The "Cafe Calls"


When are they held?

Our initial schedule is Mondays from 11am-2pm US Eastern time.  "Drop in" for any portion of the call or join for the whole thing--it will go by faster than you think!  You must register (preferably but not necessarily in advance) for each call so that you receive a call-in number and your own unique PIN.  The current schedule and registration links can be found on the main page and the Call Schedule page.  The "menu" of conversations being hosted on the next call can be found on the Current Call Menus page.  

What do I need to participate?

The calls use a regular phone connection, which can be a land line, cell, Google Voice or "Skype-Out" (but NOT Skype-to-Skype). This is a long distance call for most participants.  The call-in numbers are US-based even for overseas callers, at this time. 

You do not need to be online during the call--most of the action is voice only.  However there is a participant dashboard you can log in to (the link for this will be in your registration confirmation) that allows for extra communications back and forth with the call's hosts (but not other participants).  Many people may also use this site during the call, to view the current conversation menu, profiles of people they are talking to or the text chat feature listed on the main menu bar.


What happens on a call? 

Our main programs, Vital Conversations and Occupy Heart, run 2 hours.  Connect 2012 calls will range between 1-2 hours, depending on the call purpose. 

General Call Agenda for Vital Conversation:

  • Welcome
  • Small Group Breakout
  • Large Group Share
  • "Conversation Starter" speaks(10-15 minutes)  
    • These are people with a particular expertise or experience that is relevant to the movement
    • We are looking for individuals with compelling stories of their own participation in #Occupy, activism for justice or of things they have witnessed.  Please feel free to suggestion someone.
  • After the conversation starter has spoken, the call will divide into two sections. 
    •  In the "Main Room," the conversation starter will take questions and a large group conversation will be hosted.  
    • In the "Open Space" area, participants will break up into small groups organized thematically
      • You can choose from one or more "generative questions" offered each round.  Often, these are drawn from suggestions posted on this website.  Post your own ideas here.
      • Open space includes a special "Organizing Zone" where those who are deeply engaged in the movement can connect with one another and with people who may not be engaged "on the ground" but who wish to support their work.  Topic suggestions can be posted in advance here.


Our format will evolve in time based on our sense of the conversations that want and need to happen, so your feedback is vital to this process.  

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