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At 12:25am on September 29, 2012, Cheryl Honey said…

Thank you David for your acknowledgement. I wonder sometimes with all this talking...is something "happening".  I'd love to hear the stories of how people are connecting and doing together what they can not do alone.  Just wondering :-) I look forward to many "happenings" that have yet to be revealed.

At 12:26pm on September 27, 2012, Richard Ohlrogge said…

Hi David - Would love to chat when we can!!  I'm away this weekend but next week would be good for me.  Since I'm retired any time would be OK - why don't you pick it and we'll make it happen. Thanks for reaching out!!  Rich

At 7:24pm on September 20, 2012, Clay Forsberg said…

Thanks David for turning me on to Occupy Cafe. I look forward to some interesting insight and dialogue.

Again thanks,


At 7:25pm on June 30, 2012, Mushin said…


Yes it will and we are currently preparing to launch "Friends of Lakota" via the Ning site.  What do you do other than climb?  Good pic.  Latter Mushin

At 12:34am on March 15, 2012, Fern Moncrief said…

Hi David, No clear plans for thehumanxperience right now. I am attached to whatever it might become in the future. Scott (also OccupyCafe member) set it up for me a few years ago.   Want to read your latest posts, may not have time to for a few days but looking forward to when I do.

At 12:06pm on February 28, 2012, Cecile Green said…

Hi David! Thanks for the welcome. I'd enjoy meeting you in person too sometime!

At 7:19pm on February 5, 2012, David Eggleton said…
At 11:24am on January 6, 2012, Jackson W Barnett said…

Good to see you here too, David! :-D

At 4:20pm on January 5, 2012, Vic Desotelle said…

Hi David

Candidate forrrrrr what?

Vic :)

At 8:01pm on January 3, 2012, Susan Livingston said…

Thanks for the Friend link, David!  I can tell by scrolling your wall that our paths will be crossing on a regular basis.

At 4:23pm on January 3, 2012, Anna Harris said…

Look up Barbara Marx Hubbard, and evolutionary spirituality. I am the evolutionary consciousness of the universe in person. Listen to BMH chakra meditation, found on her website, or I can email you a copy when I get home tomorrow.


At 10:54pm on December 21, 2011, Deborah Frieze said…

Thanks for saying hello, David. I arrived here pretty quietly... Hoping to get more involved soon.

At 10:17am on December 5, 2011, Paul Donald Burley said…

David - Thank you. I appreciate your interest in the book. Please keep me posted as you read through it. I'm always interested in reader's thoughts!

Have a great week!


At 11:51pm on December 1, 2011, Kevin Parcell said…
np, just wanted to give you heads up thatc
I'll be deleting my comments re that currency system before they get on the net - I'm not the only one who does a news alert on that keyword. 
At 9:20pm on November 30, 2011, Judith N said…

the one and only ;-)

At 12:21am on November 16, 2011, almanuelnw said…

And isn't this part of transition?  Got pointed to Occupy Cafe by Pennie O'Grady a permaculture and sociocracy friend.

At 5:36pm on November 14, 2011, Jane Hughes Gignoux said…


Thanks for your kind comment. These occupy cafes are both stimulating and frustrating (for me). I enjoy listening to different people's POV and thinking about these challenging core questions but the limitations of being on the phone rather then in one physical space and dealing with the turmoil of Maestro Conference I find frustrating. As I think about it, I suppose it's no different from learning any new process, eventaully I'll adapt to the system and my expectations will change, therefore, my experience.

Perhaps part of my impatience stems from having known since I was five that I wasn't being told the whole story and then holding that awareness to myself for 45 years.  For the last 30 years I've  spoken (and written) about these issues more and more in a number of forums. This impetus is triggered in part by the realization that I don't have too may more years (this time round, at least) to share all those things I understood so many long years ago.

Who knows if it's true but it makes a good story and since I'm a stroyteller, I guess that'll have to be OK.

At 11:34am on November 6, 2011, Mr. Jan Hearthstone said…

David Eggleton added a comment to your profile on Occupy Cafe

"Members must be approved

Designing the Future of the Earth Co-operatively. is accepting new members. If you would like to join, click here to request access (http://www.occupycafe.org/group/designing-the-future-of-the-earth-co-operatively#) from the Group Creator."

If you are Creator and judge of fitness-to-participate, how will co-operation develop and thrive?

Hearthstone replies:

I have a bad experience from other discussion groups--too many "members" joining with the help of bots and subsequently starting spamming. 


At 9:10pm on November 3, 2011, Carla Kimball said…

How nice to "see" you, David, in yet another interesting venue.  I'm enjoying our growing connections.


At 10:40am on October 25, 2011, Bob Slaughter greentheearth.org said…

Thanks David. It's good to be here, and to talk to like minded people.

Here's my website:


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