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Or perhaps "old sense" is merging with "new sense/science" to create New Stories?!

Here we touch the issue of fuzzy logic. Can sense be the subject of any action? Are we then the objects?

I am a dumb engineer and do not fit the definition of the philosopher: I do not think there is any sense in seeking the absolute truth explaining the Universe.

In spite of that I think we know enough (and have technical ability) to switch to new, relational, non-objective, and collective way of thinking.

Your question about the object is the best example of the challenge. The word has the natural meaning all along the evolution of language and civilization; we can’t touch it unless we want to infringe our communication ability and skills.

In Latin origin it meant “thrown against”.

I have been thrown, my place in time and space is my point. Whatever I think or do I am the temporary object/node of the universal evolution. I try to track down and grasp the sense of my relationship with my surroundings/environment; I am therefore becoming the subject of the exploration.

The very fact that I, you and all humans can be doing it is a proof that such (common) sense must exist. I feel responsible to link both senses – my (subjective) and common (objective).

It was a pleasure to read your post anyhow, thank you.


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