12 March 2012

Thank you for the Cafe Conversation this morning that revealed an emergent appreciative inquire and dialog of the deep dark humanness revealing an authentic conversation in this Cafe.  The notion of "Collective Crying" came up as a healing process we are encountering in this current creative collapsing opportunities in global predatory chaos of "Get Money or Eat Dirt."  My honest assessment is the 1% er's in power positions, titles and pontificating publications demanding our obedience and negating our self organizing manner, self directed authenticity and self regulated interactive dignity in social relations is over.  The old patriarchal worldview ended on 911 in my experience and since then we continue to encounter PTS Global Events offering us an opportunity to "Wake Up" and take the "Bull by the Horns" and create a new world together that cares for future generations; the sacred being of tomorrow.

I live at Pine Ridge Reservation and in a few days am setting off on a "Walk About" heading east then south scheduled to be in Sedona AZ by April 20th and then heading west up the coast and eventually back to Pine Ridge Reservation.  My intention is to gather trust with 1,000 "Friends of Lakota" by offering a private salon experience in sacred private gatherings that harnesses the heart felt authentic mood enactively embodied in this Cafe Conversation this morning.  

I am committed to indigenous peoples having a legitimate voice expressing the wisdom continuum that is embodied in our flesh as Homo sapiens amans; wise sing up social loving animals, not arrogant aggressive gods demanding obedience ever again in swept along historic cultural drifts in western civilization.  The reflexive action is be authentic in modern culture's faster, better, cheaper mental structure, patterns and practices, and is heart breaking to say the least.  

Yet, once we "Emerge N SEE" the fragmented dysfuntionality of our taken for granted ways of seeing and being we begin to "trust" again in joyful concern n a meaningful solidarity and legitimacy in coexistence within the web of life; we harness our human commitment to be the most powerful presence of love man has ever experienced, and thereby begin to make history instead of suffering in it for another moment.

Our unity is not in politics, economics, linear reductive rationalizations in language, or spiritual conceptual transcendental symbols pointing to objective truth or reality explaining our humanness.  The fact is we are alive in this moment, and we can take back our power, and commit to effective actions in solidarity, and change once and for all the human condition and situation that makes us cry on to many fine beautiful days here on earth together.  And that is my prayer that we all wake up and "Just Do It."

I invite you to join me in this fragile walk about and create the sacred space to get real and open space for indigenous peoples to have a voice in designing our future world together.  The salon's I am offering are quiet gatherings not protests or rants and waves, it's not about survival rather thriving again in movement with one another.  imagine gathering the heart of the denial that currently has a stranglehold on unifying our human commitment that is necessary to forgive and never forget behaviors of killing one another while realizing in living it's totally up to us who we become as one humanity on earth.  

Thank you I am inspired in our Cafe Conversations and encouraged that there is a way emerging to turn off the mass minded media exploitation and enter together the sacred drum beating in our own human hearts and laugh as institutions burn up like meaningless paper before our eyes!

For Those Interested in Learning More:

I humbly offer this monograph entitled "Brotherhood of Our Humanity" for those interested in becoming a "Friend of Lakota."

This monograph is a response triggered by “Censored” by Sandy Kurtic “CLOSED POST” January 20th, 2012

In his most recent post, Chris Hedges has notified us that he is “suing Barack Obama” for signing into law the new (and controversial) National Defense Authorization Act.  The law, as written and interpreted, allows for military occupation/intervention on homeland soil, and for indeterminate military detention of American citizens suspected of terrorist associations or intentions.  As he says, “a catastrophic blow to civil liberties.”

Patric Roberts says:

January 20, 2012 at 7:40 am 


A Lakota Sun Dancer shared this story yesterday. An Indian playing with coo sticks became so engrossed in the game that on the field of battle he got carried away in rage and killed an Indian. The Indian was proud of his deed and shared it in a sacred circle of men telling in detail how he killed the Indian. An old wise elder was in the circle listening and spoke saying “that was my son.” The Indian became enraged in defense and challenged him in mortal combat immediately flipping again into a raging heart. The old wise man walked over took his hand and said, “Now you are my son.”

The point of the story is an expression of the true meaning of Wolakota that means peace and friendship. The real courage and wisdom isn’t combating evil, rather owning its power no matter the conditions or situations appearing. I, like many are tempted to enter the raging storm of reactive emotions based in the power of the sword where blood letting begets more blood letting. I offer it’s the power of love that constitutes, sustains and maintains us as Homo sapiens amans and that “IT” is eternal infinite goodness always. All your posts endeavor to inspire a higher standard of social relations by recovering the ancient feral wisdom embodied in our bones, blood, skin and hearts. I think this old man knew what he was talking about through direct human experience of Wolakota and won the contest hand downs.

Have a great 2012 as predatory chaos goes mad in a new integration. 

Maka Si Tomni Velocity in the Third Wave

It’s evident today by the facts before us that we are entering a new epoch in the household of our humanity.  Our past certainties of in discourses, institutions and practices of a manifested destiny of peace, balance and order are breaking down in every domain of social relations.  I assess our human perceptions are cultural coercive deceptive patriarchal mistakes in the past six hundred-year-old histories that the Censored assessments of Sandy clearly points to.  It appears that elite powerful hierarchal discourses, institutions and systemic systems are undefeatable, at the moment. I see a contra variant emerging that is structurally determined in an understanding of the biology of love and have a unit of our humanity that actually enacts it in social relations, the Lakota people engaging in a profound new discourse in Maka Si Tomni as a elder wisdom continuum that brings light to current powerless shadow appearances. 

There are many who assess that in fact the mental structure of western civilization has run its course in its notions of manifest destiny.  My assessment is it’s the indigenous people on Turtle Island who have a role to play in the Manifest Destiny of Western Civilization.  I submit western civilization is in it’s final gurgling death throes of panic, fear and coercive power based in demanding obedience and punishing terrorists, and an emergent intuitive integrative future is arising in our humanity that is self organized at a deep primitive  feral wisdom continuum that is embodied in our flesh in feel and shared in every common man’s understanding of being Homo sapiens amans.  Masses of people are awakening in moods of outrage and indignation, and the next step is to gather the unified trust and harnessing our human commitments to a vision of humanity as a social community of values designing a future for the children of tomorrow.  

 “So, how does one effectively fight this goliath?”

Our notion “IT IS EASY” to “STOP IT” by shifting our attention and will power (human commitments) from the presumed shadow powerless appearances of Goliath’s insane raging militant imperial behaviors into a single primary knowing source of reality that is always already enactively embodied in the heart presence of mankind.  This presence is a “unifying living stone” of our common permanent human and business concerns that is currently expressing indignation for the current leadership standards in OUR WORLD.  Goliath is falling to the ground through the exponential weight of it’s own arrogant aggressive militant behaviors demanding obedience and negating the wisdom continuum in Homo sapiens amans birth rights in natural law created as social loving wise-sing up animals, not gods over one another.  The “Common Man” is central to every spiritual tradition on earth.

Goliath only appears to have power through a hypnotic mesmerized mass minded manufactured media campaign of “State~Private~Corporate Plutocracies operating a Oligarchy of elite imperial Washington DC Consensus of Globalization where “King George” was Humpty Dumpty and fell off the wall, and the “All The Kings Men” can’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again. 

Current political discourse in American politics is hosting insane conversations based in dualistic political rational justifications for worldwide arrogant aggressive economic rulership based in military power of a tyrannical leadership pattern that does not care, feed or nurture permanent human concerns.   America as a young Nation has lost its value in a drunken party and orgy on the deck of a Titanic Global Disaster.  Leadership’s current explanations for the crises are a confused ideological ontological argument between coercive deceptive manners of arrogant aggressive lying, cheating, and stealing of outright criminal politicians running an insane asylum. 

Rather than face their failed decision making choices authentically they craft political discourse and institutional warfare in the news, competition of resources. and use courts so we eat one another alive like robotic rats fighting for crumbs from a kings lavish feasting table.  They offer dead speech acts justifying current human behaviors and human suffering as the permanent natural biological state of our future humanity destined to live in so called original sin forever.  I assert that is an absolute lie. I also assert that Lakota Elder’s have had enough BS to last for all eternity and have a role in saving the child and throwing out the bath water once and for all.

To solve the global leadership crisis we must freely decide to turn off the 500 channels of this manufactured mass media in the mass collective mind and tune into the natural synchronistic channel of spirit embedded in trusted person~to~person commitments. We are present in this world as living dynamic temporal biological co~architect’s as beings. We refer in cognitive science to us as being Homo sapiens amans who value the moment and presencing authentically the heart felt love for one another in human commitment in natural law.  That means we take effective actions in the breakdowns that arise and breakthrough to make history rather than continuing to suffer within the past mistaken belief systems based in ignorance. 

MST~V3W’s fundamental grounded claim is that living speech acts are the only power and life is not an intellectual mystery to be solved or confused by ignorant political leadership in any domain of permanent human or business concerns.   Rather we claim that “Personal Disarmament” is an exercising of true power experienced in the legitimacy in coexistence with the beauty of our social reality as a “Family of Man” and is a proven fact of life in our daily lives in the domain of friendship with one another as Homo sapiens amans; wise-sing up social loving animals not arrogant aggressive gods demanding obedience negating the truth of the Autopoietic Selfhood in Our Humanity. 

The western gods of patriarchy’s culture who have designed this Casino of ROI Capital of  “Get Money or Eat Dirt” are a mistaken immature arrested adolescence functioning in a linear rational scarcity principle and viewpoint of political power based in this fundamental patriarchal feature of exclusion and appropriation of land and peoples. People belong to earth in a profound social relationship and are the proprietors of the future tomorrow.  Paul Burley’s notion of “The Sacred Sphere” is an opening for the Lakota wisdom continuum to anchor the reality of Homo sapiens amans in a living universe based in natural law celebrating social relations in a mood of joyful concern “Wolakota.” 

In the heart felt passionate desires of Homo sapiens amans, they know that no oppressive agent or agency can ever possess the truth of reality and relationship with the creative generative spirit that constitutes, sustains and maintains ALL LIFE happening in the Circularity of Presencing in Social Relationships.  True power is constituted eternally and infinitely in an autopoietic realization~in~living that there is JUST ONE LIFE not two.  The elite’s misguided insanity of leadership operating as power brokers in geopolitics is over and must release immediately the “Secret Financial Booty Behind the Wizard of OZ Curtain of Coercive Deceptions” in this political scheme of manifest destiny to save their own lives before “Occupy Everywhere as Barbarians Storm the Gates” and kill them and their children for proposing this nonsensical evil on our humanity.

The true manifest destiny in our future is the loving humanness in the roots of our biological understanding that is a good knowing autopoietic principle in structural determinism that has been guiding our living universe throughout the web of life in heartfelt freedom, independence and self regulated manners of ethical dignity. From this simple understanding of the common man arises a mutually agreed to experience of values in trusted actions in a mood of joyful concern for All of Creation.  We are a living brotherhood, not a dead end mental archetypal ideological structure, patriarchal cultural pattern or systemic robotic transactional financial configurations for power brokers of Washington’s Elite Consensus notion of manifest destiny.

“In a small country, those in power have, long ago, forced all those not belonging to their group to reservations far from the cities and power centers.  The government is a dictatorship, an apartheid.  The dictator, and the power base he is supported by, knows little of the culture, values, or spirituality of their perceived enemies.  Fear and control are behind every decision.  It is believed that if those without power ever came to prominence, the entire way of being of the country would be threatened.  One day there is a serious power outage.  The power lines have been cut.  Power, which has been the major export and resource of this country, has stopped flowing entirely.  The government is paralyzed.  The marginalized groups do not deny they cut the lines, but assert that the power has always belonged to them….”

                                                                        Deena Metzger “Personal Disarmament”

MST~V3W views breakdowns as creative collapsing opportunities to expand generative human intelligence in learning, innovative collaborative rapidly forming social networks, and breakthrough history making events that redesigns the industrial mental age of dead structures, patterns and processes by bringing forth living thriving organizations that are based in the realization of ethical social fundaments of humanness in person to person relationships that naturally operate in a dignified manner of integral accountability and responsibility for our common good addressing our permanent human concerns.

This view is not a new age pie~in~the~sky ideology, rather a bold grounded biological assertion based in indigenous cultural studies with the Lakota people and leading edge discoveries in the fields of biology, cognition, linguistics, sociology and cosmology.  Maka Si Tomni is committed to the bringing forth a thriving Lakota language and culture as a demonstrative realization in living of a wisdom continuum over 7,000 years old. 

“All that rises must converge.”  Teilhard de Chardin “The Emergent Noosphere”

The V3W enterprise technological virtual office of the future is a closed container for learning by Homo sapiens amans using an ontological state~of~the~art interactive design methodology that is based in visionary simple cognitive distinctions to assist human nature to expand creative generative intelligence based in responsibility for caring, feeding and nurturing virtual identities and generating innovative learning taking effective actions.  We also integrate a new discovery of jurist prudence for leadership and management called “Communicative Competency” as the central design feature in building living organizations in the 21st century where person to person human utterances are appreciative inquiries inviting dialog in serious conversations for possibilities and effective actions as a new praxis of learning, promises in mutually agreed to commitments, and designing a future world together on a level playing field in a new game. 

V3W’s envisioned virtual technological social platform bundles innovative visionaries passionate desires as artistic craftsmanship capable of collaborating expertise in wholeness in building the earth for future generations, while operating in a social mood of joyful concern transforming the denied distrust, confusion, resignation and despair as servant leaders.  We are committed to building the earth not destroying it.  We are beginners deeply involved in an appreciative inquiry learning where we live and doing our home work as ethical dignified common men and women sharing the wounded suffering of patriarchy.  We value human relations not any ideological patriarchal mental structuring or programmatic belief system offering the next saving cookie or widget in our condition and situation.  We are birthing the realization~in~living of being Homo sapiens amans in natural law as a Universal Brotherhood of Man.

Our fundamental discovery is based in the Lakota people’s notion of “Wolakota,” an ancient oral distinction that enactively embodies a social dignified manner of behaviors embracing a non-violent peacefulness within the web of life and a manner of friendship with all living systems in the universe.  The Lakota oral ancient languaging had the “White Buffalo Calf Woman” come to them over 7,000 years ago and gift the sacred pipe to the people called “Cunnupa.” The Lakota ancestry designed social generative cultural systemic praxis based in wisdom that created an enlightened biological unit of our humanity that lived in a holiday in balance, harmony and order for generations where the elder wisdom continuum passed from grandparents lips to children’s ears in oral traditional provided a peaceful order.  Prayer is the central feature of this social unit of humanity demonstrating a living generative experience of forgiveness in realization as human beings when confronting deviant behaviors in social experiences. 

Maka Si Tomni embraces the surrounding universe in friendship and sees a living integral spherical relationship with the earth and Milky Way that is already always operating in natural law that cares, feeds and nurtures all life in a manner of legitimacy~in~coexistence that we may understand today as true love.  The Lakota have no gods or words for animal, goodbye, death or cursing of creation by blaming and shaming one another.  They enact a social reality built on understanding the virtues of humility, generosity, courage, fortitude and natural wisdom in social relationships.  They do not worship a bifurcated god, yet find ways daily to adorn the beauty in one another by praying, eating together, and singing, dancing and laughing together. 

Lastly and most important for this moment of our human history is they have no fear of death and see it as a journey to the next camp where there ancestry waits, and is helping them daily in the healing of the intergenerational wounds of pitiful human animal’s ignorance is social relations as a wise sing up responsibility in spirituality.  They celebrate Tunkasilas in ancestoral songs of the heart by coming together feasting in the knowing that the future camp of ancestral social relations is imperturbable and everlasting.  They belong to a living eternal family of man awakening to the truth of everlasting life in natural law. They consider Jesus Christ as Lakota Man promising Wolakota by being the ultimate Sun Dancer in our humanity revealing the truth embodied in our flesh in the Tree of Life. 

As Paul Burley’s “The Sacred Sphere” (2012) points to the Lakota Iconic Symbolism is within every unit of human psychic pathway of spiritual discourse operating globally in our humanity.  This book is a beginning effort in bringing forth a global appreciative inquiry and dialog with the elder Lakota wisdom continuum at Sinte Gleska University in Mission South Dakota.  Our view is Sinte Gleska University is the primary institutional repository for the Elder Lakota Wisdom Continuum and we are committed to growing the Maka Si Tomni distinction as a grounded Native Science Life Pathway as a new discourse in general systems theory.

The Lakota people are intersecting not only the global collapsing geopolitical economic affairs of patriarchy, they are also facing the fragmented dysfunctional valley of tears of their people’s intergenerational genocide trauma by western civilization.  Maka Si Tomni’s commitment is to bring forth a thriving Lakota language and culture with an enactive embodied cognitive approach within a vibrant rigorous Lakota learning community where linguistic distinctions are paramount in restoration of identity.  We are committed to effective actions in the permanent human conditions and situations of the Lakota people and refuse to accept the charity of guilt ridden belief systems in modernity operating governmental programs enslaving people on any reservation as a political aggressive act of patriarchal arrogance.

We are committing to establishing a Maka Si Tomni Velocity in the Third Wave Native entity capable of competing privately in the global marketplace as a tax free for social profit enterprise as a permanent self-generating funding mechanism for sacred money to empower the elder wisdom continuum.  Our notion is to create private funding cash flow and reverse engineer waiting on the wagon and government commodities and programs, rather fund restorative justice where the Lakota people are empowered in designing our community for the sacred beings of tomorrow, our children in freedom, independence and self regulated sovereignty based in their own linguistic understandings and cultural ancestry .

Lakota ancestors lived life as learning experiences in natural law and continuously redesigned a thriving generative culture in a manner of dignified Wolakota. The preservation of this ancient social structure and wise elder continuum pattern has been deeply disrupted in an unbelievable grieving process by patriarchy aggressive demand for obedience and negation of social Lakota freedom in praxis of living.  The Lakota culture is based in a matriarchal understanding that all mammalian life precedes from the one woman, Mother of Earth both male and female arise from one womb.  Maka Si Tomni is a Brotherhood of Man dedicated to restoring the generative wisdom continuum in balancing the male and female roles within our humanity in true partnership serving the eternal inner family altar in our humanity. 

They are also intersecting leading edge awarenesses in cognitive science in a new distinction called “Homo sapiens amans” that is offering the biological structural determinism to the genetic Lakota wisdom continuum that make up our dynamic temporal architecture that is based in plasticity and capable of instantaneously healing and behavior changes.  Autopoiese is fundamentally a distinction based in a biological understanding that love constitutes human nature, not arrogance nor aggressive cultural behaviors in patriarchy.  Our view in this regard is that the Lakota People are a fragile unit of humanity that deserves the same appreciative inquiry and dialog in an open conversation of inquiry and dialog as the patriarchal coercive deceptive mistaken intellectual endeavors of blind knowledge of cultural powers operating the exclusion and appropriating notions of reservations, a cultural patriarchal design feature demanding our obedience and the punishment of our people.

MST~V3W offers this quote by Frank Fools Crow as an optimistic Lakota viewpoint by a Great Lakota Healer and USA Treaty Statesman historically “When we become hollow bones there is no limit to what the higher powers can do in us and through us in spiritual things.”  In our assessment the moment is here and now. This monograph is an invitation to commit to gather that trusted unity in learning as hollow bones in a circulating virtual hoop of our humanity that is always already in love with a dignified notion of emergent shared humanity designing a new day in our living together as social beings.

MST~V3W An Exploratory Learning Incubating Effective Actions

Following 911 a small group of men set forth the notions of “The Order of Earth” dedicated to creating a sustainable future by exploring a new configuration for the elder wisdom continuum that has guided all the units of our humanity since time memorial.  In 2004 the endeavor led us to the Lakota people as an experiential learning process in understanding wisdom within social relations.  The meaning of Wolakota is central to the natural law operating in the social systems of the Lakota culture that is based on living relationships within the web of life.  This ancient pattern is not an intellectual ideological ontological argument that can be understood in the mental structuring of western civilization.  The way of seeing and being in this oral languaging tradition occurs in the heart of biological Lakota utterances in drumming, praying, singing and dancing a living heart song.  In 2007 Lakota elder’s translated the OOE into “Maka Si Tomni” (Surrounding the Universe) expressing an intentional primary to “Bringing Forth a Thriving Lakota Language and Culture.” This endeavor is a paradigm shift in western civilization’s thinking.  Jhon Goes In Center’s presentation of “The Lakota Paradigm” is worth watching to learn a new Native Life Way perspective. 

The exploratory endeavor to date by Maka Si Tomni has been privately funded and supported by a core-dedicated team of volunteers in diverse disciplines.  This ancient island of social sanity requires the release of past hard wired patriarchal certainties and archetypal discourses embedded in institutional reliance on current structures, cultural patterns based in obedience, and notions of punishment and self negation or subjective relativism individualism’s notion of self importance.  As emergent autopoietic Homo sapiens amans we are entering a moment of human realization in enactive embodiment of human commitments in natural law ~ momentariness. 

The appreciative questioning of current systemic understandings in modern discourses, institutions and prejudicial cultural practices has been a heart wrenching authentic search for a new discourse in this moment of our human history.  Needless to say, this road is the road less taken by masses of peoples, and the core team feels the pain and suffering of the Lakota people by directly experiencing it in our personal lives in launching the Maka Si Tomni. We offer our skillful means as an endeavor to be “Friends of Lakota” and learning the meaning of “Wolakota” in our person and collective existence.  We share the Lakota human condition and situation as our own, and are taking responsibility for the genocide and valley of tears inflicted on this gentle innocent loving people. 

Yet, the surprising fact is we know now through the social relationships with common Lakota people who we are and where the real riches are in the social realization happening in natural law, and held firmly in the meaning of “Wolakota.”  We are inviting friends to join us who desire to be a part of a family of man in the future.

Maka Si Tomni Men’s Oyate

Recovering the sacred masculine in the patriarchal culture is our primary task in regenerating and restoring servant leaders in “The Lakota Paradigm.”  Dallas Chief Eagle is leading this learning endeavor on a 13-acre parcel in Martin South Dakota.  The Maka Si Tomni Men’s Oyate is a self organizing, self directed and self regulated circle of Lakota men dedicated to recovering Brotherhood using the Cannupa to build trusted unity that transforms the intergenerational emotional impoverishment of Lakota men experience into a manner of living as dignified emotional billionaires in the Lakota ancestral traditional understanding of “Wolakota.”

Maka Si Tomni Men’s Oyate is committed to bringing forth a global gathering of “American Indigenous Men (Families)” in June 2013 at Pine Ridge Reservation.  Lakota men are committing to building brotherhood and mutually agreed to promises through living circles using the Cunnupa and four quadrants as a transformative process of brotherhood dealing with their wounds as men in the recent historical political aggression on the Lakota altar of family relationships.

“American Indigenous Movement” to get involved or attend a circle or initiatory experience please contact Dallas Chief Eagle Cell 605-488-0292 or Email dchiefe@gwtc.net.  Dallas graduated in Psychology and Counseling from South Dakota University and has a passionate vision for healing indigenous men and bringing forth “Plain Old Indians” as common men enacting brotherhood in social relationships in the Emergent Next Big Game.

“MST Clearing House”

To contribute financially to the Maka Si Tomni Men’s Oyate:

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All contributions are confidential and anonymous and we respect individual privacy of “Friends of Lakota.”  The MST Clearinghouse provides every contributor a yearly report on all projects starting in June 2013. AIS provides a "Letter of Acknowledgement" at the calendar year end to every contributor for the purposes of receiving a IRS Tax Deduction as a contributor to Maka Si Tomni endeavors. Please feel free to call Marilyn Lone Hill the Executive Director of Maka Si Tomni for further information in designing financial support for MST Men’s Oyate today or learn about other projects the Clearinghouse is offering .  American Indian Services Inc was formed in 1973 and has been an operating 501 (c) 3 since 1984 in good standing with IRS.   

Most Reverend Patric Roberts is a Facilitating Servant Leader and spearheading the emotional process work in Maka Si Tomni Men’s Oyate.  I was raised Roman Catholic and was ordained a Priest in the Holy Order of MANS on July 26th 1974. I founded The Oder of Earth on May 3rd 2002 and declared 1st renunciate; renouncing the world and committing to enjoy life. I have served as the OOE Project Coordinator for this emergent Lakota Elder’s Wisdom in Maka Si Tomni since 2007.  I am the Principle Business Designer in the V3W Intellectual Proprietary Property and conveying it to Maka Si Tomni to provide a social benefiting enterprise for private capitalization. I am known in Lakota circles as Mushin Mato Wambli, also a few AKA’s: magpie, doorknob and Jack in the “One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest.”  If you are a government agency, public or private global enterprise, or NGO interested in collaborating with the MST~V3W notion please contact me to design a conversation of possible possibilities:

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Email orderofearth@gmail.com

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A Closing Personal Reflection

I had the fortunate experience at 10 years old of being present when my grandfather died of leukemia.  I was the only male present in his bedroom at his home at 60 Pasadena in Rome Ohio.  My grandfather had received his last blood transfusion and had come home to die in the arms of his family.  My grandmother, mother and aunts were startled and hysterical when my grandfather started his final descent with a chilling death gargling in his bed in the middle of the night.  The screaming was an abrupt awakening from my dreaming as a young boy to an insane commotion that was like a living nightmare.

I walked into the room disturbed by the hysteria saying “Stop it.”  They settled down into muffled fearful sobbing and holding one another far away from the bed in the corner of the room in a state of deathly fear of what they were losing in moment and what was happening in their lives.

I walked over to my grandfather lying in his bed and his head was titled back as if he was in a final struggle grasping for one last breath.  I sat on the bed next to him.  He was in his death gargling moment making his departure to a new camp in the unseen world.  I gently took off his watch, realizing his time was over, the end had finally come, and his suffering as a man was giving birth to deep peace.  I felt both sadness and wonder simultaneously. 

Death enlightens our sensory cognitive intelligence and features the immediacy of our momentary attention to a permanent change that has happened in our life and living together.  It produces an immediate reflection of what we previous took for granted in one another and also leaves us a legacy of love to carry in our deep dark hearts of how common we are to one another. 

As I sat there I looked upon his face remembering the good, bad and ugly moments I had witnessed in this man’s love for his German family.  I also reflected on my love for him and how well he cared for his grandson Patric.  There was a gentle stream of tears of appreciation and gratitude that naturally flowed .  As I rested in his place with him, a gentle profound peace descended that surpasses any of our understandings, a treasured moment emerged in my life, and the women calmed way down.  A silent still presence entered the room announcing the autopoietic solitude we encounter in death that is peaceful and it arose all the hearts in the room.

We experienced a unity in social love and appreciation for the man not fearing any longer of him or where he was going. We were one family for a moment.  The gurgling relaxed into a song breathing life, slowly quieting down, and hastening slowly to a final moment of release and excitement of the next adventure.  My grandfather was gone and headed to next camp.  I know he is watching, helping and waiting on me to join him.  I am looking forward to it where I will meet my mother as well in Alice’s Restaurant.

I was drawn into getting back up on my horse through my Lakota friend on the Little Big Horn Ride in June 2006, my mother Alice had suddenly passed away in May and I wanted to spiritually feel the pain of the loss of the only woman who ever really knew me in my life.  I felt the pain all right my ass bled from  the 62-mile introductory ride and learning how to be one with a horse.  The only instruction offered by my friend was it’s never the horse’s fault always the rider.

On the third anniversary of my mother’s death I was complete and had gathered the entire golden child that rested between our hearts felt senses with one another.  In March 2010 I wrote this on a paper plate and it reminds today on the hospitality of my Lakota Friends:

Alice’s Restaurant


We start eating

from our mother’s breast

and to say the least it becomes

a primary activity throughout our lives.

It is about caring, nurturing and joyfulness

in our social relations in living on earth together.


I was raised in the Midwest by a German

Mother on meat and potatoes. Every evening was

a glorious celebration always including desert. Now

I am beginning to discover detoxing through a Vegan

Diet where you don’t even cook vegetables and grains.


As a child I don’t ever remember eating an Avocado

and now its my favorite fruit and its one of the healthiest

foods I could eat.


But, when it comes to eating my Mother’s

Hospitality is the essence of sharing a meal.

The prayer of caring, feeding and nurturing

One another in joyfulness!


You can get whatever you want at

Alice’s Restaurant

Last night I witnessed Maka Si Tomni Men’s Oyate give birth to a new understanding of the meaning of the brotherhood of man in the household of our humanity.  It appears to me it’s our shared wounds, fears, sadness, loss, painful disappointments and suffering of broken promises that is birthing this new epoch in designing our future world together.  We are all orphans looking for innocence in our current shared human condition.  I see this “Dark Night of Humanity’s Soul” as an emergent fearing of more global wars, scarcity of resources, and exponential planetary destruction of the web of life that is actually beyond our past wildest nightmares.  I also wonder in the enactive embodied heart felt reality that is breathtaking through in the Lakota Paradigm with fierce compassion in authentic living speech acts as the Brotherhood of Man. 

Last night was an Emerge~N~SEE moment in bringing forth a shared reality valuing the human heart above all else in social relations among orphans coming home at last.  What I assess is remarkable in this moment our living history making experience is the possible possibility of gathering a trusted unity in real emotional generative intelligence as a humanity becoming Homo sapiens amans.  We are moving beyond an individualistic perspective of winning the game and being forced by the creative collapsing breakdowns to breakthrough to the essential authentic heart felt passionate desire in living, itself.  We are beginning to transform the old mental patriarchal structure into the central reality that we are Homo sapiens amans and belong to the water of life, as one humanity.  Maybe our tears are medicinal healings to the deep wounds of all of our ancestor’s who struggled to come to this moment.

I pray so!

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Clay Forsberg posted a blog post

"Happy Birthday Occupy Wall Street ... thoughts on Year One"

Fifteen years ago, I ran across a book, "100 Most Influential People in History," during one of my dalliances to my local Marin County bookstore. "Influential People" was one man's assessment on exactly that. But how he determined his rankings was the interesting part. They weren't always the reasons you would think. But after thinking about it, they made complete sense. For example:George Washington was ranked in the top 40 of all time. Understandable. But the reason why ... not so much. You…See More
Sep 20, 2012
Clay Forsberg is now a member of Occupy Cafe
Sep 20, 2012
Vic Desotelle posted a group

Leadership Ecology

When a Leadership Ecology occurs, a web of relationships emerges revealing each person’s authentic leadership qualities through the transfer of their power to others. When done in a conscious way – a shared collaborative awakening happens.See More
Feb 6, 2012
Vic Desotelle posted a blog post
Feb 3, 2012


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