A group of over 200 of the nations top CEO's are bringing it back to "we the people" , our legislators and the President with their "Fix the Debt" campaign...the biggest Trojan Horse ever!!!  If we the people stay engaged we can turn this into the massive backlash the plutonomy has long feared.  Point to it, hold it up, out it, urge your pension funds to divest all companies involved in this , boycott all products and services of the companies involved in this.

We do need to fix the debt and fast..but the agenda hese "Fix the Debt" CEO's are pushing are not what "we the people" envision as our 21st century economy.  This is the perfect moment, the perfect foil for getting our conversation about that vision  into the mainstream.

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Comment by Lindsay Newland Bowker on November 19, 2012 at 3:43pm

Hi C.A. and thanks for your engagement here..thanks for Occupy Cafe..thanks for the Occupy movement which have all brought us this needed opportunity for collaborative thinking.  My conversations here at Occupy certainly have provided a strong foundation..a strong platform for my work here in Maine.

I love the buy the debt program and I love the spiritual andpolitical power it has in showing a "fifth way"..a way of solving  debt that is eloquent in its effectiveness, eloqouent in its silence on accompanying  rhetorric.  It is beautiful beyond words.  Powerful beyond imagining.  In all it says and does..it is powerful and beautiful.

The fix the debt folk are the plutocrats in whose grip and greed we have all been driven to this precipice of national.  Because of Occupy, because of the cold water thrown us by the tsunami of personal and economic consequences arising fom Wall St. gone amuck virtually all of America is ready for this particular trojan horse, ready to have this show down with these CEO's who have crushed the futures of the young, the elderly, the working poor, the chronically  ill lierally posioned by corporate disregard for humanity and planet earth.

This is the monet to deliver the backlash that will finally and irrevocably finish the plutonimy's global rule, the plutonomy's grip on the throat of America.

There is lots and lots on google about this "fix the debt" trojan horse.  Here's one place to start.




The debt srangling individuals in America and the national debt all arise from the same place..they aretwo different trunks of the same root.

The "Fix the Debt" campaign focuses on the national debt and baocally is a rerun of the Romney Campaign..an attempt to resell this idea that what is good for the 1% will raise the 99% out of their woes.  It basically promotes Simpson-Bowles.

Comment by Lindsay Newland Bowker on November 19, 2012 at 4:26pm

C.A. & fellow Occupy Cafe collaborators..here is very good analysis of the pro-ceo/pro plutonomy bias in what the CEO's are [romoting in the theor "Fix the Debt Campaign"



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