We are in uncharted territory. This is like no time in our civilization’s history - global food shortages, climate crisis, unending war and violence, corporate domination, rampant systemic corruption, government collusion with corporations, abject poverty and homelessness, mass extinctions - it’s a long list barely begun here. It’s enough to leave one feeling hopeless in the face of such onslaughts. And yet there is hope.

The urgency of these issues has caused an unprecedented reaction - a global uprising. It was called The Arab Spring when initiated in Tunisia last December and quickly spreading to Egypt and beyond. It’s called Occupy in the US, Europe and much of Asia. There are protests and citizen repression in almost every nation-state on the planet at this time. And with good reason. Our governments have almost universally failed us in favor of colluding with corporations to form a kleptocracy. This arrangement not only funnels our money to the 1%, it destroys lives, communities and ecologies with impunity. It is this kleptocracy that we intend to dismantle.

As this energy of Global R-evolution has bubbled up over the last several years, so has the idea of World 5.0. I stumbled on the idea seven years ago, and have developed the idea in light of Life, the experience of being we have in this moment. Indeed, the central premise of World 5.0 is that ‘Life Is This Moment.’ The past is gone and tomorrow never comes. Our experience is always Here, unless we’re so caught up in our thoughts and feelings that we don’t recognize Life Here. Living in a bubble has that effect, and so was standard procedure in the World4 culture.

Prior to the failing Industrial Age we find ourselves in currently, we’ve had three previous ages: Neolithic, Agrarian and Medieval. We were hunter/gatherers for long centuries, maybe 150,000 years. 10,000 years ago we began farming with hemp and 1,000 years ago we learned to make machines. It was but 200 years ago that we developed engines, ushering in the Industrial Age. With World4 crumbling around us, the emerging global operating system is World 5.0.

Occupy begins to understand that we require not just a less corrupt world, but a new system entirely. We require a new level of integration, based on ethics and principles like peace and love. Indeed, we can say “we intend to replace the system of globalization built on the corruptive power of money with a system of ethics that supports Life based on the power of Love.” More simply, “we intend a world based on the power of Love instead of the power of money.” This is not so hard to understand, unless you hold allegiance to the Kleptocracy, like corporate media outlets. Their difficulty is not understanding, it lies in trying to spin something so powerful, honest and peaceful that it is difficult to undermine.

There is much we can do already. World 5.0 encourages localism, spending our money with local purveyors of goods and services instead of global behemoths like Walmart and McDonalds. We can make efforts to grow and buy local food, and encourage organic food production instead of the polluting agribiz model. We can take steps to increase our personal and local energy sustainability, foregoing fossil fuel use as much as possible. We can engage in local civic actions to improve our communities and begin the process of reconstructing government.

The farther reaches of World 5.0 call for a World 5.0 Certification Process, whereas small businesses and organization are easily certified unless they act out of alignment with ethics and our principles. Corporations will typically find certification more challenging. This simple process takes us from a ‘buyer beware’ culture to one of trust in our spending decisions.

World 5.0 seeks to establish a ‘Constitution for the Earth,’ creating a document that enshrines protections for Earth’s ecologies and requires a system of ‘Natural Capital’ so that harvesters of the Earth’s resources, whether mineral, plant or animal, must pay for their extraction and for any negative effects on the system due to that extraction. Indeed, with World 5.0 we seek to replace the extractive nature of the Industrial Age with the generative energy of Occupy and World5.

With the understanding that World 5.0 provides a ‘core idea’ to Occupy, we further our efforts at positive change tremendously. First, we clarify by an order of magnitude what Occupy is about. Indeed, World 5.0 provides the context of us living as evolutionary creatures finding our shared identity for the first time in our history.

Second, we codify what Occupy already knows - that corporations are the central problem in our culture today, especially in using their vast wealth to undermine government’s inherent responsibility to meet the needs of their citizens. In the book, "World 5.0 - Healing Ourselves, Our Earth and Our Life Together," I explore the roots of the Limited Liability Corporation, and the long history of collusion with governmental entities, and how that process has lead to Disaster Capitalism and the general disaster we face today.

Third, we find areas of focus that can be personally implemented at once. These same areas of focus can be used to take on our largest challenges, like an end to war and corporate personhood.

Fourth, we find a new awareness in living in this moment, awakened from the bubble of personal thoughts and feelings that cannot be shared. We connect with all we come into contact with, and honor and respect each other. This allows us to get past long-standing hatreds, controversies and problems based on false ideas of reality and relationship. We are all here together, and the more quickly we understand this, the happier we find ourselves.

Fifth and finally, we create a path forward for the peaceful and agile transition from the Industrial World4 to our new home in World 5.0. We design and build systems that are life-affirming. We create infrastructure, buildings, homes and gardens where artistry is ingrained in the process. We nurture Life as best we are able, and in doing so nurture and restore the Earth. And we find each other as citizens, beloved sisters and brothers who understand our place, and are passionate about healing ourselves and our Earth.

And so it is indeed Here we find ourselves. Our civilization is broken, and this global uprising creates an incredibly powerful force for change. Which begs the question, “What sort of change do we want?” Which begs the answer, “World 5.0.”

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Comment by NDT on January 6, 2012 at 9:07pm

Hi Jim,

The World5 declaration begins well, but there's a contradiction between the principle of justice and the notion that "there is no viable excuse to kill or to invoke suffering on another". Justice is the principle of returning good for good and evil for evil, and some crimes (eg murder) are worthy of death.

This isn't to say that retributive justice in the form of violence is unavoidable - a victim may be convinced that retribution would serve no useful purpose and choose to let the criminal go unpunished in some cases.

Comment by Jim Prues on January 7, 2012 at 1:53pm

Thank you NDT. You make a good point. In defense of the line, I say 'invoke suffering' because one can argue that retributive suffering is self-induced, the result of a previous unjust act.

The wider frame is that we abhor violence in the tradition of Gandhi, MLK, etc. peace.

Comment by lemme howdt on January 7, 2012 at 4:56pm

Good start on a new approach, Jim.  As i was showering this morning, my brain was working in mechanisms of change.  One of the major changes that we need is something i'll call - the barrier to admission.  This is a game played all over that says i know something more than you and you have to prove yourself to me before i allow you into my club.  It seems an unwritten rule that there is always a rite of passage and an exclusion for those who tunnel through the barrier rather than slogging their way over it.

I am a scientist by training - science is badly broken today.  The gatekeepers insist on keeping the club small and forcing the path of what we find out into the path of what we already know.  Far be it for a scientist to criticize a dead hero - like Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton.  No advance in the understanding of gravity for 300 years - I just don't think so.  The 'war' between science and spirituality has excluded reason from both sides.

When i was very young, i spent a lot of time outside, playing with my thoughts, since i didn't have many friends.  I came up with a lot of theories on the way things worked, but i never allowed the school system to disavow me of the beliefs that i had gotten by trial and error in nature.  If we can create an Occupy! learning system that allows nature to reveal answers to new questions that we are allowed to ask without the current elaborate history of scientific thought, then maybe we can creatively develop a new mode of thinking about science and spirituality in the same sentience.

Young kids ask a lot of questions, most beginning with why?.  I have one that relates to the above comment in response to NBT - Why is death considered so abhorrent, when everybody dies at some point?  I have operated a farm - sometimes killing is more humane than allowing suffering life.  If we honestly answer questions with "I don't know, let's find out", maybe we can reconnect to the younger generations of question askers and get back to real science.

Ah science, Ah, humanity.  The cost of doing science is now controlled by the ability to get the razzle dazzle latest equipment and the smartest university trained personnel, with the biggest collective budget.  Nature is not based solely on unlimited growth; when it is we call it cancer.  How can we package small science, James Lovelock's concept that each one of us can ask and answer questions.  There we have an example of bio-mimicry in action - a novel organic address to a sequence of unknowns, with a path for how to get answers - keep asking the question until satisfied with the consistency of the answer with the whirled as we know it.  Or think we know it.

I believe in Gandhi - we are the change we wish to see.  Offered in Peace

Comment by NDT on January 7, 2012 at 5:50pm

Hi lemme,

In response to you question, death hasn't always been considered abhorrent within society, the infanticide and circuses of Roman culture are clear evidence of this. Appreciation of the value of life is an aspect of the law of nature which found its way into English common law, which is in conflict with Roman law (as western civil law) in some regards.

Killing farmed animals for food has never been a problem for the common law since there is an exchange of value between people and their environment, but this isn't the case for hunting which was licenced in England from the time of William the Conqueror. In contrast, Roman law can be said to be based on the law of the hunter/predator.

Comment by Jim Prues on January 8, 2012 at 3:01pm

Hi Lemme [and NDT],

If we have an introduction at the beginning of a GA, folks inevitably talk about how long they've been with the group.This establishes some sort of street cred for the speaker, but establishes a barrier of sorts as you suggest above. It speaks to the bane of the old culture - fear. If we find ourselves acting as judge or victim [clearly we wear the mantle of judge when we cite credentials that create barriers to admission for others] we are not Here together in Life. Playing judge or victim is the 'art' of the ego, whose role as the home of fear in us is to keep us in separation. Conversely, I've found with the local Occupy that those who react negatively to this idea of World 5.0 do so without making the effort to understand it -  a common occurrence in the old culture. So admission barriers can come both ways.

Both science and religion have failed us in not acknowledging the most fundamental fact of our existence - the totality of this living moment. Classically, religion has focused on the eternal awareness side of the Tao, and science on the 'constant flux of energy' side. But they co-mingle only in this moment. Beyond the failure to understand this core truth, science, just like religion, has been corrupted by those who usurp honest efforts for some less honest agenda. With science these days it's the corporations, with religion it is 'false prophets' - ministers and clerics who profit from their followers.

I, too, was a curious child, thinking and feeling that the cultural model wasn't an accurate reflection of reality. With World 5.0 we finally have that accurate reflection. Grounded in this living moment, intending peace and love, working toward transforming our current world of globalization, built by and for the 1%, with another civilization built on principles and designed for health and to fulfill human need - this is the Occupy learning system - it's just not common knowledge yet.

The topic of death is a mess in the old culture as well, where fear of death [and smaller deaths] dominate our media, cultural landscape and personal lives. So long as we are afraid for our death we cannot find the peace [awareness] and love [energy] that comprise this moment. Fear constricts our ability to be Here, creating a bubble that we are trapped within. As biological creatures, we are intimately engaged in the grand process of birth, life, death and rebirth. Is it not wiser to celebrate this process, taking our leave of this planet with grace when we are called?

Since stumbling on this idea of World 5.0 seven years ago, I've gnawed and noodled to understand what it means. Now I feel like I've cracked the code. With World 5.0, we further Occupy immeasurably. We lock in to Life and each other and the power of this moment. And we find that only love makes us happy.

Thanks for you post. Onward.

Comment by NDT on January 9, 2012 at 2:18am

Hi Jim,

Where our attention is focused determines how our experience is shaped, and whether that target is secular or transcendental is one of the core issues of religion. By religion I mean our beliefs about the great unknown, whether it be a mainstream religion or something more eclectic.The awareness of I AM is hinted at in the orthodox texts, but the conventional interpretations don't seem to have a theological model for it.

Comment by Jim Prues on January 9, 2012 at 11:25am


To me the most accurate reflection of Life is a model based on the Tao, with the yin of Eternal Awareness [I AM] and the yang of Energy. As these two elemental forces [stillness and movement] can co-mingle only in this living moment, reality must be based here. Agreed, where our attention if focused has everything to do with what we see...

Comment by NDT on January 9, 2012 at 1:34pm

Hi Jim,

There is a similar concept in Hebrew mysticism which balances the yin of water with the yang of fire. In the Hebrew paradigm all or most of the archetypes are aspects of awareness. The Hebrew concept of metaphysical balance has a third transformational archetype which isn't recognised by the Taoists.


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