Occupy Cafe has stepped into the movement-wide conversation now swirling around the evolution of #Occupy.  Our next Cafe Call for the inquiry is Tuesday, 12/13 from 4-6pm EST.

This thread continues the discussions here and here as well as on the series of Tuesday Cafe Calls that began on 11/15, the day Zucotti Park encampment was dismantled.  On our 11/29 Cafe Call, we engaged in a harvesting and synthesizing dialogue that is reflected in this "Community Tablecloth" Google Doc, excerpted below.

We also have a second "Tablecloth" for our 12/6 call, which can be viewed here.

If you have not already done so, please examine the Mind Map of the round one of the conversation, produced with prodigious effort by OC Member Ellen Friedman, attached below.

And please consider joining one or more of these "Occupy 2.0 Design Groups" that emerged from the 11/29 Cafe Call.  And if you're interested in hosting your own, please email us.

We begin this week once again in "harvesting mode," looking to capture and synthesize all the valuable "gems" that have come forth from our dialogue thus far and to identify the deeper themes and questions running beneath them.

Please note that this is a hosted discussion.  We will periodically be asking people to step back or step up, to make sure it is balanced and there is space for all voices to be heard.  We will also ask that side conversations that emerge be taken onto new discussion threads so that this core conversation remains focused and readable.  Thank you in advance for your help with this!

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Interesting stuff.  I suspect that reports of the movement's death might be premature.  Occupy is a new kind of political action, rooted in the decentralized nature of social media, which in fact does hear every voice.  In this evolving paradigm, there's room for flakes, fantasists, environmentalists, unionists, communes, and everyone else.  Why not a world this diverse if we can have it?

The old liberal/progressive/democratic paradigm focused on an agenda-driven campaign from the left, which was necessary in a world where the media was structurally limited such that all the many interests of the left needed to unify to have a shot at contesting the singular self-interest of the far right that rules the financial world.  But with our new tools we will inevitably construct a new economy to supplant the failed vision of that right elite

I have little doubt that this will happen, but exactly what that might finally look like is still unknown.  Power paradigm shifts are messy.  The last one in the western world came with the printing press, which supplanted the Church's grip on information, and it took about two centuries to make that switch.  This new media changes the game again, and more than any change before, because now we will see a new global paradigm emerge.  Before the printing press, for hundreds of thousands of years, information traveled by word of mouth, but word of mouth was technologically challenged, and so the new printing technology triumphed.  And now, again, the technology will change our power structure, and it seems we are back to word of mouth, the mode that best suits the diversity of human interest and need.  As a consequence we are seeing virtual communities of every sort emerge.  Will physical communities appear over the coming decades that give real homes to these different dreams?  Will society migrate entirely to online communities? I suspect that technological advances that we can now only guess at will have more influence on answers to questions like these than anything that the 99% can accomplish today.  But imo this is the beginning.

When people say Occupy should be more involved in issues and mention Tar Sands as an example, I think they should consider what Naomi Klein (a major tar sands organizer and well known author) said on Democracy Now: " Many of the major organizers of tar sands believe that delaying the pipeline would not have succeeded without Occupy".

When discussing Occupy and issues, I think you need to take into consideration what Occupy makes possible even when not involved directly in the action.  I believe this is one of its major strengths.

We live in a highly complex system so it is possible that Occupy had an indirect effect on the Presidents attempt to delay approval of the piepline. 

Occupy did not witness directly to the pipeline though and it is ar from off the table.  It is still being built and both democrcats and republicans support it and are now using the payroll tax extension bill to try and expedite approval of the Key Stone pipeline (as well as to roll back some environmental laws on toxic emissions)

.Occupy has not been at all visible or constructive in the tar sands issue which is a natural center piece to any discission of a new economy, a non peak oil based economy. Anyone who gives Occupy any credit at all directly or indirectly is overly generous  IMO. .

It is time Occupy got smart about the peipleine and made it a center piece of a call for a non-oil based economy.

What does it mean to be on the WE (100% collective) consciousness?
WE Party Peace Ambassadors are about helping and inspiring others primarily online. Peace Ambassadors promote doing what's considered right by 100% of people.
If a person does or says something that 99 out of 100 people feel is right and there is one person that doesn't feel that way, then it is wrong! 
When a person is on the WE consciousness, they only look at what is right with the world and the people in it.  If a person has 99 bad qualities and one good one, the only part of that person that is looked at is their one good quality.  If a person chooses to talk about any of the negative qualities, they will no longer be in the WE consciousness.
While on this level of consciousness, two parties agree to disagree, but do agree to move forward together.  As soon as one party talks about something that the other party does not want to hear (such as complaining), the WE consciousness is broken.
President Barack Obama was quoted as saying; "This country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot, when everyone does their fair share, and when everyone plays by the same rules. These aren't Democratic values or Republican values. These aren't 1 percent values or 99 percent values. They're American values. And WE have to reclaim them."
This is the way Deepak Chopra explains it (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKyIrVsEpwU&feature=player_embedded)
Occupy Global has separated the WE’s and the WANT’s http://www.aunitedworld.net/global/news/view/171649/
Anyone can become a WE Party Peace Ambassador (volunteer online mentor) by signing the 3 petitions to promote 100% collective consciousness (www.WEare100percent.info).  The entire process takes just a few minutes.


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