Here is the final work product of Occupy Cafe's collaborative visioning process on July 4th: our offering to the general visioning work taking place on this day at NatGat (the report of the main gathering can now be accessed here).  This is the result of ~60 people working together in person and virtually.  PDF also attached for distribution.  

In addition to discussing the Declaration here, please join our conversation on "what we learned at #NatGat" via the forum and on our Monday Vital Conversation Cafe Call (see box on right to register).

FINAL ROUND Occupy Cafe WORKSPACE:  July 4, 2012

The following statement was developed in response to the question "what Declaration of Interdependence can you CONSENT on that has the power to inspire the movement and transform the world?"                  

Declaration of Interdependence /“We”


We are an interdependent world community. Recognizing we are unique and whole as individuals, yet part of a greater whole as members of human society we seek to create a society that heals the social cancers that so infect our cultures today.  Every piece is essential, every pain is shared, as we are a living organism.   

Accepting the responsibility as authors of our society:        

-we declare that everyone must have an opportunity to participate.  All voices are heard and considered.  My neighbors’ needs are my needs and my neighbors’ are global;  therefore everyone’s needs must be met in order to thrive as a global society.

-we declare trust in our universal humanity and recognition of our capability to transcend fear, and function from compassion and love.  

-we declare our commitment to respect and steward the interdependent web of all existence.  We evolve processes and structures for higher awareness and wisdom of our Earth, people and other animals, ecosystems, and the entire universe, now and into the future.

Final Statement/ Postamble:
We support the inalienable rights of all beings, which cannot be given or taken, bought or sold.  We declare our commitment to these points by working together in solidarity for a thriving sustainable Earth.


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Here is the link to the Google Doc we used to collaboratively draft the Declaration, with some pics and much more text showing the evolution of the final statement:


Fair enough, C.A.!

Due to the fact that there are off-topic posts in this thread, Ben, I use the link to the .pdf of the Declaration of Interdependence when sharing it on social media.*IcJ4hZJYZY0...




Although I was not part of the drafting of this Declaration of Interdependence, I endorse it totally.

Its greatest achievement, in my opinion, is that it does not do violence to the many or to the earth by focusing on the needs or wants of any individual, group, or species. It is truly inclusive, respectful, empathic, and compassionate.

As almost is always the case, I do have a quibble. ;) Since the US Supreme Court found that the Preamble to the Constitution is not a part of the Constitution proper, and that therefore the intent of the Framers (the phrase "in order to") cannot be found in the Constitution itself, I would suggest that the Preamble and Postamble labels be removed and that the entire document become a single cohesive declaration.

Thank you so much, Mark!  It means a lot to get your endorsement!


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