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Opportunity's in Design

What you see in my title has one meaning. What you hear in it has another. I will address both meanings.

If you are un- or underemployed, you would like, and may often dream of, a new, more authentic and secure foundation for living.  You would like, and may often dream of, giving your best in a setting characterized by individuals giving their distinctive bests.  You are very weary of reading and hearing that people are lazy, ignorant and indifferent, concerned primarily about how…


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The Hopes of 3 Out of 4 for More Than Finger Pointing Are Fading

Lindsay Newland Bowker brought the fact of declining general public support for #Occupy to us yesterday in a status post that was soon off the site's front page.  She asked what it means.  My thought is in my title for this blog.

We live in a time that mixes confusion concerning wants and needs with profusion of offers to satisfy both.  Once someones complain or cry foul, people want to know…


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Getting Past Getting By

(Copied and pasted from the Transition in Action site, now edited to recognize #Occupy.)


In another blog, I decried the resignation that saturates our culture.  Deep down, people have known that real life isn't so hard and precarious as is the real world.  People knew that…


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What and How We Think of People: A Consequential Choice

In the USA and places with related cultures, the dominant paradigm (conception or view) of the human being is a negative one.  It was imposed and is sustained.  As a result of its ongoing influence, both expectations and hopes of humans, in general, are low.  While accepted etiquette prevents much direct and malicious disrespect, forms of What did you expect? and They'll change only at the last minute, or later! and You've got to…


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Handle Like-mindedness With Care

this is copied & pasted from the Transition in Action site (I commend it to you all):

"The like-mindedness we need most, that will encourage and build enduring relationships among people who haven't gotten together before, is along the lines of 'OMG, all our eggs are in one basket!' That's overlooked, not uncertain or controversial. The like-mindedness associated with positions in…


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Weekly Cafe Calls

Regular Calls are no longer being held.  Below is the schedule that was maintained from the Fall of 2011 through Jan 10, 2013.

"Vital Conversations" 

8-10a PDT | 11a-1p EDT | 3-5p GMT 

Tuesdays (except 10/16)
"Connect 2012"

1-3p PDT | 4-6p EDT | 8-10p GMT

"Occupy Heart" 

3-5p PDT | 6-8p EDT | 10p-12a GMT

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