Bottom Line? The 1% is also using Gene Sharps non violent revolution strategy to bring the 1% into formal rule in America as President and Vice President for the 1%.  Americans Elect is really the real world implementation of founder Peter Ackerman's book.  Their agenda?

Well, they hope to elect Ron Paul who believes that anything not specifically authorized by the consiution is illegal , you know things like Social Security, Medicare, the Anti-Poverty Program, Environmental Law; who wants to abolish the Fed not to reform our Central Bank system but to end all government interefrence in wealth and wealth formation, who wants to overturn Roe V Wade.

This article lays out a bit about Peter Ackerman

What I have learned is that the tools of non violent reevolution are value neutral..they are tools that can be used effecitively to finish the coup the 1% have nearly achieved in America or to initiate change that we in the 99% movement seek.  Independents are not all good guys..some like Eliot Cutler here in Maine ( a key figure in Americans Elect) are part of the corporatocracy seeking to take final and complete control .

Americans Elect is on the ballot in 11 states and the results of their efforts are headline news in Iowa.

The plan is is to attract a majority of independent voters who were key to Obama's win in 2008 and to strip off enough votes from the anger of the 99% movement as just blind votes for change to elect a president and vice president dedicated to serve the 1%.

Americans Elect is clearly 100% counter to what we in the 99% movement seek and it appears it is possible for them to use the anger and disappointment  awakemded by the OWS movementto their advantage  in delivering a final and complete victory for  the 1% in  America.

Who does OWS serve in not taking a more constructive  and intentional role in completing the transfer of anger into informed civic action.? 

If OWS insists on its noble "no program haunches", it hands America over to the 1%.





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Comment by Mark E. Smith on December 31, 2011 at 7:47am

The US has already been handed over to the 1%.

The choice for voters is between those who openly represent the 1% agenda, and those who represent the 1% agenda but are less open and honest about it.

No matter who is elected, the 1% will continue to wage wars, slash social programs to pay for those wars, and eliminate civil, human, women's, and any other rights people might fondly think they have. The oligarchy doesn't respect the rights of the people because they know that the US Constitution was written by oligarchs for oligarchs and never vested power in the people to hold oligarchs accountable.

Engaging in the creation of alternative economies, sustainable lifestyles, and all the other brilliant, creative, imaginative, and energetic activities so many people here are doing, is not "no program." It is a refusal to play the 1%'s game by the 1%'s rules. Electoral politics is not "civic action," informed or otherwise, it is anti-social behavior that keeps the life-destroying oligarchy in power.

Comment by Mark E. Smith on December 31, 2011 at 7:53am

Truthdig just published an interview with Dennis Kucinich:

I posted a comment and it has gotten one response so far:

By Mark E. Smith, December 30 at 8:46

The problem isn’t that Congress is addicted to war.

The problem is that oligarchs like Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul are addicted to Congress.

And so are voters. They want different puppets, but are happy with the system of corporate rule itself.

By MeHere, December 30 at 9:23 pm

Mark E. Smith has explained it perfectly well in his post.

Comment by kevinschmidt on December 31, 2011 at 12:22pm

Lindsay, I don't trust American's Elect simply because Ackerman founded and financed the 'Astro turf' political party, and I have no doubt they are gaining access to put their still unknown candidate on the ballot in all 50 states. However, for the rest of your article, I would like to see proof of your accusations.

Comment by Lindsay Newland Bowker on December 31, 2011 at 1:09pm

Thank You would take a lot of space to lay out all the steps and data that lead me to my conclusion. A coupl eof things are obvious on casual inspection though..(1) they show Ron Paul as ahead of Obama in the r "Tracking"  (Ie poularity) and their order of trcaking doesn't jibe with national polls so it shows that AE supporters are not mainstream (2) their pitch..their labguage is cleraly aquarely aimed at the 94% of american swho are fed up with congress and presumambly fed up with party politics..iei tothe 99% movement (3) I took their questionnaire and i coukdn't quite pin point it but there was something abouuth the choice of questions ans phrasing of questions that is just "off"..that implies a specific political agenda and that agenda seems to be made very clear when you conisder the Rewsaon Foundarion positions/issues, Ron Paul speeches and is alll clearly inbred and of a pie (4) the agenda of Ron Paul and Reason Foundation is 180 degrees in relation to the genda of the 99% movement 95) Americans Elect is very shifty avout their parry status..they  claim not ti be aprt and yet have used their 2 million signatures ( procured on questionably trith repreantation) to get on the ballot in 11 states whule stull claiming non profit staus ( which allows their funding sources to remian anonymous .


I don;t know the views of other AE board members but Eliot Cutler is 100% a Ron aul the bizarre idea that .whatever is not specifically authorized in the consituoon is not consiutrional..that's all public rceod and in what has been said by both Paul and C .Christy Todd Whitman i son the Board..who striaght out lied about air quality and hazardous conitions at the 9/11 site..again public record and well known..she aisd at the time publicly, officially no hazards and it jas een determined since and even at the time that was not the case.

A little sktechy for my usual stadards but I wouldn't have written it here if it were not very clear abd very aparent for anyone to redaily see with very little work  fron the public record.


Thnnakfully, it looks like Ron Paul will not pull it off in Iowa..and that AE will not, after all, have a viable candidate to run as "the poeples choice".  But I think it is a serious enough sham and maninupltaion of the 99% movement to warrant a concereted and vigilant focus and speaking out by the 99% movement.

Comment by indiana.activist on December 31, 2011 at 7:33pm

I give everyone who is running in this present Presidential election my full vote of no confidence. Until the entire government system is radically changed, whomever is elected will still be a pawn to the 1%, easily bought and a willing puppet. Even Ron Paul, who talks like a revolutionary mover and shaker may not be able to resist temptations of the 1%. I also have no confidence in any candidate running for Congress for the same reasons. We need more than new leaders, we need a new government designed in such a way that nobody can buy power and authority.

Comment by Mark E. Smith on December 31, 2011 at 8:43pm

The 1% have more than mere temptations. The temptations are the carrot, assassinations are the stick. As John Perkins explained in Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, anyone in government who is still alive, made their deal with the devil.

I agree, indiana.activist, we need systemic change. As long as voters can't see the system for the candidates, though, we're not going to get it.

Comment by Lindsay Newland Bowker on January 1, 2012 at 9:46am

Hi Indiana..nice to se you again & happy new year to you..The problem is, I think, we are given the "who" and "what" of what affects our lives in sound bytes that or may not truthfully reflect the whole of it.  So it is with Ron Paul who is indeed a revolutionary..but in the complete oppositie direction of the 99% movement when you look underneath at what he is actually writing and saying and speaking for.  He has written that  he wants to get rid of dodd-frank, get rid of the FED entirely ( so there is noover sight at all), get rid of social securty, finish undoing the new deal, get riid of the aniti poverty programs, get rid of all enviornmental protection laws. 


It is not sohard to find out the truth..any one of us can do it but what is hard is getting that truth out there in a way that is useful to other people..that is huge as an undertaking for one person.  I'd say I have put in he equivalent of two weeks work in trying to fingure out what Americans Elect really is, who Ron Paul really is, how they are connected, what the Reason Foundation Is, who Ackerman is now post Millken association .  It takes a huge amount of time, time that most citizens are noot willing or able to invest. 

And and then then re-emerging from that it is very hard to diseeemeniate or make known what has become so obvious .to present it in a way that connects the dots for everyone else. 

What people see and know is what is before them in the media, in the press..there is nothing else forming their opinions unless unless they have had some sort of direct experience. There is so little relationship between the packaged sound bytes in the media and the truth underneath that there is almost an automatic  disconect, I think, between a small bit of information that is completely inconsistent with what is spoken and seen in media.


Very early on here at Occupy Cafe David Eggleton, Aerin Dinford and others pointed back to neighborhod and to diningroom tables as the place where the seeds of change can be planted and grow and spread and propagate.

I agree with you both that we need an entirely new system and my concern about Americans Elect i sthat they are putting themsleves forward as that system..a way for all of us we the people to pick our own candidtaes for President and Vce President free of all the distortion sof party plitics and coprorate money.  The truth is Americans Elect isn't that..they ar appealing to ghat deep urge that has grown in the 99% but to advance Ron Paul or equivalent in an agenda that is totally in the opposite direction of what we here at occupy cafe have spoken of,what the 99% have spoken of.

To out it simply AE is a wolf in sheeps clothing.

Comment by kevinschmidt on January 1, 2012 at 6:51pm

Lindsey, I still don't see any proof in your comments that AE will pick Ron Paul. Also, Obama stripped off his supporters on his own by throwing the progressives under the bus repeatedly during his first two years in office. That is why the Republicans won the House last year and that is why we now have the Occupy movement.

Comment by Lindsay Newland Bowker on January 2, 2012 at 10:00am

Hi Kevin,


First I am not trying to persuade anyone to anything here at Occupy or anywhere else.  I am only sharig what I have found from my own pretty intensive research and analysis.  I would expect that anyoe here at Occupu would also do their ow homework and draw their own conclusions.


I only posted this blog here at all because I had in aother discussion at Occupy Cafe mentioed Americanns Elect and that I had :siged on" and some one commented I ought to look into that further  as may issues ad questios had been raised about them. I did that and used this blog as a way of reporting back to the Occupy Cafe community what I had found.

I don't agree with your analysis of how we ended up with a tea party controlled the mid terms.that was carefully orchestrated over a very very very long time.  I think people vote against their own best interests because they are so disenfrachised and alienated from civic life ad engagement and beacuse what caused this horrific time in our istory is so complex and diffcult to understand ad becaus our 4th estate has failed us.

I am curious though..what in your minnd to "progressives" represent.

 Do progressives believe that all legislation not expressly authorized in the contsiution is un constiutional? 

Do progressives support full un impeded implemtation of Dodd-Frank ad eimmediate appointmennt of the head of the new Consumer Protectio agecy authroized by that Act?

Do progressives the 28th ammendment in response to citizens united being advaced by MoveToAmmend?

Where are progressives on the privatizaion of aggriculture, natural resources, water, under tge control of a few private companies?

Do progressives believe that social security is a ponzy scheme ad unconstitutional?

I am not sure who or what you refer to with the term "progressive"


Comment by kevinschmidt on January 2, 2012 at 11:54am

Lindsey, you made the following claim:

Their agenda? Well, they hope to elect Ron Paul...

I'm still curious to hear the evidence of your claim.

Also, you may not agree with me about how the Republicans, not the Tea Party, gained controlled of the House, but that is exactly what happened. If Obama and his fellow DINOs and other Blue Dog Democrats in Congress had not thrown the progressives under the bus, they would not have stayed home on Election Day, November 2010.

"You can't beat Republicans by being Republican Light" Howard Dean, Progressive Democrat thrown under the bus by our in the closet Republican President Obama.


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