty" and expose the real enemies of State operating as undercover agents in this American  imperial deceptive coercion of governance in wide based corruption.  Imagine an American so called citizen running for President refusing to release his tax returns with off shore blind trusts in foreign banks or hidden in our own banks?  Promoting an economic growth policy without any restraint or regulation, with a mantra of drill baby drill denying any scientific evidence of Climate Change.  And to finish it off in his hidden arithmetic as a used care salesman is willing to not only KILL BIG BIRD but thrust the entire world into a "Collapsing Great Depression" simply based on high risk unrestrained greed of a capitalistic philosophy in neoliberalism where the ownership society have literally lost their minds and are suffering in a collective pathological psychosis based in power, fear and arrogant aggression.  These people are calling for World Citizenry EMT's ("out of the box creative cultural thinker's") and the issue at hand is GLOBAL FUTURE SECURITY with human accountability and restrained Banking on Wall Street not deregulation.

To be quite honest Mr. President no one really cares for your "nice white cracker routine" in the progressive base of the American people thats growing by the moment.  Take Palin's advice and go rouge bring in Chris Rock as your public relations spokesperson and start every transparent White House meeting with Rev Al Sharpton mantra "This ain't about Obama this is about your Mama." Especially after "King George's Darth Vader" performance where the "American Village Idiot" is heading to the Cayman Islands for the 2012 Election. Allowing this "Alice in Wonderland" scenario to go on another day with our Veteran's in Harms Way is a high crime in the Office of the Presidency in my assessment.  World citizens are "Not Afraid" and the one thing none of us can stand for another moment is the injustice of this judicial constitutional system in America protecting an elite ownership class of assholes.  It is truly "Chaos on Bullshit Mountain with Romney's Energy Plan."

I appreciated your speech at Ft. Bliss and the courageous visit to Kent State University, and OHIO is definitely the game changer bringing forth a new future.  I support Shelia Blair's (Republican) "Bull by the Horns: Saving Main Street From Wall Street, Wall Stree... notions and the only campaign I am supporting in this 2012 election cycle is Elizabeth Warren's notion of a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau  as the counter variant to this ownership nonsense "We Built It."  Let the arrogant elite's children go to war and see how they feel when they loose their children!   Needless to say, our anchor woman Amy Goodman on Democracy NOW is considered a liberal fart in the wind, when in fact she is a courageous voice for democratic freedom worldwide.  Maybe it's time to jump off the "Titanic Effect" running this ship of fools and get down with the people you claim to represent and trust completing the business at hand by perfecting democracy as a global peace recipient Mr. President? 

STOP IT by releasing your "Bull Dog" Vice President Joe Biden to express the utmost indignation to Paul Ryan's Tea Party insanity with stupid American's with no skillfulness in arithmetic and continually insulting the 47%: veterans, elderly, disabled, and working middle class citizenry.  Outrage is the first step of awakening from the deep hypnotic sleep of crushed dream that has become a living nightmare.  So let Joe's heart felt bottom line one liner's tear the living hell out of the "Tea Party's" racist obstructive arrogant aggressiveness notions of redistribution of our community assets to the wealthiest people all over the earth.  These idiots like war and I say stick Romney's questioning of governmental programs right back in his face with King George's Ghost and "hang the entire neoliberal caba in public discourse insisting that they immediately take full responsibility for the current $16 trillion debt and guit blaming and shaming China as the perpetrator.  It's our denied shadow killing everything on the planet.  Institute the "Tobin Tax"in the globalization financial sector.  Let the new emergent 40% Casino Marketplace in Financial Banking and Insurance Services pay taxes on robotic transactional configurations of Hedge Funds ruthlessness to people, companies and countries.  Let's take back the Banks on Wall Street based in thew value of our common good and be responsible in accountable simple arithmetic, and let the criminals be restrained by the invisible hand in the reality of the marketplace they created and the human suffering and pain point of "Get Money or Eat Dirt."  

Why not, after WWII the rich were taxed over 90% on their net incomes. America built a middle class and all the super wealthy Americans still made off like bandits with our intellectual common proprietary assets from research and development. Fo*oK the money issue, what they have really stolen has been transfered to every developing country (BRIC) and they holding the whole world hostage now.  The arrogant aggressive elite notion that 47% of American's are victim, entitled dead beat taxpayers is ignoring the blood, sweat and tears of the creative intellectual property WE CREATED through paying the bills in the DOE, DOD, NIH, NASA as corporate FOX RAIDERS from all over the world broke into our HEN HOUSE as a trusted creative commons of the people.  This includes the ownership notion of lands as resources for privatization, energy, water, and FCC air waves where Janet Jackson's tit creates a stir for all these regressive fundamentalist's claiming government is evil as homophobic moralists claiming legitimate rape is OK.  Now we have the ultimate showdown with a regressive Mormon Fundamentalist Capitalistic Preacher Lying and flip flopping like a dead fish on this American Titanic Effect of Growth without Restraint, getting away with hiding his personal tax returns in a so called "Blind Trust"parading five boys around like a great American family.  This isn't a trusted business person.  This man makes shit up at every opportunity like a used car salesman that doesn't know anything about cars. This elite virtual identity represses the truth of his own personal reality, integrity, accountability as an elite American Citizen born with a silver spoon in his mouth, voting to send his generation to Viet Nam, while he tans on beaches ignoring the bloodshed in the ownership game he takes for granted. The truth in reconciliation of mass media advertisement regarding the 47% happened to today where he gets off with a get of jail free card in the monopoly game by saying "I was wrong and made a mistake." Yea, its called your taken for granted life as an elite white privileged racist running around in a skirt in boardrooms while Veterans blood is flowing on battlefields to protect your right to screw people to death as robotic transaction configurations as used car salesman. 

These regressive fundamental Christians are the only real threat to National and World Security in my assessment.  I want nothing to do with this insanity and I'll stand with the King of Pop in this 2012 Election Cycle and leave it to the creator of the Lakota People.  Neither one of you are ready to deal with the real "Planetary Emergence" in the energy industry and full employment of humanity in designing and building the earth for future generations.  Who really cares about the $4 Billion Oil Subsidy when the "Arctic Ice Cap Melts Before Our Eyes"and disappears is by 2015?  In the political game its Fo*oK Big Bird and Fo*oK the Polar Bears, let's go get the methane in your "Drill BabY Drill" mentalities!  Grow some real balls in the debate and tell Romney your against the "Keystone Pipeline" if elected and support "Full Employment in Designing and Building a Global Renewable Energy Grid for the 22nd Century."  

Put up or shut up is my recommendation now that you pissed off your most dedicated supporters.  The problem is your the only alternative in the emergent nightmare in dark night of the earth's soul.  I pray you wake up! 

Latter Mushin  


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