I would love to see us experiment with a series of "kitchen table occupations," using OC as a way to link them together into one large and powerful dialogue.  We will have a nice juicy context in which to explore this coming up soon, as we launch a process designed to explore the human that is now mostly latent/dormant in the OC network.  Having gotten a sense of the resources and energy available to us, we will then invite people to collaboratively design initiatives and processes that might have a powerful input into the evolution of the movement and on the ability of this space to serve it.

So how might kitchen table groups fit into this, and does anyone have a desire to help organize such a thing?  Our intitial phase will involve interviews, so I'm imagining people who were excited by the process of being interviewed then being invited to host small gatherings themselves and thereby expand the circle of interviewees.  Then that group is invited to continue meeting regularly over the course of the collaborative visioning and design phases of the process as well (this will run through February and perhaps into March).

Sometimes the kitchen table groups might work on their own, sometimes they might join a Cafe Call individually as representatives of their group, and sometimes the whole group might join a call together.

Anyone else excited by this idea?  Anyone even paying attention to this group any more?!

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I'm interested ( on behalf of Occupy Blue Hill with which I ma ot directly involved).. I would be very glad to offer my dining room table and be phsyical host..could you or jitendra or one of the steward skilled i facilitation be the Occupy cafe host via skype?


We could maybe try a small expereiment..just invite several  leaders in our commuity with a pre determined skype time withyou..I could maybe arrange to get it foned digitally or captured somehow in  way we could study together and share with others as we hash this idea out.

I have a guest list in mind..a mixture of local advocates for the fishery, a lady lobsterman, our local state rep, one or more folk active in peace & justice, one or two members of occupy blue hill, a hedge fund guy, someine involved in care for the elderly, our local headstart director..that kind of group.

 pilot to see how it works and what happens

I'm with you Ben - just waiting for the momentum. Been seeing this as part of the "on the ground" circle we have been talking about.

I have been pondering the "1000 tables" with the goal of greater community dialogue, organization, and action. I imagine several here in Asheville.

I posted this in a different nook of this group yesterday:  Draft note to unknown neighbors.  An initiative of mine.

I had seen that David and wanted to respond, but forgot. I am excited to see the momentum growing.

Great guest list Lindsey

Thanks very much for this, Ben.  I'm still interested - just with limited bandwidth for designing new initiatives at this time.  But I'd love to be a local host.

Sounds good everyone!  Nice to see that there is energy here.  Our Appreciative Inquiry group is just getting organized and we will make sure to fold this into our plans.

Ben, as I replied to Ron, we've already done 5 of these down here in our neck of the woods and I've been working on a way to grow it and had intended to start a discussion here but I see its already begun.  I'd be glad to help organize.  I'll get up with Ron since he's here in town and we can compare notes, figure out what's next.


I do like this idea very much. I only recently discovered Occupy Cafe and am still kind of getting "settled in" and figuring out the format. I like a lot of what I see here and there seem to be some creative minds at work. Are you thinking of forming discussion groups around specific topics or tasks based on interest and/or areas of expertise? Just to throw it out there my professional experience has been in Human Services and Community Advocacy. I'm very interested in the Human element of Occupy and in the power of personal storytelling. I've also been involved in many discussions about practical applications of the different talents we all can bring to the groups based on socioeconomic status, gender, age and cultural perspective. I have hope that as we create new ways of organizing our communities there will be more value placed on cultural diversity including more accessible opportunities for previously segregated peoples to come together and discover common ground on which we can build foundations for our future.

So,in short, yes I am excited by this project and also know others who would be on board as well. Please let me know what is the next step toward my involvement and feel free to ask questions.



We are working with a team drawn from the cafe and the movement to develop an interview guide for the first phase of a process designed to go for about six weeks. The interviews will include a personal story question and one goal is to surface and highlight some of the most compelling ones that are out there in our networks. More details coming soon.

If people want to be part of the team working to steward this six week process, please email us at


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