Occupy Wall Street Favor Fading Thus the Need for Positive, Statements That Impact Other Humans at a Common Needs Level

A friend sent me this article about polling numbers that indicate OWS is losing favor with US citizens. I feel really disappointed to see this because I believe, from conversations I've had with my family and friends, and from what I've heard from people on our daily nonviolent communication strategies training call, that most people have no idea what the occupy is really about. It is difficult to understand, but I have heard this from more people than I wish I had. 

I think this is what is contributing to their loss of support, along with the mainstream media not covering the occupy movement, or covering it only scantily or when something sensational happens. This is why I believe we need to start making positive statements about why we're involved with occypy.

By positive I mean, rather than saying what we don't want, we say what we do want. We are more likely to be seen as human beings who are trying to meet our needs for shelter, a job, affording an education for our children if we make clear statements about what we do want. This way we can more likely build a connection with those who also want to remain employed, want to make sure they are not going to lose their home, or want to belive that they will be able to send their children to an effective school.

Making statements such as "I'm here because I haven't been able to find a job. I want one, but I can't find one." "I'm here because, the deregulation laws that our government is passing, are creating situations like the one in which I lost my house." "I'm here because, with the ways laws are being rapidly passed, I'm afraid my children won't get a descent education, and education is so important in a democracy. You can't have a democracy without educated citizens."

When people can connect at a common needs level, they are more inspired to help each other. When we tell people that they are wrong, they are often inspired to walk away.

Occupy Wall Street Favor Fading

The Occupy Wall Street movement is
not wearing well with voters across the country. Only 33% now say that they are
supportive of its goals, compared to 45% who say they oppose them. That
represents an 11 point shift in the wrong direction for the movement's support
compared to a month ago when 35% of voters said they supported it and 36% were
opposed. Most notably independents have gone from supporting Occupy Wall
Street's goals 39/34, to opposing them 34/42.

Voters don't care for the Tea Party
either, with 42% saying they support its goals to 45% opposed. But asked
whether they have a higher opinion of the Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street
movement the Tea Party wins out 43-37, representing a flip from last month when
Occupy Wall Street won out 40-37 on that question. Again the movement with
independents is notable- from preferring Occupy Wall Street 43-34, to siding
with the Tea Party 44-40.


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Hi Bruce,

Well things got lots better in Manhattan after they blocked the subways..(the objective was to block all access to wall street and the exchange)

The March was a spectacular, inclusive, diverse, amazing , invigorating, inspiring 30,000

And the voice of the 99% is being spoken..the stats and facts that describe the plight of the 99% are being named, spoken, enumerated and that will bring  more and more  unity.

The folk in the March today looked very different from the group encamped.

When occupy is acting as a representtaive of the 99% it must always show this face of diversity ..it must always reflect the 99% and it must start naming what is happening..31% poor; only 44% middle income; 30 million unemployed, 17% of blacks unemployed, 1 in 6 children going to bed hungry..the more they name these things..the more they make the connection between these conditions and the 1%, the named 1%, the key players ,the more people will awake and join in the backlash.

Hope SanFrancisco had a powerful day too.

Hi Lindsay,

I'm glad to hear that people are not giving up on the occupy. I'm a little worried, too, about actions that keep others from living their lives. We had a person on the call today who has a small business and is feeling quite worried because this is her season to make enough money to sustain herself through the slow winter months (plus she's got 7 employees to worry about, too). It's so hard to know how to go about meeting everyone's needs. It takes a lot of communication to get there - but as one philosopher I like once said, "What are we doing here if not communicating."

Suzanne-jan, salam!

Delighted to see  you here. And I'm delighted to hear that the NVC empathy calls are still going on! Perhaps I could use some empathy : ) or clarity!


A deep bow to you!

much warmth from down the coast,


p.s. have you connected yet with Jim Rough, originator of Dynamic Facilitation and Wisdom Councils (which Miki Kashtan has taken, too); he's in Port Townsend, too, and also on Occupy Cafe.


Hey Raffi,

Good to hear from you. I appreciate your appreciation of my work with the  NVC calls. It's been very fulfilling work, not like work at all, although I'm feeling pretty tired after a couple of weeks everyday. Other facilitators are beginning to take over some of the calls so I will get some rest.

I will look up Jim Rough. Sounds like a person I want to be connected to.



Jim Rough also has a weekly show on local Port Townsend TV, the Jim Rough Show. And I believe he's had an NVC'er on the show...

yes, do get some rest!


Today in Manhattan the faces of the 99% were in the march occupy called from Union Square to Foley Square..30,000 marchers truly representing the diversity that is the 99%.  

Today it looked like the 99% were on the move and acting together as the 99%.

And a labor leader ( many represented in the march) reciting some of the stats  and facts that describe the plight of the 99%..30 million unemployed, 1 in 6 children going to bed hungry,

powerful stuff. 

Very exciting.

Hi again,

So great to hear this. I agree, very powerful and exciting.


The Movement is in deep trouble when its supporters try to mollify a Troll with non-violent communication. Suzanne, you're just feeding the beast.

Hi Robert,

I get your concern. You believe a harsher approach is necessary. I know a lot of people feel that way. Maybe you even think my compassioante approach will make things worse. I have heard that concern from others.

It's just that I've made so many wonderful connections with people over the years taking this Nonviolent Communication approach - coming from a place of compassion and a willingness to hear people out: politicians, professors, corporate employees, family members. And I know that people walk away or disconnect, more often than not, if I get angry or I'm not willing to hear their problems and their needs.

Just to be clear, it wasn't my intention to mollify, but to connect. This kind of connection doesn't always happen immediately. You have to go back and forth for a while sometimes. And, not everyone is willing to engage, but a very high percentage of people are. And usually, over time, people calm down and do connect.

"You believe a harsher approach is necessary"

I didn't say any such thing. The only way to respond to a Troll is not to respond. 

He's here merely to get your goat, and you gave it to him.

Ditto Robert's comment.  This might help: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troll_(Internet)  

In any case, JJ is now suspended.  I doubt he will ask to return, but if he does and his trollish ways resume, I think it will be crystal clear that his intention is solely to disrupt and not to engage authentically.

Please forgive my admin erasure. Occupy Cafe is a forum for free speech which includes, in fact encourages, dissent.  However, this is also sacred ground, which means it is a safe place for people to express themselves without fearing attack, abuse or mean-spirited characterizations. 

There are other places to go for that mode of communication if one so desires.  I have deleted a number of posts of the aforementioned nature.  Communication was made to the poster offering clarity on OC ethics and a way to resume participation.  We realize that a clear and visible OC Guidelines might prove helpful as we go forward. 

If anyone would like to volunteer to forge a draft, please let us know via an email to connect@occupycafe.org with Guidelines as the subject.



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