Little Jimmy was crying to his mommy that his brother hit him he is a mean person to him. His brother never got the chance to present his and since he was older he was expected to know better. You might say that it was easy to demonize the old brother because the parents had established an acceptable pattern of conclusions based on past behavior..

             How easy is it for the person who screams the loudest to be effective in convincing people to her/his side of the story. If it sounds reasonable and is presented with conviction it must be true. No one would lie about such a thing or would they? The DNA proves that HE is not the FATHER.

                                                                                   We can agree that distortions of the facts occur in our courtrooms when people are wrongly convicted. Evidence that should have been presented was suppressed,lost,destroyed or contradicted by eyewitness testimony which later proved to be a deal made between the eyewitness and the prosecutor,

                 We are given lame excuses why the whole story cannot be presented. It takes too much air time. The public can only hold its attention on any one subject for 3-5 minutes at a time before they get bored. By leaving out the complete details we are never given the real story, The reality is even worse. The Media actually engages in targeted distortion in which particular facts are deliberately left out and any new angle to the story has no chance of being taken seriously. "Lets not go there\\\\\\" "Oh come on you don't really believe that\\\\\\\"We don't talk about that on the air\\\\\\"  Sound like a fairytale/////\\\\\ Information in the hands of the few much like money and power leads to abuse. Question all the information and the information providers..As the Master you must hold your government servants accountable to you and not the money and powers interests in this society. We demand the truth we can handle the truth don't sugar coat it and tells us whats good for us.  


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