Thanks to a blog "Linked To The Land" by a friend of mine in the A New Gaia community (also on Ning), my receptivity was opened as I posted in comment for her blog.

However, your quiet benevolent thinking Judi, about community has led me in a "new" direction today.  I read this blog over brunch after yoga.  Had I been mindlessly boycotting WalMart (and they truly are our best quality source of goods here locally; and my closest neighbor has been supported by paychecks from there forever), the multi-layered opportunity that Spirit presented me with today, may not have happened.

As I pulled in at the inter-section of the road and the WalMart parking lot, I was greeted by two scruffy looking fellows.  They had cardboard signs - one said something about needing gas and a tire, the other's said something like "Dirty Hippies Rock".  As they stared at me, I gave them a thumbs up.  They smiled back.

At the little gas pump location (just a pay kiosk & pumps), there was a male and female seated on the ground with cardboard signs as well.  I approached them to ask what their story was.  They were stalled there, due to needing gas and something about their tire - they asked me, if I knew where a good place for tires was. 

They said they are trying to reach Idaho in 5 days for one of their companion's niece's birthday.  I gave them the small currency that I had - $6 in one dollar bills.  I mentioned that times are rough.  They nodded in agreement.  I said "we support the Occupy movement".  They indicated they had stopped there at Occupy in Memphis.  I said something about things need to change and the male filled with the bright eyes, I see from time to time, when Spirit pours in.  He said with a smile, "it is already happening".  I said yes but things may yet get harder.

Suddenly, he stood up and asked for a hug; and I said "Sure, I have good energy"; and then, the girl asked for one too.  Then, I hugged them both, at the same time; and said "your travels will go well, good things will happen for you, watch for miracles to occur" as a blessing. 

Later, I walked back to tell them how to find the friendliest "local" tire place there in town; but this being Sat, it might not be open.  Just then, the clerk came out side, to tell them the manager said they had to leave; but then, she apologized for having to do that.  They headed to their old car, at the edge of the parking lot.

So, before going into WalMart for a couple of things for my family, I walked over to their car.  I asked, "Are you hungry ?".  The girl I had hugged earlier quickly said yes; and the man I had hugged said, "we are 5 with 2 dogs".  I said, "OK, I will bring you something nutritious, some granola bars".  They seemed thankful.

I came upon the dogs and the 2nd girl at the doorway of WalMart.  Not begging, just sitting there looking dirty & ragged.  I said, "You must be the one with the others; because here are the 2 dogs."  She said yes.  It turned out it was her niece (and maybe a place to stay through winter, if welcomed) they were trying to reach.  I said "I am going to bring you some food."

When I came out, the guy I had hugged was there with her.  I had a decently large bag of good quality dog food, a bag of oranges and a bag of apples, a 24 qty box of Nature Valley asst granola bars, a box of Hot Chocolate (that said twice the Calcium of 8 oz of Milk, on the label), a box of Whole Grain Saltines, a jar of Natural Peanut Butter and "all fruit" Blackberry spread free of corn syrup and a large bag of Whole Almonds (I don't think I've forgotten anything).  I was thinking nutritional quality and needing no refrigeration.  To say I blew them away, might be an understatement, I think.

Then I said, "I am a highly spiritual person.  Know this, if you are run off from some place, it is only so you can meet the next person like me, who will help you on your way."  These 2 took the bags back to their car for me but both were smoking cigarettes.  The male turned to me and said "I should quit these" and I said "yes, you should.  You smoke them because of the big corporations have made you to.  At least, get some pure tobacco and some rolling papers and lose the chemicals." 

I saw the editor of the local paper out of the corner of my eye, he had witnessed what I was doing.  I deliberately did not let him know I saw him.  It was from my heart, that I did what I did.  It cost all of $40 to probably feed these 20 something vagabonds for another week; and they won't have to share what scraps they have, with their dogs.

I realized later that - this is the secret "underground railroad" of our times.  Spirit is the operator.  Secretly, guided by Spirit, we can help one another along.  I have been asking Spirit for days or maybe weeks to "use me".  Now I know, I will always fulfill the role I am meant to,  each and every moment, and that Spirit will guide me perfectly.

Anyone could do as much as I have done this day, if their heart is open; and they are ready for us to begin caring about one another again.  Be open and receptive, loosely define "community", it need not only be your neighbors, seek self sufficiency certainly (this is NO time to become more dependent on any system) - you will be where you need to be, when you need to be there, and doing what you need to do to bring about a new state of being that reflects the highest good for all people.


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