"Organizing Zone" Conversation Suggestions & Harvests through 11/28/11

Please use this thread to harvest any key thoughts, questions, etc. that emerged from your Cafe Call conversations in the Organizers' Zone.

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The same one (whole person) has envy, hate, greed, aggression, ruthlessness....

"It is true that we have estranged ourselves from nature..."

Otherwise you would have realized idealistic utopia sense of your answer.

How (in view of Covey's teaching) could it have happened, that greed is good "philosophy" has led the world into the debt trap? How can you design solution ignoring the problem? How big part of 99% represents the greed philosophy - "we want our money back", we want our share in the wealth of the nation?

David, Pawel


There are many personal paths that empower us, realize us, emanate our true gifts, enable us to serve others and make our lives meaningful to others.

It isn't Steiner's ideas or Covey's or anyone else's that we offer to others..it is our self evolved to wherever it is at that moment in time when our voice or actions are needed and called into play.

Although Steiner and those he influenced, Valentin Tomberg and Robert Sardello are central to my own intellectual and spititual development, I rarely refer directly to their teachings even within my contemplative community.  Pretty estoteric stuff..not meaningful or accessible as a body of thought and practice to many.  A child in a waldorf school doesn't have to understand anything about Steiner to harvest the power of his philosophy.

The value of the teachings that I refer to on my own path either is or isn't present in the words I speak, the actions I take , how I see and experience the world, how I serve others.

Everythings that awakens us, realizes our unique gifts is what the wolrd needs.  Everything that turns us outward to serve others is what the wolrd needs.


"The same one (whole person) has envy, hate, greed, aggression, ruthlessness...."

Look at the diagram again.  The feelings and patterns of behavior in your list are symptomatic of the prevention and dissolution of the balance and integration (wholeness) that recently supplemented the historic oppression of the weak, which was more ancient/natural.*  Because of the innovation that provided the supplement, Covey (echoing Drucker, Mumford and surely others) writes/speaks of persons "reduced to things" and uses the adjectives fragmented and truncated with persons to describe those who are on the path to mediocrity (on which the goods are distorted), who indulge in envy, hate, greed, aggression, ruthlessness...."  They have the potential of, and perhaps moments of, wholeness, but not the enduring achievement that is a practice.  They would prefer the fruits of the practice, if it went viral, but don't want to go first, for fear of vulnerability, I suppose.  Leaders now are ones who just start practicing because they see that it is a choice for them.  The practice will go viral when enough see the benefits accruing to those who went ahead.

It is a practice because the whole person is not more pure, not more perfect or has no dark places and shadows.  It is a matter of conduct, as in being a conductor of a musical ensemble.

I do not believe evolution (which now involves occupying consciousness) and the exercise of creativity are utopian.

Knowing the role of arbitrary investment (legacies + inputs) in all that stands, persists and endures, it is clear that many problems can be abandoned, without having been solved.  This is what paradigm shift delivers.

* Recall that humanity emerged in the animal kingdom.



Yes strange how resonant and complemtary/reciprocal our almost simulatneous independent replies in this loop are.

And yes of course..I agree that ideas like Covey's are easy to access universal practices that we can take out into the world and bring into play in many ways ..that others can try on" and "try out" and that doing so will change what they see and how they think.

Simple practices have a remarkable transformative power..isn't that what facilitators bring to the work of building consensus, creating collaboration. I believe anyone who has expereinced a "f, anyone who has actually expereienced the power of collaboration or been involved in a facilitated" discussion, especially on a hot button polarizing topic  will "feel" the difference immediately

I believe it takes very little stimulus of that kind to  create that habit of speaking with one another and acting together from a place of collaboration, of open listening and careful speaking..

"Pretty estoteric stuff..not meaningful or accessible as a body of thought and practice to many."

How do you know that?

I posted some insights that came to me while on the call this morning.

Take a look and comment.


Nice connecting with you all.

Thnak your for witnessing this important global event with connection and meaning for our own lives right here..all of us.

Here is an intriguing, thought provoking , informative interview with the author of the timely


"Truth About Syria"


Not just the particulars about Syria are of interest to us but the very specific facts he points to that keep us from knowing the truth about almost everyting that has us in its chokehold...how unimformed our 4th estate is.....how narrowly informed key leaders like Colin Powell who "explain" all thi sto us are.

If Occupy is going to do anything useful it must also witness and hold the lantern on all the facts aroud us from which we will arise and act. 

I have been calling for a simple phenomenological approach to awareness from which meaningful action might arise

 simply stating the facts..I came across a startling one today "the bottom 80% of wage earners were spending 110% of their incomes in the dedae leading up to the mortgage crisis."  Inother words most of the 99% have been eagerly using debt to feed the tapeworm.

carrying the facts on placards at occupy and other 99% rallies..% of american children who live in poverty, % of children who go to bed hungry every night, average per captia debt, avergae per student loan debt at graduation, % of unemployed , Increase in demand fro beds in homeless shelters, % of jomes financed in the past 10 years that are in foreclosure etc. etc. 

a walking litany displaying and naming our circumstances.


Hi Doreen.


.thanks for using your radio show to hold the lantern on the National Defense Act provisions..you are doing the good work that occupy has to be about if its' going to be an agent of transformation.

Did you see my post  on the defeat an hour or so ago (60-38) in the democratically controlled sentate of Mo Udall's ammendment which would have taken out these police state provisions?  We should be celebrating MO Udall and those with the courage to stand against arrests and indefinite detentions with no charges and no trial..how could that even be up for consideration? 

 How could it be that a democratically controlled senate won't act to take these outrafgeous provisions out? 

 We should name every single elected  official who penned  and inserted these outrageous provisions? 

 Can we trust the the President will veto if these provisions stay in? 

As I write this the "STOCK" bill is also being debated on the senate floor ..and not expected to pass.

.the Bill would forbid insider trading bymembers of congress ( already an illegal act) ..and it won't pass!!!! Our Congress lining its own pockets on insider trading on endless actions that serve the Corporatocracy, that make the 1% richer and ll of us poorer.  Why isn't Occupy all over this?

 Where is occupy on this??? Where is Occupy holding the light up on this?.

  Every person opposed to this should be named.  If we did this over and over on every such "litmus" legislation we would very soon see who is at the heart of handing our congress over to the 1% and we would see that it is a bi partisan coalition..both democrats and republicans.

and we would see we can get most of them out by just arresting them for their criminal actions.

You are right that fear is what paralyzes us allows us to give away more and more of our freedom .A ringing of truth, a public and unified "witness" would lifts us all right out of that fear.. it woud instill fear in the corporatotcracy let them know we get it and we're doing somehing about it. 

Courage and solidarity are the key here.  Courage and solidarity to hold a light on the facts that keep us in bondage to the corporatocracy. is what we are called upon to call up from within us.

Here are the 38 beam of light in the senate who had the courage to support Mo Udall's ammendment to eliminate these two police state provisions. 


If your senators are not on this list, neither of mine are (Snowe & Collins) you might want to consider posting that on your facebook and urging  all your instate freinds to inundate them with emails of disappointment  in addition to sending your own emails.


If your senators were among the heroes who stood to witness for liberty and the operation of law in service to justice..Thank Them and broadcast that on your facebook.

YEAs ---37 (Thank them.)
Akaka (D-HI)
Baucus (D-MT)
Bennet (D-CO)
Bingaman (D-NM)
Blumenthal (D-CT)
Boxer (D-CA)
Brown (D-OH)
Cantwell (D-WA)
Cardin (D-MD)
Carper (D-DE)
Coons (D-DE)
Durbin (D-IL)
Feinstein (D-CA)
Franken (D-MN)
Gillibrand (D-NY)
Harkin (D-IA)
Johnson (D-SD)
Kerry (D-MA)
Kirk (R-IL)
Klobuchar (D-MN)
Lautenberg (D-NJ)
Leahy (D-VT)
Merkley (D-OR)
Mikulski (D-MD)
Murray (D-WA)
Nelson (D-FL)
Paul (R-KY)
Reid (D-NV)
Rockefeller (D-WV)
Sanders (I-VT)
Schumer (D-NY)
Tester (D-MT)
Udall (D-CO)
Udall (D-NM)
Warner (D-VA)
Webb (D-VA)
Wyden (D-OR)





Here is the link!!!!



A pleasure holding my lantern up next to you!!






My best shot at articulating the prescriptive solution to current collective denials in a concise manner, 13 pages.

The Sacred Sphere: Exploring Sacred Concepts and Cosmic Consciousne....  Buy a copy of this book for yourself this holiday season, a gift that keeps giving in 2012. We are creating a Lakota learning community for 2012 at Maka Si Tomni and everyone who gets connected is grandfathered in for life.  Starting January 1st it is a subscribed learning site.  The author will provide an invitation to join us.  The Lakota survived because of the skillfulness of making friends.  Wolakota is a central feature of the Lakota people meaning peace and friendship.

Introduction and Response to First Occupy Organizing Zone Meet

Today (Monday November 28, 2011) was the first time I placed any attention on the American Occupy Movement by attending an appreciate café conversation hosted by Ben Roberts. Currently, I am on a spiritual retreat living at Pine Ridge Reservation with my Lakota friends and have shut off the TV, Radio and almost all outside influences, yet I am very aware of the confusion, distrust, calamities and despairing condition and situation we face in our humanity.  Attending the call was a disruption that gained my full attention in sorting out and redefining some of my own personal participatory engagements in the world.  I offer this monograph freely in this creative commons as an inspiration to continue to gather trust and harness human commitment to an emergent new worldhood happening.

My voice is a fragile authentic reflection that is deepening by the moment.  I am grateful for everyone who is turning within as brothers or sisters to reflect on how do we create a humanity based in brotherhood and sisterhood, and trees are counted in the census of the living. We have much more in common as sacred beings than whatever currently appears to divide us in our human condition and situation. I applaud Ben’s innovative spirit, skillfulness in facilitation, interesting technological conversational platform, and invitation to comment on the “Organizing Zone” that provides us the capability of socially sculpturing a meaningful inquiry and dialogue, and possible possibility of designing a future world together. Thank you Ben. 

Today it’s not an easy or a simple matter to share authenticity with all the clamoring symbols of power manipulating for attention and promising a quick fix remedy for salvation.  As said today, who has the audacity to speak for the 99% with any authority whatsoever?  Which reduces us to talk, talk, talking ourselves to death where insanity is reduced to a subjective relativism where Larry Flint is equal to the Dalai Lama.  

As we already know the 1% ers are building underground bunkers for future safety and refuse to even enter an open appreciative inquiry and dialog based on accountability, much less citizen satisfaction of failed plans. Their attention is on maintaining power through legislation, laws, police, judiciaries and politicians = all lawyers operating a 1492 terrorist scam called agrarian lawlessness where they own the earth and we are all indentured slaves. And the secret scam has failed miserably leaving all of us begging for crumbs and our children indentured slaves for all eternity.  This mental structure in western civilization is evil and ended on 9-11 as the first Global PTS Event we shared as humanity.

Everyone has “a” differing viewpoint, and all these views are speaking simultaneously from a point of supposed knowing truth and reality, needing to be heard, so everyone can get on the same page, it’s called “their egoic page of insanity in the rationalistic tradition.” With the Internet providing a platform for us to create virtual identities, instead of one pope we now billions of pontificating popes all demanding obedience, or buying and selling one another in a robosphere better, faster, cheaper that is unsustainable. 

Or said another way; all Chiefs and no Indians.

As a humble, introverted man with a tender sensitivity at heart, I’ve experienced ruthlessness on this immature arrested adolescent playground. I discovered early on how dangerous it is to be an authentic child living in live speech.  Authenticity is treated as having no value in this world of power. Authenticity gets kicked out of you by blind cultural adolescent behaviors on the mental playground of authority. And if it isn’t then you become the identified patient, scapegoat, rebel, crazy weird uncle, visionary, activist, entrepreneur, or monk.  If you’re one of the really lucky, lonely ones, you might have been able to retreat to an island of sanity inside, sacredness in silence, stillness, and solitude tending the heart felt experience of being in-the-world. No longer of it.  I actually have all those characteristics in my personality and the scars and wisdom to prove it.

I share this monograph as a reflection, not to steal anyone's thundering insights or passionate light illuminating our pathway. Rather, I offer that everyone must now learn to be an authentic responsible leader, first to one’s own sacred self and collectively for future generations.  A nonviolent movement is successful by changing the moods of embodied states of collective resignation and despair into inspired lives living in joyful concern.  Our vision must inspire fierce resolve in gathering trust as humanity, harnessing a deep rooted human commitment to solidarity within agreed upon actions effecting our shared permanent human concerns.  A great moment for humanity is emerging from this landscape. This moment is about OUR survival now.  I offer that the breakthrough is in our understanding that we all want to live passionately in another day upon this beautiful village we call earth.  

We have much more going for us as an emergent community valuing humanity rather than whatever elite powers currently have arrayed against us. Global leadership within diverse domains of political business concerns are stuck in the mud; it preaches a conception of power no longer resonating; it is actually totally distrusted, and its’ insanity no longer has any relevance.  It’s apocalyptic. We are beginning to finally find freedom as sacred beings.

Leadership has failed.  It’s time for a new game. 

We are no longer prejudiced, fighting between ourselves. We are outraged and indignant at the pompous political authorities that have failed and whom irresponsibly created human misery beyond our worst nightmares a few years ago. People are demanding a reconfiguration of leadership to resolve this unsustainable disaster. We need ethical, authentic leaders possessing integrity for caring about humanity, sharing human concerns, providing transparent accountability, and addressing complaints and broken promises seriously. We are past the political theater operating in the secret corridors of current political, social and economic powers, where, for example native skulls and bones are hidden away at ivy-towered universities. 

In my assessment, the western civilized world assumes a primary organizing belief system in which human beings may be likened to robotic rats trained to be economic transactional configurations for consumption without regard for value or exercising self organizing freedom, independence or self reflective regulation.  We have politicians and lawyers whom we pay to do that for us.  Our own ignorant stupidity has denied our innate creative sacred power provided by Our Creator.  

Now with the Internet organizing your home you can “Buy and Sell” 24/7/365, watch porn, and play games where militant killing is the common denominator, all in the name of entertainment.  If you are really sick then you have yourself planted 24/7/365 practicing terminal depression, growing more obese by the moment, and watching globally manufactured media transforming you into a walking dead zombies living in hell.  Whoever the Creator - "IT" - is, this nonsense cannot be one of ITS’ creations, in my humble assessment. I offer that we create it and only we can destroy it.  

To begin anew we must first face the deep-rooted emotional denial, the historic cultural power grab we are swept within, and regretfully admit to ourselves that we are lost, barren, dying, and in this living condition and situation, it is a continuous, absolute disaster. The problem has been that we believe we will die if we “Stop It”. In fact, facing this situation will actually save us.

Of course, much of academia is in pursuit of the next brilliant reductive linear promise of a bright future, and imaginary singularity of Noosphere of which they have no understanding. We are on the receiving end with economic morphing plugs in the corporate matrix of power where, if lucky, we may receive tenure and publish nonsensical professorial dogma on behalf of the highest financial contributor of the institution. Whoops! This nonsensical leadership cabal with its head buried in the sand forgot to plan for all of the Ph.D.’s from China. Now the patriotic American dream is a fantasy. No one has a fruitful vocation, and students are expected to be in debtor prison forever! 

The bottom line real truth embodied in our flesh is we are sacred caring beings that become very ill, reactive in our fear for survival. We strike back in terror by committing suicide or homicide in the false expectation of saving any remaining dignity in the human soul, all in the midst of ruthless evil, and intentionally destructive and ignorant cultural behaviors.  

Modern life is a mean spirited, arrogant, aggressive, competitive power game. Who has the biggest dick, biggest boobs, most toys, prestigious title, best-selling publication, or ultimate position to rule the world?  Business is reduced to proving, protecting, and defending fantasy land brands as territories where the boundaries are based on egoic corporate power playing the role of god = demanding obedience and negating any free independent authentic behaviors.

Here is the really great news:

“State~Private~Corporate~Plutocracies live in perpetuity, violate privacy as right, and you my friends need to hurry up to pay up and or please die!" 

The result of this asylum of misery is that we live in a collective lie founded on absolutely evil behaviors. Our inner innocence suffers as orphans wanting to go home. We are hungry, starving, and crying for wholeness, maturity and anything that can transcend this unbearable human suffering from unrestrained power.  At heart we are loving social animals that really care for one another.

Comments on initial conversation and offered assessment

Jitendra provided the first notion I’ve heard in addressing these issues. To paraphrase,  

To the degree that I enactively embody human dignity as a personal value, a basic fundament of my own dignity as a human being, something wonderful happens in human social experience.  I am all in, being present with others, with no doubt about having dignity in social relations.  I no longer ever need to prove, protect or defend anything.  I have ended all resistance and am content with being in dignity.  It’s a wondrous mood where every relationship is new with everything in existence receiving equal dignity as a manner of living life and living covenant with others!

The Occupy Movement is intersecting The Order of Earth’s founder, a private mission initiated in May 2002 following 9-11. The notion is simple: Bring forth a new configuration for elder wisdom and sustainability in the 21st century. You would think it is easy task with as many intelligent people running around, when in fact it’s almost a total impossibility because everyone is audacious - filled with self importance and a point of power making a living selling him/her self, which none of us can live without and must buy immediately.

Our first project is the Lakota People. Wise elders translated OOE into Lakota: "Maka Si Tomni" (Surrounding the Universe).  To get an initial bird's eye view of where Andrew James Campbell (Oxford England) and I started in August 2008 read "The Horse, the Magpie, the Buffalo and the Hoop A Dialogue with Pa... August 2008  

You would think there would be some crazy ones out there like us exploring new distinctions and discourse.  However, no one responded in the vast, new age, wise repository of "Integral Leadership Review" practitioners. The reason was that there was no financial transactional configuration happening.  Andrew and I plain and simply have too much dignity to participate in the current worldwide financial paradigm. I am not resentful, although a little disappointed. But what the hay! Andrew and I have been having a ball watching all the oxygen being sucked out of the room as the hinges break from all of the predatory chaos, and like two kids in sand box we are really ambitious. We became healthy within ourselves, thinking about what it really means to be a Homo sapiens amans.  A wise~sing up loving animal, not a god any longer!

Today I spent nearly 3 hours in the Occupy Cafe Movement "Organizing Zone" conversation that I consider to be a precious and priceless experience. I am grateful for all the people in the streets reclaiming their human dignity, freedom, independence and notion of self directed regulation over state~private~corporate plutocracies that never die and only grow stronger by the day.

So to conclude this enactive embodied approach of mine in live speech acts, I offer the following assessment as a harvest that I pray is useful, and look forward to future conversations for action with any interested persons:

First, Vic shared that the word "economy" is derived from the concern to care about ones’ own home; it is truly a beautiful reflection at the start. Our bodies as Homo sapiens amans are the ultimate real home, loving social animals who care, and we are also autopoietic dynamic biological complex adaptive systems capable of sculpturing new virtual identities that are wise~sing up through this current broken down, global economy - a shared experience in our humanity that impacts every home. 

Wise~sing up is changing our fixated perception of certainty in realities I/we embody in historic indoctrinated belief systems called discourses and institutions. Imagine if we shifted our view point from a "mental fixated materialistic view of get money or eat dirt" to an "interactive dignified circularity as sacred beings caring for the fragility of simple self and our home the earth." Imagine re~framing our configured stance of money from current Hedge Funds operating ruthlessly in milliseconds to birthing a 21st century where we dedicate dignified attention to an EDGE Fund preparing for sacred beings of tomorrow - the 22n century. 

Or how about inwardly re-winding the context of our self-mythological understanding from being psycho individualists to dignified communitarians serving Earth and its people. Imagine perceiving with a new set of eyes, embracing new distinctions, a new paradigm, matriarchy, noosphere, sacredness, cognition, natural law, and momentariness. 

This recipe helps me reflect from the inside as an "observer of the observer" in this swept along historic drift of patriarchy I parachuted into.  I am a beginner in navigating the currents in all the taken-for-granted ways of seeing and being.  Transformation begins easily and instantaneously when we agree to Jitendra’s suggestion of dignity. Emotional passion is a primary knowing source that is congruent and cohesive with everyone in the world.  The key I see is human dignity as a fundamental manner of behavior provides instantaneous legitimacy in coexistence for the entire web of life.  As a single fragile strand I find my way home to innocence with others, not alone ever again.

Our primary mistaken denied breakdown is that we suffer under the illusion of being separate in a living universe from one another and the web of life.  So we live in dead speech, ghosts of mythical god power. The mythologies organized into the ultimate evil, "only the survival of the fittest, justifying killing as being sacred patriotism or religious ceremony."  In actuality militarism has no power in the reflection we are entering now.  In fact, when one lives in dignity the notion of arrogant aggression is meaningless in value and has absolutely no power over will, other than the attention we give it when scared, instead of being sacred.

Our attention to fear and power creates a universal belief system defining whom we are in the historic swept along drift of patriarchal culture, and the power to exclude and appropriate in a very mean and horrible way to live.  Andrew can show you some real art that brings forth the imagery of what we are actually doing to one another as persons.  Reclaiming dignity is not easy, nor is it instantaneous.  So, unfortunately humanity is about to enter a deep period of collective crying for what we do, what we have done, and the deep regret for man’s inhumanity to man over the past 10,000 years.  There is no quick fix in natural law, and that is why in the end natural law always wins over man’s stupid games of power. 

We are Homo sapiens amans. Patriarchal culture has been killing us, making us severely ill, and it is unsustainable even in the immediate future. The next ten years is not going to look anything like the last ten years.  Drastic changes are going to occur. Period.  Mother Earth is going to cry her eyes out at what we have done.  We can resist, but that is not why we are here.  Rather, we are here to learn the meaning of being sacred beings in a living universe.  No one will fear death in the future because most of humanity will be praying to be lifted up and back home to the Milky Way. That is our home and it’s not dead material to fear.  It’s Earth beneath your feet that we have taken for granted.  It’s time to sober up and get very serious about our future together.

I appreciated Vic's notion of "threading the eyes" of the "Macro and Micro in the creative collapsing opportunity now in a total state of breakdown.  We are beginning to self organize, self direct and self regulate like independent micro currencies (human commitment) while still harnessed and dependent as a world on the Macro US Dollar." I agree. Destruction of the dollar is the last thing we want to do because the immediate repercussions would be absolute devastation of our homes. The future designer notion is that MONEY as a SACRED EXCHANGE is the only prescriptive solution in my assessment. I offer below a suggestion of how it is possible to morphogenically accomplish a unity of committed intentions within a framework of solidarity.

Second, Bill observed that coordinated collaboration to sustain long-term relevancy is missing in the Global Occupy Movement.  I agree! Sounds simple.  Yet, if coordinated collaboration is possible, what holds it up?  What is the distrust we suffer as a result of human indignity that stops us even when disasters are imminent?  

I offer that we are talking ourselves to death in this reductive rational circus of analysis called ‘being reasonable’ and everyone wants a crumb to chew at the table of equal legitimate value.  Really!  The breakdown ‘Skippy’ in Dallas TX presented is that there are outraged kids becoming Malcolm Xers, instigating a new revolution.  Yea, I understand this group real well. They are done waiting for Jesus, done screaming in rage, and they don't have any body parts left to tattoo the message of their indignation.  Regardless of the growing anarchist's who are done talking, wanting to burn institutions to the ground today, it’s still possible to turn around the inside reflection of what is happening. From my listening today, most Occupiers are feeding the hungry (1,500 a day in Philadelphia). Now that is an enactive embodied human commitment that is generating the world~hood we (i) (you) (us) are envisioning in the dreams for a future world. 

Third, I also agree that it is very audacious for anyone to speak for 99% of an unorganized leaderless group of citizens with diverse human intentions and commitments. I am audacious still the same, because my mute button has been torn out of my throat, and I speak up for the 1%ers at the very bottom of the historically coercive, deceptive, arrogant and aggressive modus operendi of agrarian lawlessness. As a white man I’ve been fed and bedded in this unacceptable routine. I am indignant. I’ve had enough and demand that the deception must stop, now! 

I live at Pine Ridge Reservation.  The Lakota people are my Oyate and friends. They still pray, drum, sing, dance and eat together.  There are very few fast food restaurants.  The people live on government commodities and simple ways within social relationships, not power.  Their economy (homes) are a little shaky at the moment.  If you think you have problems, come on over here for a visit, and get a real slice of what the arrogant aggressive behaviors of western civilization have done, and is doing to an innocent gentle sacred people since 1492.  Patriarchy's demand for obedience and negation of self as an independent agent has created emotional poverty everywhere except indigenous peoples who are still connected to Mother Earth and know they live in the Milky Way. 

Closing Comment and Open to Future Conversations:

I am like most of you - unemployed and disabled in the ruthless ignorant thirst for power in Patriarchal culture.  It’s the end and a good thing in my assessment.  I live a private life and like simple things that reflect beauty.  I am committed to going to work with my Lakota Oyate and Friends, and beginning again from here at Pine Ridge, the real living “Ground Zero.”  We don’t need charity or saving. We can do that for ourselves because we know how to pray in natural law.  Our village is in turmoil like yours yet we have conserved something beyond your understanding.  Social relationships are never based in power over another.  They are ethical acts in living where dignity is granted to all life, and in so doing, I have dignity as a sacred being wise-sing up in this living Milky Way.

Today you turn on lights, eat at restaurants and have a strip mall within walking distance from your homes.  My Lakota friends still live simply, have large parts of Mother Earth beneath them, Buffalo are returning, and the Milky Way is so close you can reach up and touch it.  In the end the Lakota People had faith in the natural law operating in momentariness. They have no concept of time and space in linear reductive science.  They care for social relations and the prayers of their ancestry as generational living acts of speech in songs.  They have traveled through a valley of tears experiencing intergenerational patriarchal genocide, violence, racism, prejudice, and poverty beyond your comprehension.

Yet, where do we go today to find any sacred conversation?  How do we recover the sacred in ourselves in the midst such insanity around the notions of power?  You can’t move here, it’s a closed tribal situation.  Here is a suggestion: Start at home.  You have an empty room ~ fill it.  You have seats available at the dinner table ~ invite those hungry to join you.  The only way to change the world today is to change ourselves by deciding to be dignified social beings who care, feed and nourish our virtual identities in dignity.

I pray this Organizing Zone Conversation is a new beginning in self-organizing our home ~ Homo sapiens amans and Earth ~ as the household of humanity in dignity.  Let’s clean it up and get everyone back to work!

We are all related whether we like it or not, in peace and friendship

Most Reverend Patric James Roberts

Mushin Mato Wambli

Reflections for Future Café Conversations

Money is the mutual agreed upon symbol for an exchange of an agreed upon transaction of value fulfilling a human concern through person-to-person human commitment.

Human commitment is the intentional attention and will power to a shared vision of dignified manners in living in interaction bringing forth sustainable communitarian values in joyful concern that fulfills permanent human and business concerns.

EDGE FUND is where global ethical citizenry take back their economic power (home earth) through a creative cooperative collaborative office of the future “For People Only” that returns dignity to autonomous privacy as a standard practice of learning and creative intelligence, and we generate proactive knowledge entrepreneurs in common, as ecologically restrained consumers, self independent ethical governors demonstrating dignity, legislators of shared human heart felt covenants, and a strong wise judiciary with very few rules and fully enforced for the community good of future values. 


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When a Leadership Ecology occurs, a web of relationships emerges revealing each person’s authentic leadership qualities through the transfer of their power to others. When done in a conscious way – a shared collaborative awakening happens.See More
Feb 6, 2012
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Feb 3, 2012


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