Occupy Heart 9/27: Internal Journalism—How Do We Report the World to Ourselves?

3-5p PDT | 6-7p EDT | 10-12a GMT
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Monday's call with Peggy Holman on "new news ecology" shifted more than a few perspectives regarding journalism and what we might expect in the future.

Peggy is fond of the idea that the stories we tell ourselves shape our world. This, in fact, is an ancient metaphysical truth.  We anchor our reality in place by the pictures and stories we hold in our minds and bodies. 

Our greatest complaint with main stream journalism is that it tends to distort, obscure or simply fabricate information.  WMD's in Iraq were confirmed by New York Times journalist, Judith M...  This report was ultimately revealed as a White House creation rather than a bona fide confirmed report from the field.  We ought to expect our professional journalists to get the facts as straight as possible...yes?

We want the truth. 

Here's a fun flip side to this complaint and/or argument.

To what degree do we report our experience of the world accurately, to our selves?   We often don't do a whole lot better than our WMD reporter.  How might we feel more safe and inspired to reveal more of the truth to ourselves?

  • How do the stories we tell ourselves shape our world?
  • What are the stories you are longing to tell?
  • What might inspire you to be more honest and accurate in the stories you tell your self...and others.
  • How might you equip yourself to tell them?

Join Occupy Heart and explore the power and freedom of simple truth.  No one said simple is always easy, but it sure feels good

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Here's a story for all of us to live into (h/t Cheryl Honey):

And here's some "news" about how this larger story is manifesting:

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