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Dear Reverend Roberts

From the words of your heat to the ears of the world.

May it be so.

May we each make it so in every moment.

A Radiance of Blessings



I know that many new agers have all kinds of notions about what is happening and what is going to happen in this emergent 2012 moment.  I know we are not the only specie living in the Milky Way and beyond. The Vatican knows that and agrees, and with any transparency in the US government's CIA we could all behold the fact of intergalactic members who are observers of us, may be helping us.  

The denial we are suffering from isn't from intergalactic families, it is a human ecology problem in the mental structure of civilization in my assessment. If we went scalar today in quantum physics what would change? The imagery of militant behaviors based in exclusion and appropriation was portrayed brilliantly in Avatar. "I SEE U" happens in momentariness and is infinite and eternal. Our human condition and situation is the consequences of how WE have interacted as social beings based in egoic power and we now face the results in natural law and experience of mother earth's balancing act to heal.  Gaia is not dead and she has been raped and pillaged like a meaningless whore.  To return to the sacred we must see first the injury inflicted on the victim and have compassionate forgiveness for ourselves and others. It was a brutal mistake in killing.  We did this, are doing this, and let's take responsibility in dignity, and where the heart wrenching experience for all of us do find wholeness, maturity and innocence to start over in a new creation and promising to never ever do it again. It's about saying no and stop it, not yes to everything.  

For any one of us to change our taken for granted cultural human behaviors based in power, requires honestly observing what is we do, what we have done, and how it really feels to others. One must emotionally feel the consequences of killing and regret what they have done explicitly or implicitly in the justifying mental swept along drift discourse of institutional powers. In my experience that is a reflective emotioning that hurts like hell, the shallow or criminal egoic virtual identity is terminated, remorse arises, crying happens, and the shadow ego dies permanently to the notion of ever again escaping the consequences of natural law in momentariness.  

What follows is the "make up experience" in a restorative justice where the blindness operating at the drunken party is not enjoyable any longer, the booze makes you sick instantly, and the behaviors of insanity are no longer sustained in subjective relativistic of new age mannerisms of modern fantasies.  The transformation requires embodied enactment of new manners of behaviors in a dignified human ecology where interactive social relations is soft, gentle, flexible and operating in feel through "living speech acts" as a give~a~way in love, rather than mental postures of intellectual pan galactic new age legal jargon of instantaneous enlightenment with no consequences for blind spots.  No matter what fantasy we have this is going to hurt our collective humanity severely in the next decade.

I know this if we go inside to the interiorization of consciousness to a primary knowing place breathing us, the real Milky Way is there and always has been.  We are looking out and that is only 1% of living universe in the domain called physicality that constitutes what we see in the retina of the eye, and it's an illusion. And once we cleanse the obstruction, I am distinguishing as the mental cultural structure of egoic self importance, what is operating is a unified singularity Noosphere, and trust me nanotechnology is no longer the game, we have taken a quantum leap into cognition happening in momentariness.  Real surprises will unfold as a humanity in a living universe.

Appreciate your comment and not intended to slam any underground activities, we need all the help we can get, this 1% at the bottom, on the ground and not in the ivory towers, are simple Homo sapiens amans, not complex intellectual robotic wizards, and that is why we can learn so much about the sacredness in the heart as we design a new world together.  


Did you read it Doreen..a mathematical message about rational numbers, sets  etc. ( and still not fully decoded); also a table of elements?  Not what most looking and waiting for ET would expect ( Hi, we are the X people..etc.)..so would have made almost everyone' eyes glaze over if they had released as soon as it was decoded.

I remember being very moved by what was inscribed about us earthlings on one of the satellites ( was it voyager?)..trying to say who we were( I assumed we might no longer be by the time anyone out there found our little message) with a  few simple scratches that might then be all that is left of earth, all anyone out there might know of us.

But the story of these two messages is the same as what we are tring to express here.. 

I as thou, thou as I..how do I let you know I see that . Will I recognize that you see that?  What do we become and how do we act towards one another when we know we both see and know that?


Dear Reverend Roberts,

Yes ego cide first..then (after letting go of the full kit that goes with that..judgment, need, attachment, fantasy)..then we begin to see more, know more, be more ..ask better questions..

this is a challenge

we had a huge conversation on ego at TED Conversations this past winter..it was a revelation.. a shock actually..this idea that ego is a problem , that ego is not self, that ego is not "beingness" ( brought by many in that community who have done a lot of inner work) was not an easy sell..in fact it didn't sell at all. (and we hadsome good salesmen..who were being that not selling that) People were actually angry at this whole idea..which means not open in any way to unitive thinking.

In Maine we have a saying " You can't get they'ah from hey'ah"

I believe that transformative moments are possible and happen all the time to people who have not been on any spiritual path..people who face cancer, people who are dying, people who go through incredible challenges or survivors of unsurvivable events all have "short cuts" that just land them there in that awareness beyong beyond ego and self.

But I truly don't know what will bring enough of us into simultaneous alignment at one time to bring about this transformation that builds economy and politics ( governance) with an "innerstructure" as Jitendra puts it. 

I only know that one by one everyone who "sees it", everyone who "knows it" has to live from it, unfailingly,unceasingly without attachment to any outcome, without any expectations that we will see or directly know the connection between .our acts turned outward to the world.


A Radiance of Blessings.




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