A Proposed Outcome of the Occupy Movement: Creating & Installing A New Money System Without A Focus on the Existing One


... It would be to define it's purpose around a quantum change in the model(s) for money and its role in world economies. With this objective positioned clearly and correctly, we could begin to create alternative money system(s) and have the force of the Occupy people behind it to support it's emergence within varied global economies. Even if the old system is still in play.

Rather than force the one's in power to change their hand, we instead build another system IN PARALLEL with the existing. It is possible to have adjacent money systems and correlating economies actively running at the same time. In fact, this approach of building anew, rather than tearing down the old, is really the only way to allow transformation to happen without overwhelming levels of bloodshed. We need an 'evolution', not another 'revolution'. Let's not try to stop the existing one. Let's spend our energy building a new one.

That said, realize that there are already thousands of alternative currencies trying to make headway around this objective within many communities around the world. They are an outcome of so many of us no longer being able to access the existing money systems. However, what these community currencies do not have is an aligned effort, such as what the Occupy Movement can provide.

To the above end, I want to share a powerful series on youtube called "The Money Masters" which very effectively unveils the story of how money works and the men that manipulate it. If we are to implement new economic systems, as well as new symbols (money) to reflect them, we must first thoroughly understand the existing system in order to create a new one that isn't the same thing with a different cover. Please watch this series and give me your feedback on what you learn. "THE MONEY MASTERS"  http://ning.it/vnQq2N


Also I would very much appreciate your feedback on how we could begin an internal movement inside the Occupy movement that 'moves' toward my proposal above.


Who is interested in what I am proposing here?

What are your comments?

Vic Desotelle


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Accusing those who challenge your arguments and conclusions as having an "agenda" is a cop out and a diversion. The only "agenda" I have is challenging misguided beliefs and confused ideas in order to expose the truth that they obfuscate.

That you can't follow my clear logic (I got an A+ in logic 35 years ago, as a student of philosophy and religion), that you "have no idea how you can draw such a conclusion", and that you admit that your attempts at communication may not be sufficiently intelligible ("The point that I am attempting to make...") suggest that you need to re-visit your beliefs, arguments and conclusions and examine them for integrity, validity and consistency with the real world.

And, when you attempt to make an argument, based on "legitimate and well-known physicists" and "more than 1,000 studies", you should be prepared to name or link to at least a few of them - otherwise it's just a false argument from authority (argumentum ad verecundiam).


I'm probably as familiar with the history of attempts to harness "free" energy as anyone here, and in spite of efforts like that of the Orion Project http://www.theorionproject.org/en/index.html  nothing has materialized that is demonstrable. It's all wishful thinking and, even worse, it's still the old paradigm putting on new clothes.

Dr. Brian O’Leary has taken enough bites of the "red pill" to realize that the wrong people run this Matrix world for the wrong reasons and that all previous attempts to shift out of it have been insufficient. But he hasn't yet taken the whole pill and likely never will, since he's dedicated too much of his life to the scientific/technological paradigm which is destroying us and is unwilling or unable to step outside of that box.

All human technologies have unintended consequences. That's a Universal Law. We have all the energy we'll ever need, directly from the sun, unmediated by PV panels or any other machine which requires the despiritualization and despoiliation of the earth.

What's far worse than simply repeating the same mistakes over and over again - such as reliance on, and hope in, technology - is proselytizing that dead-end path, such as you and Gail and others here are doing. The Natives don't need any more of your religion. It's time to shut up and listen to the Natives, since only they know how to live in balance on this sacred earth.


I will answer all of your posts here because the final of your posts (in both categories) does not have a reply link.

Your anger about what I am saying and your distortions of my points make further conversation impossible.

I have been manifesting my own reality for years.  I know that it works.  I know how to create things and bring them into my reality - as unbelievable as you may think it is.  You, who have never tried it, insists that it does not. This makes no sense, but if you say it's logical, and you're comfortable with that, I will not belittle you like you belittle me.   Do you think i would lie to you?

You say that there is no schism between science and religion and that there are no schisms among various denominations that call themselves christian but deny that status to other groups that call themselves christian.  It seems that reality can prove that you see what you want to see - as do we all.  In your case, you make it very clear that you do not understand what I am saying, and I will no longer clarify.  I will not bother you with facts while your mind is already made up.

You skip over the most important points of what I am saying and say that you are being logical and I am being both illogical and dishonest.  You cannot skip over the most important points as if they don't exist and then critique what you obviously don't understand.  that's not logical or fair.

I am not here to be insulted, yelled at, accused of lying, or belittled.  I am here to help find a cure.  I would appreciate your treating me and others with considerably more respect.  If your vision of the new world order includes such rage as you have and are inflicting on others, I don't want to be a part of your solution.  I doubt others do, when there is a viable alternative.


I suspect you don't realize just what it is you are "manifesting". You are projecting your own reactions or your own imagination onto me. 

There is nothing in my remarks to suggest "anger" or "rage", and I've accused you of nothing other than sloppy thinking or poor communication - while you did accuse me of having an "agenda" and of "insulting" and "yelling" (which, unless I use CAPITAL LETTERS, is impossible to do via a text message).

So I repeat: you need to re-visit your beliefs, arguments and conclusions and examine them for integrity, validity and consistency with the real world. And you would do well to stop projecting your own shadow onto others.


I should add that, if you reread your last post in a dispassionate moment, you will notice that it's almost unintelligible, suggesting that it is you who are responding from emotional over-reaction to my straightforward, unemotional, purely logical and quite reasonable statements.

This reinforces my suspicion (in fact, near certainty) that you are projecting your emotional condition onto the one who has challenged your certainties.

This is the almost universal mode of response of those who pretend to be spiritually ascended but have not addressed their own shadows and inner demons. What we do not own, acknowledge and befriend invariably arises to haunt us in moments of stress and this disowned shadow becomes the reality that we manifest around ourselves in the world.

Authentic spiritual growth begins with diving downward, not up, to discover the suppressed and denied demons in the lower world. Once acknowledged, owned and embraced, these demons become our allies and their power is available to us as our strength. This is the single most important lesson in spiritual development, and the one that almost all New Agers either ignore or refuse to engage.



Hi Gail.  Elsewhere on this site, I, too, wrote about some wariness of science, if you're interested.


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