Unity: Building the Movement, Envisioning an Endgame.

A few weeks ago, I attended a planning group for the East Bay Social Forum.  I want to thank Laura Wells for her leadership on this event.  I think this effort is important and I encourage everyone to consider participating.  There are two dates currently on the calendar: Jan 2, and Jan 28.  Please save the dates and plan to attend if you are in the Bay Area.  

There are several events and projects being planned nationally, which I find very exciting if not also a little disconcerting. However, I want to share with you my thoughts about developing a meaningful endgame. There is a confluence of ideas, energy, aspirations and desire which like the many tributaries of a great watershed, are flowing towards the same ocean.  I am including several key individuals in this e-mail/newsletter because I am aware that we are all working towards the same solution.

I am hopeful because I know every effort to organize will contribute to bringing ideas and people together into a more focused and coherent movement.  My sense is that multiple events are necessary and productive. Although multiple events may not individually have the full impact we are collectively hoping for, they are nonetheless important.  The recent action to surround the White House for the sake of the Tar Sands Project is a good example.  That said, the Tar Sands Project is not DOA...yet!

I am concerned because these events, taking place in different parts of the country and on different days, may distract us from developing a more effective endgame.  If there is no focus on a singular event representing the various facets of the movement, a very important opportunity may be lost. Any real success should be measured in terms of how well we organize these movements into one expression and set of solutions. Our power will inevitably be judged by our numbers.  Calling the country to Washington D.C. for a national occupation of the Capitol is, in my opinion, the correct beginning.  How we organize that occupation will be pivotal.

This occupation must be large enough to confront the existing structures of power: the Military Industrial Complex, the National Security State, Wall Street, K Street, the Supreme Court, the Media, and the bankrupted two-party political system.  We need to control the debate going into the election and we need to clarify the message in a way which will resonate with a vast majority of Americans.  

Unity is everyone's goal, yet there are still many parallel actions emerging without a common goal between the disparate groups in the movement.  I have been advocating Americans hold our own "People's Congress" since January of 2011 for a number of reasons. The Congress is not representing "We the People”, and it is currently besieged by the lowest approval ratings in it’s history.  We need to demonstrate our ability to self govern. We need to declare our independence from corporations, and we need a framework which can accommodate a representative body of the American People, one which is familiar to every American.

Rocky Anderson has established the Justice Party; Ben Manski is now working with Jill Stein, who is running for president on the Green Party ticket. Margaret Flowers, David Swanson and Kevin Zeese are calling for an Occupation of Washington D.C. in March.  Joe Lombardo and UNAC are calling for a conference in Stamford CT in late March followed by a demonstration against the NATO/G8 summits in Chicago in May.  There are multiple efforts across the country to continue the momentum of the Occupy Movement. There are plans to Occupy the Courts on Jan 20, a Continental Congress in July and another call for a National Assembly, and the Harmony Festival in California.  

It is obvious that together these movements could become very formidable, large and strong enough to actually change the direction of this country.  It will take millions of people and much more focus than ever before to actually secure that change, and we cannot underestimate how challenging it will be to unite a vast majority of Americans.  For that reason, we all need to be very clear about momentum and potential being lost as we work along these very parallel paths.  At some point our paths must converge to be effective and they must yield towards the greater good of the Nation.

At this moment it is vital that we all work together and communicate effectively with everyone involved.  I believe this movement has indeed come of age.  It is within all our hearts and mental capacity to do so, and I am certain we will succeed if we commit to working together.  It will require all of us to bend a little, to join hands and to be ever more inclusive.  It will require all the vision and focus we can muster to align the governance of this great country with the needs of the 99% who built it. We will succeed, our biosphere depends on our success.

My only focus is in co-developing a neutral and robust framework for all movements of social justice to unite under.  We all need to think big; we are essentially working for the same changes. Together with the inclusion of the Occupy Movement, we would be a formidable political force, even a very substantial base for a viable third party (in the future) such as the one Rocky Anderson has proposed.   

Holding our own People's Congress would be a very compelling event for the country for several reasons:
  • It would be impossible for the networks to avoid coverage 24/7.  
  • "We the People," can demonstrate our ability to govern and to solve America's problems.  
  • We can declare the sovereignty of the people over our government.
  • We can occupy the Capital grounds for two weeks and demand that Congress listen to the voice of The People.
  • Important steps can be taken to begin the process of dismantling the corruption in government and to bring meaningful reform to the system of governance.
  • We can set the agenda for the national election and clarify our message for the entire nation.
The planning group meeting in Stamford CT this March, is a good indication that movements are coming together.  I hope to attend this event and to share in this fantastic opportunity, and I am thrilled to be a small part in the process. While we all continue to work on a set of very important steps towards real change, let us also begin to plan for one historic gathering as a united movement before the opportunity passes us by.

It perhaps goes without saying, but I know 2012 will be a great year!

Happy New Year to you all!

John Mulkins
The People's Congress

It is the intention of the People’s Congress to secure change in accordance

with the will of the People and the principles established by our Constitution.  We must end the systemic dysfunction of our current laws by demanding and securing the Common Sense remedies required to rebalance the wheels of our Democracy.


  • Abolish Corporate Governance
  • Election Reform.
  • Media Reform.
  • Transparency in Government Policy-Making.

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