Uncertainty is the watchword of our times and certainly regarding the #Occupy movement. The Occupy National Gathering is approaching where the overarching inquiries will revolve, in general, around "Who are we?, What is our vision? and "How might we be most effective going forward?
12-2p PDT | 3-5p EDT | 7-9p GMT
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How might trust play a role in the above considerations
—trust of self, trust of other, trust in our systems of organization?  Then there is the element of trust, or lack thereof, in a greater intelligence or organizing principle that is guiding humanity into its next highest evolutionary phase.
  • Where are we individually and collectively with regard to trust? 
  • How might we cultivate and build trust going forward?

Join Friday's Occupy Heart call,
dedicated to exploring the fundamentals and the mystery of our journey to Occupy "We".

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Jitendra and all,

Thank you for the opening to express my deep dark heartfelt indignation happening on this sidewalk of creative collapsing opportunities of global predatory chaos.  As I walk back into western civilization in Boulder Colorado from Pine Ridge Reservation I struck by the noise and confusion surrounding me.  A couple of humorous videos that express my resolve in the notion of "STOP THE POLITICAL BULLSHIT" and invite U to Co~Create a World Together through this Appreciative Cafe Conversational manner of human dignity.  Both skits deal with being in, conversing with or attached to boxes.  The first in a MAD TV skit called "Stop It."  I love this suggestive therapy and find it works well until offered to another. The second is a reflection on the distinctions between "Men's Brain versus Women's Brain."  I understand I have both an anima and animus inside myself as a holism.  Today I experienced a resolution with my inner marriage partner who is very emotional indeed!  Pray you find the skits as amusing as I did.  

Now the "Political Box" has a lot of emotional context as a Veteran. Holocaust and terrorism is the definition of war and it's a 24/7/364 enlightened entertainment show in global politics.  Politics appears to have become the most arrogant aggressiveness in human dead speech acts because actually operates in the stupidities of shallow or criminal "cordial hypocrisy" where everyone lies for self, country or company as the proposed nice way to remain off the "No Fly List" or as discussed humorously on the call "Mute Button."  Seeing "Cordial Hypocrisy" is risky for the reasons you stated before you point it out in another, one must first be willing to face the criminal voices inside one's own hut.  I offer it is the first step of doing something about it and indignation is a call to awaken reflection in others not violence.  What a flow to express authentically today.  I am glad to be back to my "nothing box' and literally enjoying the presence with each of you and who you are. Thanks


Dear Mushin,

Your authentic expression deepened, perhaps, everyone on the call today.  You brought forward the awareness of what it takes to hold the metaphysical truth that we are indeed all sides, while being willing and able to embrace and stay present with our most grievous emotions and heartbreak from unconscionable transgressions against human dignity, especially those of indigenous people, whose blood and tears soak the soil upon which we move about in our life on a daily basis.  Blood and tears still run—and that's not acceptable in any universe where hearts exist.

It will take a multitude of great hearts to reconcile injustice and restore dignity to this creation.  This is beyond the distinction of bloodlines.  This is a human-wide journey.  There are no humans, there is no life, exempt from this great awakening inexorably transforming this world with which we have been blessed and challenged to steward.  The time to restore dignity to life is in each and every now.

I feel blessed to be in the wake of your heart, Mushin.


I think we have arrived at the heart of the challenge for Occupy - and the evolution of our species on this planet - with this conversation.

Where are we individually/collectively with regard to trust?  How do we go forward?  IMO, we are advancing on fear, trust's nemesis, and slowly taking back our birthright:  cooperation, harmony, curiosity, and of course, love.  These advances are difficult to discern as long as we rely on the superficial media for that determination.  On the other hand, we may use the deeper media to enhance our personal sense of trust - by connecting to each other through posts like this, for example.  But unless you actively search for 'good' news, Huffpost has a section, for example, then we can easily feel isolated and discouraged, and fear wins..  Connection builds knowledge which builds trust.  Trust builds the ability to get stuff done.

I look forward to hearing others' thoughts.

When we have come to the edge of all of our light, we know one of two things must happen:

Either we will be given support, or taught how to fly.

Much love,


U Have Beautiful Wings


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