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Beware The "Fix the Debt" Trojan Horse

 A group of over 200 of the nations top CEO's are bringing it back to "we the people" , our legislators and the President with their "Fix the Debt" campaign...the biggest Trojan Horse ever!!!  If we the people stay engaged we can turn this into the massive backlash the plutonomy has long feared.  Point to it, hold it up, out it, urge your pension funds to divest all companies involved in this , boycott all products and services of the companies involved in this.

We do need to…


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Tea Party Ousted in Maine!!!!

Happy to report that Maine has ousted the tea we begin the very hard work of undoing all the damage they did legislatively  and to Maine's major environmental, planning and human services agencies during their "raid"

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OCCUPY TRUTH: Maine East West Highway/ Utlity Corridor. Come Camp In Sing For Thriveability July 14

Maine, I have discovered, since following our own wisdom here at Occupy Cafe and "taking it back home to the dining room table", is a banana republic firmly on the grip of corporate influence ..for decades..It is being played out now in classic political corruption style over an East West Corridor likely to be the back door of the tar sands pipeline.  In power politics, Robert Moses style, this project was facilitated by secret highway privatization legislation passed in 2010 with no public…


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News from My "Dining Room Table"

Our discussions here often came back to the idea that change happens person by diningroom tables and in local forums where discussion includes and seeks all comers..beyond party and ideology.

So one morning about 2 months ago I decided I should start living that insteda of talking baout it and I have been doing only that ever since.  Mostly by becoming involved in key legsilative issues or other issues which highlight the grip corporate america has on our electorate and on…


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Maine Civil Liberties Union Files In Supprt of Occupy

On December 19, The Maine Civil Liberties Union filed an Amicus Curiae brief in support of Occupy's right to overnight encampmnets in Portland Maine's Linicoln Park:

The brief challenges the constituionality of Portlands ordinace forbidding overnight stays in the City's parks.

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Bottom Line? The 1% is also using Gene Sharps non violent revolution strategy to bring the 1% into formal rule in America as President and Vice President for the 1%.  Americans Elect is really the real world implementation of founder Peter Ackerman's book.  Their agenda?

Well, they hope to elect Ron Paul who believes that anything not specifically authorized by the consiution is illegal , you know things like Social Security, Medicare, the Anti-Poverty Program, Environmental Law; who…


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May The Richness of the Darkness Hold Many Blessings

 "I've just been to the annual memorial service for homeless people who have died in boston this year and there was a lot of talk about those living in Occupy and how confused and even more homeless the homeless people feel since its been shut down.  May the richness of the darkness hold many blessings ....   Debbie"
Debbie is founder and exceutive director of Ecclesia Ministries,a global ministry to the homeless whose homebase is here on my island in Maine..  It…

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You Are What The Earth and Its Creatures Need

There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.

Martha Graham

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London Police Declare Occupy Terrorists

Just pulled this off the "Occupy Live Feed"

To me all along this has been the real threat of the darcpnian police provisions President Obama has just agreed to go along with ( witholding veto)

When I witnessed those young eople taking pepper spray I had this ahunating sense that our police have been preparig for an…


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Obama Renegs on Commitment to Veto Unlimited Detention

Several "live feed "links rolling by and here is another

This is at once shocking and not suprising..can we trust obama on any of his pledges to veto?

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Half Of All Americans Below the Poverty Line

Just heard this stat on the morning news..a great placard for any solidarity and witness events that Occupy might undertake on income inequality.

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OCCUPY BROOKFIELD:Mayor's Girl Friend on The Board of Brookfield

OWS had an OCCUPY Brookfield Properties rally yesterday, I gather in the winter garden at the Financial Center.  Both the atrium and Zuccoti Park are owned by Brookfield Properties whose board Mayor Bloombergs long time girfreind, Diana Taylor sits on.  She gets paid $109,000 to attend 8 meetings a year and......dare we imagine..exert influence with the Mayor.   Brookfield currently owes the City $139,000 in back taxes.

A huge police force met the 100 or so Occupy Brookfild…


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Occupy Michigan..Are You Out THere? Please Help Defeat Michigan Anti-Worker Bill

This bill is a prototype of what the far right is trying to get all states to disembowels workers comp  ( not that worker's comp doesnt need some work) and takes apart years and years and years of work for fair wages and dafe work places.

It is part of a movement that is waging war state by state against everything we at…


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Occupy Richmond Has Good Meeting With Tea Party

Entirely off the record "This meeeting never happened" both groups agreed and each had an understanding with its membership that all attendees were on their own

It went amazingly well!!!

Maybe others should try the same things and would have the same result????

Who knows what may be possible?  They agreed to meet again..

Kudos and much respect to…


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Republicans Blocking Banking Oversight Nominee

here us a key one front and center made to order if Occupy want to really target what's wrong and who is reposnble for it.  In a further effort to thwart implementaion of the Consumer Protection Agency authrroized by Dodd-Frank I already law Dodd-Fran) republicans are refusing to approve the Prsedents excellent nominee to head this agency.

This is key.central to  everything Occupy Wall supposed to abe about.

This is about non enforcement of existing law that would…


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Just minutes ago on What's Up With Chris Hayes ( MSNBC)  there was an absolutely fabulous "salon" discussion on Occupy "outing" certain dems whose politics , habits and votes undermine and betray the 99% as much as republican votes.

The "salon" pointed out that its good for reform and cleaning up of the entire electoral process to have OCCUPY performing this role of shining a light on everything that is broken..who is responsible for that..and these kinds of actions by OCCUPY will get…


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Why Liberal Elected Officials Support the 1%

This is a fascinating analysis of why two traditionally liberal pro-consumer congresspersons  (both NY Democracts) initiate legislation and vote in suport of the 1%.

It underscores that what we are about here transcends party politics, cannot be and isn't,  represented in a two party system..why occupy should not align with any existing party.



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What the 1% Is Advising as Anti Occupy Strategy


This is fascinating..a strategy for countering Occupy and any perception that candidates ( or seated offivials) are part of the 1%. 


Interested to see if thi earlier post on the the very important and instructive Udall Ammendment Vote vanished into the ether..


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Just Moments Ago:Democrats Vote Against Removal of Unlimited Detention

Just minutes ago Senate democrats voted 60-38 against an ammendment sponsored by Mo Udall that would have stripped out the two police state provisions added into a standrd appropriations bill over the thanksgiving weekend.  Udall had sought to remove sections which  would authorize arrests and unlimited detentions without charges or trial

.Where has occupy been on this?

Where has Occupy Cafe been on this?

Mo Udall and the 38 democrats who supported the Udall ammendment…


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A small light in the darkness..Judge Rakoff has refused to approve a settlement in the SEC's case against Citicorp for its role in the mortgage scandal stating that such a settlement is not in the public interest as it will hide the truth and "softens", to a point of disguising, the culpability of both Citicorp and SEC.…


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