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had to bail on the call - my brain cannot handle multiple inputs that cannot be turned off.  Too much energy drain - my input would not have been viable any longer.

Sorry to hear that the call format didn't work for you.  Can you be a bit clearer about the "multiple inputs" and what you would have preferred?

i could hear tables three and four and my table one - but there was a hum on the line also.  I called in several times - but it didn't expire.  I have problems with auditory inputs and dislike phones anyway - i think it was a techie overload, but once i blow my mind, i'm gone for that day. 

Hi Lenny,

Big apology for my Maestro tech gaffe.  It had to be incredibly annoying and particularly irritating to your sensitive aural system.  Solved it right after you left. 



All is well - amazing what a 60 degree afternoon means when things have been cold.  I was inspired to go back and review some poetry - i posted one in the Occupy! poetry area.  Peace is where we find it.  I am certain that the call went well.  Blessings.  L

Here's the link to a particularly good article clarifying the integration of vertical and horizontal decision making/governance/leadership.


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