Rolling Jubilee – The People's Bailout: Vital Conversation for the Week of 11/12

The goal is to raise $50,000, which will allow more than $1,000,000 dollars worth of medical debt to be abolished. 100% of the funds go to buying debt. If more is raised, more debt will be bought. Donations can be made online at

8-10a PDT | 11a-1p EDT | 3-5p GMT
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Still scratching your head over how Wall Street got "bailed out" so they could drive a spike into people's basic security of life? Tired of waiting for legislators to turn in their meal tickets? Impatient with the regressive trajectory of privatization of fundamental human needs, like with insurance and hospitals?

How about a Rolling Jubilee where people bail out people?

  1. What inspires or concerns you about the Rolling Jubilee?
  2. What directions and outcomes do you envision emerging from the Rolling Jubilee initiative?
  3. Discuss ways in which you might feel inspired to support the Rolling Jubilee.

Start the discussion below.

THE PEOPLE’S BAILOUT will launch on November 15th with a "telethon" called THE PEOPLE'S BAILOUT. There will be roughly three hours of music, comedy, education, magic. Confirmed guests include: comedian Janeane Garofalo, Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead, actor/director John Cameron Mitchell, Hari Kondabolu, David Rees, Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel, Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth, Guy Picciotto of Fugazi, Tunde Adebimpe of TV on the Radio, and more. The telethon will be at Le Poisson Rouge in New York City and will be streamed live at Tickets will go on sale on November 2nd at 10am.

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Links mentioned in Conversations To Explore regarding Emergent "Rolling Jubilee" notion

Democracy NOW

Yesterday "Strikes Sweep Europe"

"Who Owns the World" Noam Chomsky

"Global Elite Hiding Tillions in Offshore Banking"

"People verus Goldman Sachs" Rolling Stone

"The End of Poverty" Movie

Mushin's Note regarding this week's appreciative conversation:

Jitendra, et al

Thanks and very surprising vital conversation today.  My take away is the "Occupy Cafe Vital Conversation" is continually growing, deepening and expanding as that "tiny green shoot" in the notion of the occupy movement.  I still assess that Wendell Fritzgerald's declarative utterance of a for the movement's name is "Occupy Earth." If you reflect on the links above it appears impossible yet as human beings we share the same "niche" called earth our home and we are all alive biological creatures in touch with a biosphere.  The challenge is stop being robotic transactional configurative numbers in patriarchy and unify our individual niches inton a shared vision of a new beginning.  

Reflecting back on our Cafe's short history what I see is this recurrent pattern of AI is creating communication, relationship and community.  We may not have a clue at to where we are going and it feels good, we aren't alone and resonance happens in our shared concerns, we are wondering, imagining and probing the edges of new undisclosed worlds.  Not knowing is appreciated within a mood of a gathered heart felt trust, wondering about possible possibilities for ourselves and others, and this week's gathering together where the notion of jubilee was witnessing a living ritual working. Let's celebrate the baby steps happening.  My take is each person's "niche" is validated, accepted, and simply put we have dignity for each other's voice in presence.  

In my assessment what we are doing is what is missing in the global mechanized culture demanding our obedience and negating who we are.  People invent, live and control cultural patterns and forms of institutions in discourses through mutual social agreements P2P; appreciative inquiry and dialog.  We are communicating out of a passionate desire for wholeness, maturity and transcending the pre'given historical institutional discourses as human beings. I celebrate and am comforted in every Cafe conversation. Thank you! 

Secondly, what is amazing to me in this tiny "self organizing" repository of knowledge creation AI and witnessing what happens in a natural expansive creativity offering of solutions in a 3rd new triadic splace (space and place) called Occupy Cafe.  "Occupy Earth" is about people owning what owns them in a their bodies and emotioning the inherent goodness against a runaway mental machine in the global cultural matrix.  The P2P mood we have created is a mood of joyful concern in being together, developing relationship through hearing one another's authenticity.  Yes, we are looking forward to harnessing our commitment in effective actions.  After the call I am walking around reflecting now on the principle that homeland security is an ancient understanding of "Jubilee" and am comforted to be a part of a "shared Jubilee niche" with others doing the same.  Thanks and pretty cool outcome for a 2 hour investment of my attention.  You and Pia, and Ben are doing a great job as facilitators and its working, and I appreciate the impact in my "niche."      

Patricia love your artistic sculpturing of the conversation and would like to have a copy of the file if possible. And look forward to being friends and learn more of what you are doing professionally.  Very good and thank you.  I really see how women are able to weave the artistic sculpturing on a new beginning.  I am glad the USA elections broke down the hidden prejudices in the polarization and in regards to "Rolling Jubilee" I assess Senator Elizabeth Warren and Sheila Bair's notion of "Thr Bull by the Horns" are two profound women needing our support today and very courageous in American politics. 

What my take away is my continued commitment in the launch of TOOTE~V3W ("Friends of Lakota") happening in Boulder Colorado.  TOOTE (The Order of Earth) is a 10 year old non profit, May 3 2002, with a declared mission to explore a new configuration for a leadership renaissance based in "Humanity's Wisdom Continuums" that brings forth a clearing for learning of mutual liberation in all the units of our humanity. Our basic view is we are all all biological autopoietic indigenous agents living in a shared biosphere based in autopoiese, a living universe.

I offer this note "Homo sapiens amans" are autopoietic social loving beings already always.  This hard wired biological unitary epistemology is natural: who we are today, have been in our past ancestries, and future generations now depend on us re-covering conscious awareness of the root of our humanness today to create a sustainable thriving future for the children of tomorrow.  Being social loving beings is not something we need to learn, its what we do whenever we experience friendship in a conversation, relationship based in legitimacy in coexistence, and what we pray for in participatory notions of community and society.  We don't need to change who we are, rather hear each other and realize in living our deep heart felt social nature, and ignore the pre'given patriarchal standards demanding obedience and negating our natural loving selves.  I see that as the ultimate jubilee in momentariness.  Yesterday people throughout Europe enactively embodied that principle in striking and saying "no" to austerity of a global banking community enslaving human creativity.  "Rolling Jubilee" is happening!

We are loving caring creatures, friends and neighbors, and its hardwired in our biological molecular central nervous system molecular dynamics with a phenomenal history over 3 million years old.  Modernity is only 10,000 years old and is suffering in a swept along drifting historical cultural "observer error"based in power,  fear, ego, ownership, colonialism, imperialism and unconscious capitalism based in force rather than cooperative collaboration.  So, I agree with the insight offered in the conversation that the "Rolling Jubilee" is requiring a clearing for learning and in my own personal assessment I like the distinction "Wolakota" a P2P treaty of peace and friendship without greed.  I see that as an autopoietic decision to be responsible in living in social relations and not power over one another as a cultural feature of the new future.   

So today when I offered that to "End of Poverty" (Free Movie) where Nobel Laureates declarated that 1492 as the pivotal date in human history to understand the current globalized economic conditional situation.  It's evident through reflection that our current economic elite ownership class notion was "triggered" by political events in 1492 when the "Discovery Doctrine of the Papal Bulls"issued the right to an elite few to discover an existing world based on the power of the Roman Church. I observe that our current civilized observer error is the continued empowerment of  patriarchal culture being empowered through private profit ownership notions "Corporate Plutocracies as Owners starting with Bankers."  This conditional situation arose from decisions  in pre'given mental discourses, institutions and practices operating in the "certainty of power."  We watch "Wall Street's Stock Exchange" and GNP Growth like a temperature indicator of our health and well bieng and it's not.  Ignoring the social ramifications and unintended consequences of poverty who are people being disconnected from land and despairing in a state of hopelessness is the problem and the real temperture of our collective health and well being.  I further stated that "People versus Goldman Sachs" (Wall Street) is the only way to change the "runaway greed, risk and insanity" of bankers, insurers and investors who have are profiting on human misery utlizing algorithyms operating in miliseconds who do not care about people, companies or countries.  In addition I said "I own the debt" and what I mean by that is as an ethical global citizen 62 years old I am willing to own the conditional situation as my own and not pass it on the next generation as a principle enslavement, injustice and indignity to autopoietic Homo sapeins amans.  I want it stopped right now.  I see injustice and inequality and let's am committed to ring the bell on a "Jubillee" on a arrested adolescent playground that Noam Chomsky referes to as "baby's" denial of what is happening.

See you this afternoon on the Cafe heart to Heart call.

Latter Mushin

Sorry I missed Monday's call.  I will have to listen to the recording. Thanks Patricia for sharing the visual recording of this.  

I ran across this post in the New York Times that inspired me to see Occupy Cafe was talking about it. AND you are.

A Rolling Jubilee seems like a great idea. 

Thanks, Elaine.  The Times piece links to a blog post on the Forbes (aka "Capitalist Tool!") website by Tim Worstall who, remarkably, loves this idea:

But here is where I would give full marks, very definitely an A Plus (or even an A ** if such a grade existed) to the plan. You will note that absolutely nobody is saying that this must be done. Nor that government must do it. There is no even hint of compulsion: no one is to be forced to pay taxes at gunpoint to solve this problem. Rather, free individuals in a free society are at liberty to spend their own money this way if they should so wish to. Which is rather what being free individuals in a free society with a reasonable concept of private property rights means. We get to do with our stuff what we wish to do with our stuff. And if paying off someone else’s medical bills or student debt at 5 cents on the dollar is what you wish to do well then, good luck to you and everyone who sails in this idea.

This is, to my mind at least, the first sensible idea that I’ve heard of coming out of the Occupy movement at all: and yes, obviously, that says more about my prejudices than it does anything else.

Worstall may be wrong in thinking that there is not desire on the part of the Rolling Jubilee organizers to see government step in and offer debt relief as well.  Still, it's fascinating to see this positive reaction, and makes me curious about how many other things might be organized that could have similarly broad appeal.

A note for any wealthy person viewing this site.

Counseling the Wealthy Man

A certain rich man, a Roman citizen and a Stoic, became greatly interested in Jesus’ teaching, having been introduced by Angamon. After many intimate conferences this wealthy citizen asked Jesus what he would do with wealth if he had it, and Jesus answered him: “I would bestow material wealth for the enhancement of material life, even as I would minister knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual service for the enrichment of the intellectual life, the ennoblement of the social life, and the advancement of the spiritual life. I would administer material wealth as a wise and effective trustee of the resources of one generation for the benefit and ennoblement of the next and succeeding generations.”

But the rich man was not fully satisfied with Jesus’ answer. He made bold to ask again: “But what do you think a man in my position should do with his wealth? Should I keep it, or should I give it away?” And when Jesus perceived that he really desired to know more of the truth about his loyalty to God and his duty to men, he further answered: “My good friend, I discern that you are a sincere seeker after wisdom and an honest lover of truth; therefore am I minded to lay before you my view of the solution of your problems having to do with the responsibilities of wealth. I do this because you have asked for my counsel, and in giving you this advice, I am not concerned with the wealth of any other rich man; I am offering advice only to you and for your personal guidance. If you honestly desire to regard your wealth as a trust, if you really wish to become a wise and efficient steward of your accumulated wealth, then would I counsel you to make the following analysis of the sources of your riches: Ask yourself, and do your best to find the honest answer, whence came this wealth? And as a help in the study of the sources of your great fortune, I would suggest that you bear in mind the following ten different methods of amassing material wealth:

1. Inherited wealth — riches derived from parents and other ancestors.

2. Discovered wealth — riches derived from the uncultivated resources of mother earth.

3. Trade wealth — riches obtained as a fair profit in the exchange and barter of material goods.

4. Unfair wealth — riches derived from the unfair exploitation or the enslavement of one’s fellows.

5. Interest wealth — income derived from the fair and just earning possibilities of invested capital.

6. Genius wealth — riches accruing from the rewards of the creative and inventive endowments of the human mind.

7. Accidental wealth — riches derived from the generosity of one’s fellows or taking origin in the circumstances of life.

8. Stolen wealth — riches secured by unfairness, dishonesty, theft, or fraud.

9. Trust funds — wealth lodged in your hands by your fellows for some specific use, now or in the future.

10. Earned wealth — riches derived directly from your own personal labor, the fair and just reward of your own daily efforts of mind and body.

“And so, my friend, if you would be a faithful and just steward of your large fortune, before God and in service to men, you must approximately divide your wealth into these ten grand divisions, and then proceed to administer each portion in accordance with the wise and honest interpretation of the laws of justice, equity, fairness, and true efficiency; albeit, the God of heaven would not condemn you if sometimes you erred, in doubtful situations, on the side of merciful and unselfish regard for the distress of the suffering victims of the unfortunate circumstances of mortal life. When in honest doubt about the equity and justice of material situations, let your decisions favor those who are in need, favor those who suffer the misfortune of undeserved hardships.”

After discussing these matters for several hours and in response to the rich man’s request for further and more detailed instruction,

While this a a great idea, there appears to be a potential for some minor problems.

1. When there is a greater market for uncollectible debts, their market value may increase.

2. The IRS may treat a forgiven debt as income to the debtor.


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