What solutions do you suggest should be offered to the world by the Occupy movement?

Here are a few to consider:

As a "Cafe", we can alert each other to the highest quality resources for each such category of solution, and thus we can save each other precious time by avoiding the merely mediocre or doctrinaire tracts.

We also could be of great benefit to the Occupy movement by identifying instances where each proposed solution (or at least elements of it) have/has already been tested in reality, even in another country (such as Canada, Europe, or Japan) if not yet within the USA.

So we invite you to please offer your knowledge of practical solutions through this discussion thread, for the benefit of the Occupy movement!

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I like the framing of "solutions" versus "demands," and the educational focus as well.  And I like all these suggestions as well.  There is an interesting thread going in the Core Conversations discussion about the whole question of "demands," by the way.  Your basic question of "what solutions should be offered" seems like a nice framing for a core conversation.  Personally, I prefer "might" to "should." 

Hi Ben,--  Yes, please feel free to transfer this thread into the "Core Conversations" basket.  It probably would be seen sooner there, and by more site visitors; and thereby could gather more concrete additions and high quality honing-revisions.

Thanks to you for setting up this site, which could result in much benefit to the planet.



Turns and approaches to wholeness of all persons and all places, featuring community and bioregional systems that recognize, appreciate and nourish natural/given differences and uniquenesses.

Thanks very much, David.  Can you point me towards any writings that describe cases where that has been implemented, please?

It's largely a vision, Paul.  Transition initiatives are many, by no means all, of the cases-in-progress.

Stephen R. Covey has been working on the person portion of it ("interdependence is a higher value than independence") for some time.  The 8th Habit (2004) is the best of his books concerning it.  The eighth habit is an upgrade of his better-known seven, stated as "find your voice and inspire others to find theirs."  The fit of that with Occupy is evident.

My extension of it (The 9th Habit, if I could) is "find your voice and place on the planet, and inspire others to find theirs."

A little more must be said in reply.  Changes of direction (turns) can be immediate, but approaches by entities of all sorts to wholeness will take considerable commitment, attention, energy and time.  We've been taking apart what we were given for a long time, and lately we've had help for that from ancient sunlight of which we'll have less and less as we proceed.

I agree with a number of your suggestions, by the way.  I wished to add to the nominees.

Hi Paul - All powerful and necessary conversations.  The OWS General Assembly has constructed The 99% Declaration which is the most interesting concrete action plan I've seen to date.  The gist of this plan is to convene a National General Assembly in Philadelphia on July 4, 1012 to address the contents of a Declaration outlined in the link above.  Though this document fits into your post, I'm going begin a new thread in the Core Conversation section as it warrants a discussion in its own right.

I certainly agree that the Declaration be put in the Core Conversation section.  It being widely circulated, commented and debated.  Thank you, Paul, for sharing that link!


And here now is MAJORITY USA support for several of the OWS concerns and demands -- (reported Oct. 25 from nationwide polls by CBS, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal): 

A plurality of the USA explicitly supports the OWS/99% movement -- 

And a majority of even the WEALTHY support higher taxes on millionaires --


Here is a fairly wide-ranging list of reform options being discussed nowadays at OccupyBoston --  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHhSSGl1dnVsVF...   It might be helpful to lend it to other Occupy locales.   As you see, it is phrased as a Survey, designed by Mr. Joshua Sager, to guage the community's current preferences, as he explains in the following disclaimer: 

                  NOTE: THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL OR BINDING SURVEY. I AM DOING THIS AS AN INDIVIDUAL TO PRESENT TO THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY SO THAT THERE CAN BE A MORE REFINED DISCUSSION ON OUR EVENTUAL GOALS AND PRINCIPLES.   As we have yet to decide upon a set mission statement or series of guiding principles, I am sending this survey out in order to gauge the views of the Occupy Boston protesters. I have attempted to represent every major issue that I have encountered while talking with the other Occupy Boston protesters over the past ten days and put them into a rating system.  Please use the below form to make your opinions on the issues known so that I can bring this to the GA in the future. If you know anybody who is unable to attend the protests, please send this to them because odds are, they are part of the 99% as well and deserve to have their voices heard.  Thanks, Joshua Sager   Contacts for suggestions: jsager99@gmail.com               


Proposing "solutions" requires, first, that problems be clearly identified. It appears by your proposals, that you see the problem as an insufficiently responsive political system, which is a very narrow perspective that has failed efforts at real change for centuries.

Our current political system has self-organized to support our - now-global - economic system (with the military and police as the enforcement arm), which is based on the objectified, analytical and reductionist paradigm upon which all modern culture has been built. The problem is not who pulls the levers of power or whom they serve, but the very machine which we no longer question: the modern Deus ex machina which insists that all problems can be "solved" by technical solutions.

When global humanity is faced with the multiple, colliding perfect storms of a crashing economy, a corrupt polity, failed social support systems, an irreversibly changing climate, decimation of the life-support capabilities of the ecosphere, and a human-induced great extinction of species - it is way past the time to look for political or economic reforms. 

This Titanic ship of culture has hit the iceberg. We thought it was indestructible, but we need to abandon ship and get into more sea-worthy lifeboats. Otherwise, we're just re-arranging deck chairs.



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