ELDERS OFF OUR ROCKERS! Don't just sit there! Your life's experience is needed by these young activists! Share Your Wisdom!

Hello out there in Occupy Land! Especially you BabyBoomers! And all of you Elders! 

We need a massive mobilization of the older generations to support the determination of our young people to make these needed changes! We've already done battle with this heartless "corporatocracy" to earn a living and raise our families. 

We can't even enjoy the fruits of our labor or rest on our laurels or even rest on our verandas There's still so much work to be done! Those who recognize these dangers have an urgent obligation to warn...loud and clear...that this election is a pivotal turning point in our attempt to create an equitable democracy that represents the best interests of our whole nation...not just the best interest of the vested few. The ideal of a democracy that is of, for and by the People will prevail. Our love and respect for this ideal will see to it that it does!

My Friends, I've been here since the 1930s and I recognize that this Nation is not only flirting with Fascism, it is being embraced whole-heartedly by scary segments of our populace! I am scared spitless that those who expected MORE of President Barack Obama...even demanded the change that was envisioned, will now turn their backs on him in disgust, feeling betrayed, and refuse to participate in what they consider a sham election...just a contest between two useless parties, neither of which supports the needs and wishes of the People.

I agree that the two-party system is impossible for creating a working democracy. If you vote Green, or Labor, No-Nukes, etc. this sideways vote will erode the very base that you wish to strengthen. We need coalitions that feed into the party that best supports the interests of the People. A system that encourages cumulative two-part voting whereby you register your first and second preferences will help to solve this problem. Those elected will be aware of WHO elected them.

I even hear some say let things get worse! THEN we can have the REAL REVOLUTION! My Friends, we''re not ready yet! Not enough of us have done our homework! At this point, we will do well to work within the present flawed system...trying to adjust as best we can in spite of its limits, to do our finest work! We've got WORK TO DO!

Draw-up a list of your own priorities: maybe FIVE things that you'd like to see benefiting the well-being of the people of this country and of planet Earth. Work to the best of your ability to try to make these needed changes. Use the amazing potential of the Social Media, make videos, start petitions, attend meetings where your voice can be heard, be brave and fearless in your pursuits, influence those around you. My motto is: "Do not alienate those whom you might persuade!"

Also, do not underestimate the power of an idea that can catch-on! It can take-off like wildfire and create a roaring movement. In Social Anthropology there is an expression to designate a unit of social DNA. This is an idea, a myth, a belief, etc. that permeates the bloodstream of a culture, in the same way our physical attributes are carried by the DNA of our genes in our evolutionary development. These social units are called MEMES. They are transmitted laterally in the community from person to person, and transmitted longitudinally through the generations. These units of information...or unfortunately these days in the Corporate Media dominated world...MIS-information, permeate our culture.

Create YOUR OWN MEMES! Make slogans that make sense and catch-on! That's what we Occupiers DO! We offer inspiration and new determination to overcome our limitations and the injustices that have been imposed upon us. We are powerful and invincible. We will indeed be so creative that we might inspire (or shame) the greedy corporate power brokers to reconsider their skewed values and begin to recognize that People and the Planet are more important than the making of profit. 

 How about a little feed-back on what you're doing? Message either to beth@humanvalues.net.... or to.... beth@corliss-lamont.org Hugs!

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Comment by Ben Roberts on May 24, 2012 at 9:33am

I appreciate your enthusiasm, Beth!  Have you had success in creating a meme? Certainly Occupy as a whole did so brilliantly with the 99% idea.  But it's hard to launch such things as part of a coordinated plan, don't you think?  Not that it isn't great to give it a shot.  Memes have to start somewhere, so why not one of us?  

A the same time, I'm curious what memes are already out there that we might help to build?  My current favorites are "The New Economy Movement" and "Interfaith Dialogue" (not sure the latter is a meme-worthy framing, but we might get there!).  In fact, I've started two conversations here in the Cafe around how we might move these memes forward together (here and here).  

And while we're on the subject, let's acknowledge another powerful meme at work in the world these days and that you are channeling with this post about Elders and Youth, i.e. "Multigen."  Here's just one example.


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