Imagine waking up tomorrow morning with full awareness, appreciation and TRUST in who you are: your talents, skills, wisdom, creativity, passion and the will to express and share the great gift of you.

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Have you noticed that feeling good about yourself often results in a greater capacity and willingness to appreciate others?  Monday's exploration into the many ways we exchange gifts, highlighted the value of recognition and appreciation as an organic means of empowerment and connection building.

We notice that when we feel challenged around our gifts, it can be traced to feeling a lack of value or safety to express them. 

  1. Describe the gifts you bring: 1. In this moment, to this call &/or this forum  2. To people in your life
  2. What might inspire you to more fully express your gifts?  If you could make any request for support, what might it be?
  3. How might we cultivate a more inspired environment for sharing and receiving the most of who we are?

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It was my deceased colleague, not I, that concieved a compassionate approach to business and economics, I bring it here on his behalf.

I quote Tolstoy on 'paying forward'

“Good consists not in the giving of money, it consists in the loving intercourse of men. This alone is needed. Whatever may be the outcome of this, any thing will be better than the present state of things. Then let the final act of our enumerators and directors be to distribute a hundred twenty-kopek pieces to those who have no food; and this will be not a little, not so much because the hungry will have food, because the directors and enumerators will conduct themselves in a humane manner towards a hundred poor people. How are we to compute the possible results which will accrue to the balance of public morality from the fact that, instead of the sentiments of irritation, anger, and envy which we arouse by reckoning the hungry, we shall awaken in a hundred instances a sentiment of good, which will be communicated to a second and a third, and an endless wave which will thus be set in motion and flow between men? And this is a great deal.”

He gave his life to the cause of neglected children, I gave what I could earn to help.

His stated mission was to replicate local people-centered economies on a global basis and I continue with his battle.  


Hope to see you, Jerry.  Love your voice and perspectives.  Certainly one of your gifts that I greatly appreciate is how you express your wisdom, passion and care through your stories.

disappointed to have missed this,  was probably too busy sharing my gifts to notice


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