A Proposed Outcome of the Occupy Movement: Creating & Installing A New Money System Without A Focus on the Existing One


... It would be to define it's purpose around a quantum change in the model(s) for money and its role in world economies. With this objective positioned clearly and correctly, we could begin to create alternative money system(s) and have the force of the Occupy people behind it to support it's emergence within varied global economies. Even if the old system is still in play.

Rather than force the one's in power to change their hand, we instead build another system IN PARALLEL with the existing. It is possible to have adjacent money systems and correlating economies actively running at the same time. In fact, this approach of building anew, rather than tearing down the old, is really the only way to allow transformation to happen without overwhelming levels of bloodshed. We need an 'evolution', not another 'revolution'. Let's not try to stop the existing one. Let's spend our energy building a new one.

That said, realize that there are already thousands of alternative currencies trying to make headway around this objective within many communities around the world. They are an outcome of so many of us no longer being able to access the existing money systems. However, what these community currencies do not have is an aligned effort, such as what the Occupy Movement can provide.

To the above end, I want to share a powerful series on youtube called "The Money Masters" which very effectively unveils the story of how money works and the men that manipulate it. If we are to implement new economic systems, as well as new symbols (money) to reflect them, we must first thoroughly understand the existing system in order to create a new one that isn't the same thing with a different cover. Please watch this series and give me your feedback on what you learn. "THE MONEY MASTERS"  http://ning.it/vnQq2N


Also I would very much appreciate your feedback on how we could begin an internal movement inside the Occupy movement that 'moves' toward my proposal above.


Who is interested in what I am proposing here?

What are your comments?

Vic Desotelle


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Thanks for this, Vic.  Lots of people are interested in this subject here, to be sure.  I suggest you cross-post this to the Alternative Economies Group and the "A New Economy" forum thread too (if not move the entire thread over there).



Thanks Ben, Good idea. Vic

Why global?  How long do you think the energy to support something global will be affordable/available?

Coming from the place The Crash Course by Chris Martenson puts us, I like the coordination part, not the whole planet part..

Hi David,

Our human communities are migrating from tribes, to villages, to cities, to states, to nations, and now to global. All still exist within concentric circles of activity - sort of like a Russian doll. The global community was just a concept before we viewed our Earth from the first astronauts pictures of our planet. Today we have become that community through our technological connections. This means that communities are no longer just physical locations, as they can now be built across the aethers to manifest relationships, and even commerce, as a global system.

As for your comment about the energy to support something global, all these will be defined under the principles for using and exchanging currencies. There will be many currencies; some arising physically local, and others across the virtual internet. There are now 100's of alternative energy systems emerging, which will be built, sold, and used under the guidelines for another economy. Especially relating to energy, we can not isolate any inspirations, innovations, or inventions that can be realized. Thus we need to open the access to all forms of knowledge capital; where ever and who ever holds it and wants to share it.

The main point to my article is to be thinking about parallel economic systems. This would mean the existing economy would stay in place without us trying to force it down, including the antiquated oil-based energy system - which by the way is global.

With that, I ask you David: I would love to know more about what you mean regarding your concerns for energy and for your comment about 'not the whole part'?

I look forward to your comments.

Vic Desotelle



concerns for energy

I think the energy that got us here will become prohibitively expensive and then unavailable.  I think new fuels and energy systems will be luxury items, possibly short-lived.  See The Crash Course.

not the whole planet part

In light of the energy prospects, the movement should not attempt to create one parallel economy that's global, but many, many of them at community and regional scales.  As I meant to say, I support your call for alignment very much, but not calls for unification of the aligned alternatives.

I want to see economies that are much more like ecosystems than like Gaia.

Hi David,

I think you might be intrigued with this movie http://ThriveMovement.com, which talks about a very real solution to our energy's future. Keep an open mind to possibilities that are not implanted into our nature yet.


I'm not sure what you mean by "not implanted into our nature yet", but it sounds like mind control.

And I would suggest that anyone who puts their faith and hope in quantum energy sources or alien technologies (or any other energy mode which violates the laws of thermodynamics) is either under external mind control (perception management) or self-deluded.

I also have trouble with the hyper-optimistic perspective that imagines a "thriving" human population of 7 billion and growing fast. Any sober assessment indicates that the global human population surpassed the earth's carrying capacity at, perhaps, 1 billion (about 1840) - and that may be overly generous, since the last time we lived in harmony with our environment (as hunter-gatherers) we were only about 4 million.

I've been fascinated with quantum mechanics since the 70's, and it offers us many important perspectives that are similar to those of the world's great mystical traditions, but if zero-point energy (the basis of everything and the source of the Universe) is available for capture we would have to be God to do so (and many scientists and technophiles believe they are).

Mind control is an answer that attempts to place fear in those that hear it. Move from pessimism to optimism and see what the world looks like.

As for God ... "I am That", someone once said. And so are you.

Also, within a few years, the "law" of thermodynamics will be understood as incorrect and changed thereby. Open your mind Robert. All the best to you.

I'm glad you're so certain. But, as of now, it is considered the most universal and foundational principle in the universe, and no revolution in scientific thought has altered its efficacy. 

In statistical thermodynamics, the second law is a consequence of unitarity in quantum theory (a restriction on the allowed evolution of quantum systems that insures the sum of probabilities of all possible outcomes of any event is always 1). - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_law_of_thermodynamics

"During the 20th century, the laws of mechanics have been profoundly modified by two major revolutions in our understanding of natural sciences: quantum theory and relativity. The laws of thermodynamics, instead, have survived both revolutions, unaltered and strengthened." - http://www.quantumthermodynamics.org/

"The entropy of the whole universe still cannot be decreased even with the full assistance of the quantum magic of entanglement and negative entropies of quantum objects." - Scientific American, Does Quantum Mechanics Flout the Laws of Thermodynamics? by Vlatko Vedral,  June 1, 2011


The one thing that is not in the equations is this >> Consciousness

I have never been a pessimist. But I temper my optimism with a healthy skepticism.

It was God who (allegedly) said "I am that I am". It was the Upanishads that said "tat vam asi" (thou art that). But it was Bernie Madoff who said "I am God" (but he wasn't, really). 


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