Saturday June 30th

Here are the questions we are discussing on the ground and over the phone on Saturday, the first day of #NatGat, from 10am-1pm Eastern.  Please join the conversation here on this forum thread as well!

  • Hour 1: What inspires or excites you about Occupy? 


  • Hour 2: What could happen (or has already) to enable you to feel fully engaged and energized as a participant in Occupy?  What could happen that would enable groups you are a part of to choose to partner or collaborate with Occupy?


  • Hour 3: If our success was completely guaranteed, what bold steps might we take?

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Great questions that will reveal the many gifts to bless us all. So exciting.


I can't make the phone meeting so this will have to do

1.. What interests me is that first off I am one of the 99%. I barely get by each month.l received a COLA from SSD and all it did was cut my benefits, The occupy represents the people who are tired of this corporate greed and government corruption. The occupy represents those of us who are not able to take to the streets. There are thousands whom would like to be there but can't. They have jobs and families to feed and they can't miss work. But these people are the 99% too. OWS just gves them a voice.

2. Streaming for sure has made me feel engaged n the occupy movement. Even though I'm an internet occupier  send care packages to the streamers and local occupy. I would like to see OWS and the 99% come back together again. OWS has to come to the realization that they are the voices for us but we do need to have a cohesive message and to do that takes some type of leadership. for that to happen. I realize that OWS does not want leadership but nothing s going to change. Here s an example of how OWS is not working....who is manning the Freedom Cage that Occupied Air fought so hard to get for us on the Federal steps? Very few. We are ON Wall Street people and that cage should be filled to the max everyday with people waiting in line for their turn. Where is the message in that?? The 99% have come up with a grassroots plan to make the government look at us. To tell them and I quote "we are mad as hell and were not going to take it anymore.,"  We need to sit and have dialogue one to one and fnd a way to work together and you have to stay until you come up with a plan of action that is the only was I see. What could happen is that they put their weapons down  and remember that we are on the same side.  OWS people are 99% as well, they have no jobs, no homes that is why they can be out there beng our voice while the rest of the workng group does the work. OWS is 99% and 99% is OWS. United we stand Divided we fall.  We can't let that happen or the 1% will win.

3. the first step as said above is to lay down our weapons and sit down pass the peace pipe and the talking stick and talk to one another. the 99% is the enemy of OWS and OWS should be the enemy of the 99%. We need to fiight the enemy together and that enemy is the 1%. . .


Proofread, proofread,  proofread.  was n  hurry and meant to say that 99% s NOT n enemy of OWS and OWS s NOT an enemy of the 99%.I  am so sorry for any confusion on that.

My notes posted to chat to:

Q2: What could happen (or has already) to enable you to feel fully engaged and energized as a participant in Occupy?  What could happen that would enable groups you are a part of to choose to partner or collaborate with Connecting "Occupy" on FB: OccupyTransportWhat can we all "relate" to that will unify the "US/WE" of Occupy?

Is there a chat line where our subgroups can document discussion and share resources?

Participants are involved/engaged in different areas of the "movement"

The 99% training had a diagram that showed the areas of engagement in social movement.  You might consider posting that diagram to help others understand other's perspectives.

The term "Occupy" means different things to people depending on how they've been involved.

There are many different prongs to the notion of "Occupy"

Response to Q3: If our success was completely guaranteed, what bold steps might we take?

I suspect Community Weaving the Occupy Movement will reveal the array of ways people are co-creating their future tggether. Mapping what's happening and simplifying access to resources (action ideas, information, human and tangible resoruces) will empower all involved. 

A bold move in these turbulent times is to step out of our comfort zone and be "good neighbors" and commit our lives to serving others. When we share more we consume less.  When we focus on how we can work together for the common good we will shift the energy from us vs. them to...together we can create a more caring, just and civil society to save our children's future.

Action step: Sign up as a Good Neighbor on 

I'll coordinate with Ben to post a session on how to use the Good to weave community in our group, in the movement and in lives and neighborhoods. .

You can reach me at or call 206.240.2241.



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