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Obama talk about Citizens United in his big speech? He will if we pressure him http://unpac.org/amend/

My post today!

Personhood is a fundamental conversation in this election cycle. The Republicans want to control when you have sex and with who and missionary position only, claiming personhood starts in conception and once born your on your own and every man for himself with a bible in one hand and gun in the other. Bullshit!

I reject the neoliberal policies of Reagan, Bush and the entire Republican Party parading as conservatives when in fact they are the real liberals where an individual's have the right to rape and pilage the earth and it's people without any accountability, simple arithmetic, and with a Supreme Court validating the Discovery Doctrine that has morphed into plutocracies that can murder as a proprietary concealed private business practice and it's none of OUR business how they do it?

In truth no one owns anything and death proves that fact. So something definitely needs to die in America for the neoliberal egoic dreaming to stop and the creation of a new possibility in our collaborative cooperative reality to emerge. OUR enactive embodied choices in realization of living in the 21st century is at hand and we must stop worshiping the founding father's like gods. They were deeply flawed men living in a European wretchedness and poverty seeking freedom, independence and self regulation. Neoliberals today are regressing to 17th century doctrines worrying about who is sleeping with who while raping the community good and it's happening everywhere. We need indignation not nice conversations.

I reject totally the notion of the Supreme Court's Citizen's United Decision that legalized super PACS and support this NEOLIBERAL Campaign on the right. I invite you to join the effort today committed to get 25,000 signatures to Obama prior to tonight and invite him to make "Personhood" the central issue in this next 60 days Sign petition NOW!

There is no rational choice as a global citizenry other than the Democratic Party in this election cycle and refocusing our selves in unity in peace serving the passionate dreams of all children today. Arithmetic is simple and Bill Clinton slammed "NEOLIBERAL BANKING and CONGRESSIONAL OBSTRUCTIONIST's " to the mat last night. "Float like a Butterfly and Sting like Bee" President Clinton killed these people in laughter, simple living speech and real facts. Now I hate religion and politics because of all of this ontological arguments bullshit of priests and lawyers. And the Preacher last night brought it home in church. This election is a serious global referendum on America's Future and OUR WORLD. Our role as an innovator is changing, leading cooperation to global solutions, and solving once and for all the predatory chaos operating since 1492 that created poverty. Time has run out with massive exponential creative collapsing convergences in global economics, climate change, Verge of WWIII, healthcare, education and jobs, jobs, jobs in a runaway bullet train that needs restrained with a real "brakeman" and "visionary conductors" versus engineers and pundits working for neoliberals. We are in some very deep shit here and it's time to wake up.

Human beings are born, grow, live and die. That is a fact and get use to it because that is structural determined in a living universe not a dead one. Corporations are linguistic declarations declared by "someone" through the power of a "state" that is authorized to operate in our communities in a lawful agreed upon manner, hopefully at this moment. Corporations are granted the right to appoint leaders and people to serve a mission (Public Good), envisioning a useful product or service. The right grants people to responsibly design and manage networks of conversations to coordinate coordinations in domains of OUR permanent human and business concerns. We have a right and duty to oversee and share as customers, complainers and discenters to any organization that restricts or violates our understanding of equanimity of our common good in building health and well being of ourselves, our persons, and our families and communities.

A private small business person is responsible for the offers and promises made person to person professionally, actually is dependent on P2P as the primary ethical act of being in business. Large private public plutocracies (i.e. banks) are claiming perpetual eternal existence, get away with murder in current milliseconds of unrestrained greed that don't care about people, companies or countries, (TOBIN TAX is Desperately Needed), have no responsibility, accountability or integrity to persons, companies or countries rather operate in dark rooms and day trader mentality of money is everything, and according to the Supreme Court have the same rights of a person.

WE need a constitutional convention and the public global citizenry committing to move America into the 21st century. We are suffering in an ONTOLOGICAL BREAKDOWN. we are dying in bullshit, and the epitaph in our failed shallow empire is "THEY EAT THEIR OWN." We also have biological sciences today offering a new story of the wonder, and a way out of this nonsense in our cultural matrix operating in a "blind spot" and creating a suicidal "pain point" worldwide. We are autopoietic, co-creators, and in our human understanding of personhood we can today create a core technological integrated platform where every virtual identity, narrative becomes a responsible character designing and transforming "Bullshit" far beyond previous corporate perpetual frameworks embedded in public/private incest and rape happening in plutocratic powers in the systems. I see that todays agrarian lawlessness of the American Supreme Court has lost all respect for personhood and the Judicial System itself is protecting the criminals. "Goldman Sachs versus The People" and it's absolute Bullshit that this current Administration has not prosecuted the CEO for lying to Congress, never mind how this fiasco has injured economies worldwide!

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Comment by David Eggleton on September 6, 2012 at 2:49pm

I signed and am taking the link to facebook.


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